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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 2 The Goron Mines

Updated on February 24, 2009

Once you are back at where you were before, you will be asked to head west. Head up to where Coro is and head to Hyrule field. Head west until you hit the pathway that dead-ends in shadow.

A Wolf on the Hunt

From there, you back to wolf-form. Follow the path until you see a stick in the ground. Turn on your senses and smell the stick with A. Keep your senses on and follow the orange trail of the scent. You'll have to do a lot of running to follow, so you might want to hit the A button to dash and run faster.

After you meet and defeat some shadow beings, Midna will inform you the bridge is out. You will then need to take out your map and she'll tell you how to teleport to places. You need to warp to N. Faron Woods, and you'll see a wooden bridge there. Run to the bridge, and Midna will giggle. Signal her, and teleport back to where you were (Kakariko Gorge). Cross the bridge and continue to follow the scent, and dig to get underneath the black gate.

When you hit Kakariko village, there will be some shadow beings to defeat. Two usually stay close together, and the other hangs out on his own. Take out the lone one first, then the other two with the "B" power.

The Second Bug Hunt

Once again, you talk to a spirit who tells you to collect the tears of light. Most of them are inside this time. Go to the first beehive shaped building and go around to the back. Midna will help you jump to the roof, and there are some weak boards that you can fall through.

Turn on the senses, and listen to the group of spirits. Renado says there is a shelter that can only be activated when all candles around the room are lit. There is a stick near the fire. Grab it and light one end by putting it into the fire. The run around the room (keeping close to the edge of the wall) to light all the candles.

Drop down to the cellar and destroy all three bugs. Then go to the north end of the room and let Midna leap you up to the top. You'll be at a graveyeard, where there is a bug there, too. Kill that bug by digging it up and killing it. Take the only path leading east, and then destroy the bugs on the west side of town.

Start by climbing to the roof of one, and then dropping down. You'll need to push a box aside to get to the bug, then Midna will help you leap out of there. From there, you need to go near a shed near a bomb shop. You'll see a glass window there. Run towards the broken window and hit "A", and you'll smash through it. Go to the second level, and you'll see the bug is behind a cabinet. Ram the cabinet, and it will fall down, then kill the bug. You can leave the building via window exit in that room.

Keep going up the cliff until you come to a building marked "Danger, Keep Out Barnes". There is a small hole on the side, so enter it. The building has a fireplace with a stick in it. Grab the stick, light it with the flame in another corner and light a fire in the fireplace. Three bugs will come out of hiding, and light the place on fire. Immediately crawl out the same hole you came in. The building will explode, revealing three tears of light for you to grab.

Keep going up until you reach a high building. Dig your way in and the bug is under some vases. Attack the vases, and lure the bug out of hiding. Kill it then, and dig to get out.

From there, take out the bugs in the buildings on the east side of town. The General Store at the end has a small hole in the side. Enter in and kill the bug inside. A path leads upward to the Elde Inn. (Its written on a sign) Ignore what the sign says, and jump to the other side. Climb in through the window. The first bug is in the fireplace, and you have to smoke him out. Light a stick on a wall candle, and light the fire. Kill the bug, then go to the second story and kill the next one. Leave the building in the same room you entered.

All the bugs have been cleared out of the village, but you must now go north to find the last three. Go on the path marked Death Mountain, and you'll see one bug who's an easy prey.

The First Howling Rock

You will then see a stone with a weird hole in it. This is howling rock, and it is important that you hit A when you get to it. Now, if you hit B and hold it down, you'll hear a tune. That tune will appear as dots on the graph. Hit A and try to match that pattern as best as you can. Remember joystick up is high, no activity is center, and joystick down is low. When you get it right, you will need to howl the pattern again. However, it will be laid out for you in blue which is easy to follow. The glowing wolf will reveal where it will be. Remember this location when you turn human to learn the Special Move. This is how you will learn the other six special moves.

After the howling rock, keep going until you see four shadow beings. One will be in their own little area, but you can access it by going around it's protective area. Kill it first, then kill the others. Remember this from now on to kill the last two shadow beings at once. You will have to leap up to the next level to get to the last two bugs, which will then automatically return you to the edge of Karkariko village in human form.

The Road to Death Mountain

After listening to the words of Renado, go to Death Mountain again. You'll find a Goron who will push you off the edge of a high level. I don't think there is any reason for this other than to get your butt kicked, but it is apparently a necessary part of the game.

Go back to the village, and Renado will give you the name of Bo, the mayor of Ordon village. Go back to Ordon, and you'll pass through Kakariko village. You will then come across your horse, you can then mount it. Do whatever your controls tell you to do, and your horse will be under your reigns once again. If you don't do the controls fast enough, it will buck you off. Keep doing it until you have control once again.

The Second Special Move

Gallop back to Ordon village, stopping by Ordon Spring to learn the next special move, the Shield attack.

