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League of Legends Best Early Game Champions

Updated on October 21, 2013

Why pick early game?

When you are playing games it is really fun and beneficial to get an early lead and some champions excel at taking a lead early because they gain most of their strength in the earlier stages of the game. However, a lot of these champions fall off and scale poorly as the game progresses. I will be showing your tips and tricks for these champions to dominate early so you can win games and close them out quickly.


Caitlyn is a great ranged carry and is really strong early game. She can basically win lane or stay even in just about any match up. This is great for players that are just learning the role of AD carry or players that just want to win lane really hard so they can carry. Although she is not as good as champions like Vayne late game, if you are able to farm well and win lane hard you shouldn't have any problems winning the lane.

  • Do not get overly aggressive to the point of where you are losing a lot of cs. As you get higher in rank it becomes harder and harder to get kills early in the game. This is why it is important that you keep up in farming. A lot of Caitlyn players poke too much and do not get a good cs lead which will hurt you late game
  • Land you Qs early and you will win lane. If you can land these shots early in the game you will most likely win the lane. They do a lot of damage early and if you can keep hitting them it is extremely easy to zone someone out of lane. Getting better at this takes practice and because of the long range it is pretty easy to land.
  • Use the long range to siege turret and pick up an early gold lead for your team. The range allows you to poke down turrets from a safe distance.


Leblanc is an extremely strong assassin but she can be counter so you must be careful when and why you pick her or you might get shut down. She can one shot a lot of champions and if she is fed she can snowball a game and set up other lanes with kills and gold to win the game. IF you aren't extremely fed, it can be easy for the other team to just stack magic resist against you and you become far less effective.

  • You have to win lane and you have to win lane hard to be a successful Leblanc player. Once you get a kill or get a lead in lane you can zone the enemy mid laner out of gold. If they get too close it is easy to dive in and combo them.
  • Get good at hitting last hits with Leblanc. Early on she really does not have means to clear big waves. This makes it important that you know how to farm early on and throughout the game. If you do not get a good creep score it will be easy for the enemy mid to farm back up and be more useful than you late game.
  • Pick the right targets to burst down. It is a bad idea to use your combo on supports and champions that do not do a lot of damage in team fights. You want to kill carries and take them out of the fight to give your team an advantage.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin's job as a jungler is to snowball lanes early so they can carry later in the game. His ganks are really good early but he can easily fall behind if they are not successful. Although he is a really strong jungler, he does not clear camps as fast as other junglers so it is easy to fall behind in cs and levels if you do not execute good ganks.

  • Ganking through lane is always good on Lee Sin. Because he has so much mobility, he is able to gank through lane relatively easily. You can dash to your teammate or a minion and use your Q to dive onto the enemy laner.
  • Lee Sin is better as a peeler than an assassin in most late game situations. You can protect your carries and kick people away rather than diving on their carries. Junglers get a lot less farm than laners so it is likely that you will die if you go for super aggressive plays.


Shaco is about as early game as it gets. He is meant for setting up your lanes with kills in the early game so your lanes can carry the game. He requires one of the highest skill caps in the game especially as your progress into the later stages of the game.

  • You can use Shaco as an effective split pusher. If you are ahead you can split push lanes and force enemy champions to come address you. At this point you can choose if you want to fight or if you want to escape. Both thing Shaco excels at.
  • When you are playing Shaco you are banking on the early game. This is why it is important that you set up kills and get as fed as you can. As the game progresses you just do not have the farm to be a great assassin. Ranged carries will have a big gold lead on you and probably kill you.
  • Avoid team fighting if you can. If your team is really ahead you can get away with fighting but if you are even Shaco really can not do a lot in fights. It is best to avoid team fighting when you can.


The main thing you pick Talon for is to dump on your lane so you can shut down an enemy mid champion. He is really strong early and has good burst. However, once the enemy team starts getting armor you are at a slight disadvantage. Talon is mainly use for counter picking and he can be countered so be careful picking him.

  • Winning early is the best way to win with Talon. When you win early you can carry and snowball the game in your favor. Lose early and you don't really do much.
  • Try to burst down carries when you can. If you can catch them and you have good items it is pretty easy to take them out pretty quickly. Once you assassinate a carry it is easy to take objectives like Baron or Dragon.
  • Choose the times that you go in very tactfully. Most of the time is is good to wait til the fight already starts before you commit and go in. This way you can clean up and most of the cool downs will be down on the enemy team.

Other strong early game champions:

  • Draven
  • Miss Fortune
  • Pantheon
  • Thresh
  • Blitzcrank

Who is your favorite early game champion?

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