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Best LoL Cosplay - League of Legends Cosplay that are Awesome

Updated on July 22, 2013

Have you tried to dress like any of the LoL characters?

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League of Legends Cosplay Introduction

With League of Legends being such a huge hit, it is not a surprise that you will see some cosplay fans dressing up as one of the LoL characters. Below are some really good ones that I think are top notch.

Ezreal Cosplay
Ezreal Cosplay | Source


This Ezreal costume is well done and it looks just like the games Ezreal. I don't know what lighting that they put on the arrow, but it makes it look like a magical light blue arrow. Ezreal is a prodigal explorer who is excellent at magic and this cosplay does give that effect.

MIss Fortune Cosplay
MIss Fortune Cosplay | Source

Miss Fortune

This one portrays the artwork of Miss Fortune(MF). I think it is one of the best as it really matches MF. She is a bounty hunter on a quest to find the pirate that killed her mother.

Wukong Cosplay
Wukong Cosplay | Source


Wukong is actually from a Chinese epic novel called Journey to the West. While the lore of League of Legends is not quite exactly the same, but the drawing of the character is roughly similar. This cosplay is well done and the best I have seen out of all the other Wukong cosplays.

Irelia Cosplay
Irelia Cosplay | Source


She is a swordswoman that carried her father's sword to battle for the Ionian army. She is a master of the blade, controlling them with ease. The cosplay done here focuses on the blade. While I am sure the background is probably Photoshopped, but it is still nice nonetheless.

Teemo Cosplay
Teemo Cosplay | Source


Teemo is a little recon scout that excels at gathering information around his surroundings. He is excellent yordie for Bandle City, often doing solo missions for his team. Carrying a little dart blowgun, he shoots his enemies from the shadows.

Nidalee | Source


Nidalee is a human that was taken in by cougars in Kumungu Jungle and trained as one. Her family fell to an unknown disease and she was fortunate to survive in the rough jungle on her own. As she got stronger, she chose to rejoin the human world and fight protect her jungle.

Sona Cosplay
Sona Cosplay | Source


Sona is an abandoned child when she was an infant. She is highly adept at playing the guqin and manipulate the emotions of her listeners. ''Her melody moves the soul, her silence sunders the body.''

Brand Cosplay
Brand Cosplay | Source


Now Brand reminds me of Iceman from marvel super heroes. He was a seafarer, sailing and stealing treasures until he came across a strange cold place that had a dancing column of flame. He reaches out and touches it and viola, he is a fireman. This cosplay probably took him a long time to prepare as the painting takes so much work. Props to him for pulling it off though!

Taric Cosplay
Taric Cosplay | Source


Taric is a Gem Knight and uses magic drawn from crystals and gems. His dad is a well-known healer. With some practice, he was able to master healing and using magic, forging his own path to become a Guardian for his homeland. This cosplay is actually a custom skin that he is doing instead of the original. I think this is well done. If he could add the hammer in, then it would be awesome!

Fiora Cosplay
Fiora Cosplay | Source


Fiora is a duelist with a huge ego. I think this cosplay does portray the character very well as the facial expression does show that. Her father is a legendary swordsman and she aims to match her dad's greatness.

Garen Cosplay
Garen Cosplay | Source


Garen is a very honorable champion. He follows the code of honor, which is there is no excuse to flee or surrender in any situation. He has locked horns with sinister blade Katarina.

Katarina Cosplay
Katarina Cosplay | Source


Katarina is a deadly assassin that thrives on killing enemies. She works for Noxus as an assassin. Due to her mistake of wandering off from her original task and killing a Demacian General, her Noxian army got ambushed and suffered heavy losses. She then vows to kill the leader that led the ambush.

Amumu | Source


"Forever Alone" - Amumu.

I love this guy. He is one of the cutest champions. An undead being that isn't evil? That is kind of like Casper.


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