How to Beat Gorons

After you go to Mayor Bo's place, he'll teach you about Sumo wrestling. When you beat him at his own game twice, he'll give you some iron boots. Get on your horse and go back to Kakariko village.

By the way, if you go back up the stables and herd some more goats, you'll earn an extra Piece of Heart.

The Race for Colin

When you get back to Kakariko, it gets tricky. A big ugly dude takes Colin on the back of his boar. You need to follow him on your horse toward Hyrule Field. He has henchmen that will try to kill you, but what you need to do is max out your spur power so you can catch up to the leader and hit him with your sword.

When you hit him enough times, you go to a bridge where you joust him. To beat him, go on one edge of the bridge and then go as fast as you can. Dodge him at the last second by going over to the side and hit him with your sword. The game will prompt you when it is the right time, so make sure you do it. It takes two hits to unseat him completely.

After some dialogue, you might want to go back up Death Mountain. First stop by Malo's shop and buy the Hero's Shield for 200 Rupees. If you need money, light the two pillars in the graveyard for 50 Rupees. By the way, these crows like to attack you, and if you defeat them all, Rupees will literally fall from the sky. Use the boomerang to bring them close then whack them.

Back to Death Mountain Again

From there, go to the Goron and kick his butt this time. When he charges, put on the Iron Boots and then hit A when prompted. Move your joystick back and forth until you force him out of the way. Keep doing this until you get to the top. There will be some archers who will give you some problems, but they can be taken out with the slingshot.

Eventually, you'll be back at the bottom of the volcano. A huge chunk of lava will fall, and there are occasional eruptions that will rain down fire-rocks. Your best bet is to keep moving and hope they won't hit you.

However, the key is to work up to the mine entrance. You can do this by smacking the Gorons with Sword and Shield attacks. They will then curl up into a ball, and then you can jump on top of them. When they stand, they'll shoot you up in the air. Always aim the joystick where you need to go, and you'll get to the top. By the way, you will pass by steam vents that does not take damage, but it will push you off whatever edge you are on. Wear the iron boots when you need to cross it.

When you enter the mine, you'll meet the leader. He will want to sumo wrestle you, so you must get on your Iron boots. Get him outside the ring, and he'll let you into the dungeon. If you fail to beat him the first time, don't worry, you'll get infinite chances.

The Goron Mines

From this first room, you'll see a lot of big stepping stones through a big pool of lava. Cross the lava in between spurts. Break through the boarded up places with your sword. When you see the switch on the ground, turn on your Iron Boots to depress it. The effect is only temporary, but you can run across the furnaces that blast intense heat.

Now, on the second switch, run around to the other side and climb the ladder. Cross over to the rocky cliff edge, and depress the switch over there. Run like heck to the furnace before it turns on again, and turn the corner.

Now, there is a strong iron platform, get on it with your iron boots, and your weight will cause the gates to open.

The room is big with giant magnet cranes. Go down to the left, and open the chest to get the small key. Go up the ramps and across the spinning platforms to unlock the door to the next room.

This next part is tricky, because of the fire-lizards. The way to defeat them is to block their breath with your shield, then go around back and stab them there. Now, there is a chain that is connected to a door that you must move. When you let it go, it will retract, but you must get there before it closes. You must time it so the flaming geysers go out just as you are about to jump it, then get to the other side quickly. Practice this several times until you get it right. It takes several times, and you usually will die in the process. Open the door on the other side.

In this next room, you must jump into the water and turn on your iron boots. Walk through the hole at the fence and depress the switch. You will then be pulled upward, and walk on the ceiling as magnet forces take over. Walk up the ramp to the next door on the next floor up.

From there, you will see a Goron elder, who will give you a piece of the Big Key. Go behind him and get the Dungeon Map. Climb up the ladder and find the wiggling vase to release Ooccoo, in case you need him.

Enter the next room, turn on the iron boots, and walk along the wall until you leave through the door on the other side.

From this room, you need to get to the highest door on the other side of the room. Your map will help you as you walk the green areas on the magnetic ceiling.

Now you are back in the magnet crane room. Defeat the guards and use iron boots to depress the switch. Watch out for this room, for just as it can take you higher, but also lower. It is very easy to get lost in this room, but for now, you need to do is work your way up. Go to the next level and turn on the switch. Then take the next level up and leave the room.

In this room, you need to head to left corner where a chest resides on the bottom of the water. Turn on Iron boots, sink towards chest, open chest, get small key. Then swim to the other corner by a steel cage. Turn on iron boots, and push the box out of the way using the A key. Then remove the boots, and swim to the surface. Find the Switch, and turn on iron boots. Walk to the magnet area, and walk on the ceiling toward the ledge. Depress switch, then jump down into the ray of magnetism. Walk on the wall until you reach a metal ledge, then turn off boots. Smack the blue gem with your sword, then quickly jump down to area below whose gates are opening. Get in before the gates close.

