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Jake and the Never Land Pirates Toys - Plush Dolls

Updated on June 13, 2012
Izzy plush stuffed doll from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Izzy plush stuffed doll from Jake and the Never Land Pirates

If your child loves the Disney Channel's Jake and the Never Land Pirates, then they are going to love the plush dolls that accompany the series.

Stimulate their imagination with plush dolls that look like their favorite characters from the popular pirates series, that are soft and easy for them to carry around, or even to take to bed.

With happy, smiley faces, those adorable dolls will quickly become your child's favorite.

Each of them are 12" long, and are manufactured to the highest possible standard for safety and durability.

You have the choice of Izzy, Jake, Cubby, Captain Hook and a smaller 8" Skully, the parrot.

Plush dolls are so important to young children. In a world that can at times be frightening and confusing, dolls that they can cuddle can be there for them constantly, bringing relaxation and comfort instead of tears and tantrums.

Disney's Jake and the Never Land Pirates plush dolls fit the bill perfectly, especially if your child already watches the show and can identify with the characters.

Captain Hook
Captain Hook

Captain Hook 20" Plush Doll

There isn't a child alive who doesn't immediately recognise Captain Hook, arch-enemy of Peter Pan, that all time children's favorite.

This plush Captain Hook doll is designed to feel wonderful under the sensitive fingertips of small children.

Feeling soft and satiny, kids will love this Captain Hook. Even his hook is made from a soft fabric that will children will love to touch.

He is also a feast to the eyes, with his smart red and yellow swashbuckling costume, with infinite care taken to detail, even down to his faux fur feather-plumed hat.

Standing 20" tall, the captain Hook plush doll is just the perfect size for getting lots of cuddles from young Jake and the Never Land Pirates fans.


Cubby plush doll

Cubby is a pirate most young children can identify with, not least because his name is so easy for them to pronounce.

When Jake and the Never Land Pirates comes on the telly, many tots can be heard shouting "Cubby, Cubby", and the Cubby plush doll is sure to delight them.

Designed for little fingers to enjoy the feel of, with soft textured outer coating of the Cubby doll is guaranteed to be cuddled time and time again.

Expertly woven from the highest quality materials, this plush Cubby doll will not fall apart no matter what strain is put on the joins, and is machine washable.


Jake 12" plush doll

Jake is the hero pirate every kids want to be.

With his big innocent looking eyes and spiky stand up hair, he's every child's best friend too!

As kids follow his sea-faring adventures, what better companion to have at their side than a 12" Jake plush doll, just the right size for cuddling!

Made from the highest quality materials, and designed to withstand the rough play offered by toddlers, the Jake plush doll is guaranteed to soon become your child's favorite huggable toy.


Skully 8" plush doll

Ahoy there, me hearties!

Every pirate, junior or otherwise, needs a parrot, and what better parrot than this super-soft 8" plush Skully doll parrot.

Never needs feeding and doesn't squawk, it is sure to become a firm favorite in your household.

Made from brightly-colored green and yellow soft materials, Skully is hard-wearing and long-lasting, as well as being machine washable.

What child wouldn't fall in love with the Izzy plush doll from Jake and the Neverland Pirates Disney channel program?

With special attention paid to detail, Izzy looks just like her real life TV counterpart, only this Izzy can be cuddled and carried everywhere by all those young fans of the show.

Machine washable after those grubby little fingers smear dirty marks on her, the Izzy doll can help small children get off to sleep at night, as they cuddle the delectable softness of the materials she is made from.

The only girl pirate in the show, this 12" Izzy plush doll is suitable for both little boys and girls.

Jake and the Never Land Pirate Product Price Comparisons

In most cases, if you go to the official Disney store to buy those dolls, you will find them to be selling them far cheaper than Amazon, except in the case of the multiple doll gift sets.

Disney Store

I have no affiliation with the Disney Store, and will take this notice off when Amazon reduce their prices.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates video clip


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