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Left 4 Dead 2 on Expert tips

Updated on August 15, 2010


Completing the campaigns on left 4 dead 2 can be very challenging. The game on hard is very difficult. Its recommended that you play with real people rather than the AI computer teammates. The computer does a good job of shooting and will not friendly fire you, but they will not be able to throw pipe bombs or make any elaborate plans with you. You should at least have 3 human players. Also be careful when playing online cause their are some assholes who like to shoot you for no reason and as you know friendly fire is always on. I have had instances where people just join and shoot everyone on the same team and on expert YOU WILL die very fast when your team mates fire at you. People can be mean online so be careful whom you play with. if possible find a friend or a good player that will help you and not be unfair. You need to cooperate to complete a left 4 dead 2 campaign on expert.

So whats harder about expert? Well if a zombie hits you on expert expect about 10 health to erase from you. The special zombies can be known to inflict much more damage and the spitters can kill you faster with their acid. If ANYONE gets attacked by a special zombie such as a smoker, jockey,hunter, etc save them quickly! Also the horde waves can really suck as well cause if you get surrounded it can be fatal.Friendly fire is also very fatal so watch your shots!Teamwork it required and you should stick together as much as possible. You should also use everything to your advantage, but only when you really need it.


1.Friendly fire is devastating on expert watch your fire. If you accidentally hit someone online just say your sorry cause this will happen at times. Watch for the players that just go into games to shoot their teammates. You don't want them people in your game. Vote to kick if a person like this joins. On the safe side try to play with people you know and trust

2.Melee weapons are not as useful cause its better to have dual pistols or a dessert eagle cause you want to try and take out as many zombies as possible before they get close. Use melee weapons at your own discretion. If you do try and use them pick a good one

3.Only use med kits when you are in a dying state even if your hurt bad. The reason being is because once you are in a dying state then you won't have anything to heal you and you will continue to lose health.

4.Look for resources well such as pipe bombs,pain pills,boomer veil, etc... You will need everything you find just in case you get in a sticky situation.

5.Only use throw able items when you really need to such as when a big horde of zombies come or something. If you use them when not needed then you will be screwed later on. Try and use them only when really in trouble.

6.Watch your back! (LITERALLY)Try and work together as a team cause if one zombie gets behind you then tons of health will be deducted. I don't care how many zombies your shooting in front of you it only takes one zombie behind you to put your health in debt! Work together and watch all sides,small rooms, and possible infestations of zombies.

7. If someone gets attacked by a "special zombie save them immediately or they will lose a lot of heath!

Avoid getting attack by special zombies as much a possible
Avoid getting attack by special zombies as much a possible


8.Crouch a lot when your in front so the people behind you can avoid shooting you by mistake. It also makes you shoot more accurate.

9.Take your time when on a campaign, but do not be to slow or you will not make it to the safe house. Know when to move and not to.

10.When zombies get close melee and shoot. Repeat if you have to. This is very important cause if you melee them and shoot you decrease your chances of getting hit and destroying your health. You must melee much more than you would on "normal mode". Expert is easier to lose health so use this method.

11. HORDES ARE DEVASTATING! When a horde of zombies make use of pipe bombs or anything else useful. Also be careful not to take to many hits and COVER your team mates as well as possible! When the hordes come its about a million times harder than it is on lower difficulties. Try and find a corner and back them off!

12. Similar to last. DON'T GET VOMITED ON BY A BOOMER EVER! This is even more important not to get vomited on because on expert your team can easily be wiped out as the horde of zombies will come fast. You need to avoid as many of these conflicts as possible or you'll end up wasting med kits,throw able items, and ammo.

13. HAVE PATIENCE! You will die on expert, but do not give up cause if you quit the campaign you will have to start over from first map. Learn from your mistakes and practice.

14. COMMUNICATE WITH TEAM MATES! This is the foundation of beating expert. Let people know if you need something or point out special zombies.

15. DEFEATING TANKS! Taking out tanks are very hard on expert. Throwing Molotov's at them will help you a bit. Do everything you would otherwise on other difficulties just more cautious. Stay far away from the tank and keep shooting! He will fall eventually. Run and shoot, run and shoot!


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