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Jenna Moonlight secret presents

Updated on May 17, 2010

This is an item list for a flash game by Nummyz. It's a dating sim which you can play online and have her end the game romantically with several different characters, depending on your choices. The catch is it's set in a world inhabited by vampires and witches! Jenna is both, and she can bite other humans or join with the vampire resistance. The game itself isn't all that fun unless you're bored, so I recommend trying out other dating sims or flash games online. But, if you really want to play it, here's a list of all the secret presents for Jenna Moonlight. All the items are sold by Annej in the city.

  • Love Pendant: $800. Buy this item in the game to give to the Blood Prince and the pond of blood. Jenna Moonlight will see his ending afterwards if you have a high enough relationship value. To get one, just keep visiting him and talking.
  • Mithril Dagger: $600. This secret present goes to the hunter guy.
  • Disk Fragments: $400. Mobley will want these.
  • Black Rose: $900. This item is for Stas... or is it? He's a pretty creepy character!
  • Blood Vial: $50. This secret present should be given by Jenna to Annej.
  • Slayer: $500.

If you didn't notice, there's more endings available than there are items! The secret presents are only needed for a romance ending in this dating sim flash game. There are other endings. Try more hazardous things... give in to your vampire side if you want to see them.


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