Turn on boots and climb the wall. Go right and you'll find a chest with Piece of Heart. Drop down to the floor below, and turn on the boots again. Walk along the wall, but this time, go left and, using the sword, cut at the rope that causes a drawbridge. Drop down and open the door below.

In this room, follow the dock to where it forks. Go right (east) and you'll see an area guarded by a spinning laser pillar. Near that thing is a chest with a key. Take the key, then head out of the room at the highest point to the west, avoiding the archers.

This next room, avoid the flipping floors by magnetizing yourself at the right time. If you fail, don't worry, you can do it again, but you'll just keep doing it.

This room has another elder in it, who gives you more of the Boss Key. Take it and go up the ladder and exit the door above the entrance. Use the magnet wall to go to the right. Here you will face the mini-boss.

The Gargantuan Goron Mini-boss

The miniboss is pretty easy to defeat. Turn on your iron boots and leave them on. Frontal attacks are pretty useless with your sword, so wait until he is about to strike before you slice him. He will roll up into a ball and try to crush you, so hit A at the prompt to grab him. Using the techniques you learned at sumo wrestling, throw the Goron off the edge of the circle. It can be difficult, because it is very easy to throw and miss the edge. You may have to get around him while he is spinning in place, then grab him, and hurl him into the lava. After three times in the red hot lava, he will give up, and you can go south to the next room to get the hero's weapon!

Getting the Bow and Arrow

Once you open the chest that has the bow and arrow, use it to hit the rope that is holding up the drawbridge.

Go into the next room which is filled with laser towers, and walk to the other end. As the laser tower activates, keep your distance, then shoot the red eye out with the bow and arrow. Do that to all the others. Then go to the westerly one, grab it using A and move it away. Open the door behind it.

Get the last piece of key from the Goron elder and leave. You now have a completed Boss Key.

In that laser tower room, Move the eastern tower out. Open the chest and take the Dungeon Compass, in case you want to see where more chests are located. Head south to the next room.

In this room, a fence impedes your way. Roll into it to knock it over. Use your arrows to take out your enemies. If you are low on arrows, there should be some in the barrels or boxes around you. Your goal is to leap across the stepping stones until you get to the door on the other side. Make certain to take out the fire-lizard on the magnet roof. Depress the switch, and walk along the ceiling, then shoot and arrow at the blue gem. Take off boots, drop down, and open door to next room.

This will lead you to the magnet room. You will need to aim and arrow to cut a drawbridge, then activate the pad underneath. Get on the crane and take the doorway out to the north.

This will take you to door and then to a room that you have been to before, but you need to work your way backwards north. This room will have grown two fish that get in your way, so you might want to take them out with arrows. To open the gate in the one room, all you need to do is shoot the blue gem with an arrow.

In the room with the two laser towers, shoot them both in the eye. And proceed out of there.

At the dock, shoot out the laser tower eye to the east. Grab it and pull back. A new passage will be revealed. Shoot any and all archers with your own arrows, and depress the magnet switch. Now, you can jump down and attach yourself to the crane. While hanging upside down, shoot the necessary rope with an arrow to drop the drawbridge. This is a difficult shot to make, and it requires a lot of perspective changes to get it right.

Enter in to the next room. There are a lot of enemies in there, so shoot them with arrows and use an arrow to cut the rope to the drawbridge. Collect any hearts you'll need for the next battle with Twilight Igniter Fyrus.

How to Beat the Big Boss

Now, to defeat Fyrus, that's a funny story. What you need to do is shoot him in the eye with an arrow. He will then stumble about, then you grab one of the chains that is attached to his legs. The game will prompt you at the time. Once you have a grip, lock yourself into position by turning on your iron boots. Apparently, you have enough strength to hold him, for he will trip. Let go of chain, turn off boots, and slice at his vulnerable head with your sword. You may not kill him, but with repeating shooting in the eye and tripping, you'll defeat him.

Apparently, the boss was nothing more than the Goron Leader. Go on and take the Heart, and leave.


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    • profile image

      Kota 4 years ago

      Um I think Oocoo is a girl, man!

    • profile image

      Bria Calhoun 5 years ago

      Im in the hyrule castle right now and i'm stuck! I can't defeat the DARK BEAST GANON

    • profile image

      poopsie woopsie 6 years ago

      can't ward for your guide on the legend of zelda: skyward sword!!

    • profile image

      qwerky 7 years ago

      you keep on the iron boots and then get out your bow (if you have the iron boots on B that is why you need them on the control pad)

    • profile image

      sadiegirl 7 years ago

      I am in the room where you have to shoot a switch while being upside down with the iron boots on it says to hit switch with the bow but if i switch off iron boots for bow I will drop how is that done?

    • profile image

      waterflaws 7 years ago

      My mistake, sorry. I didn't realize the other gate out of Kakariko went to a different part of the field.

      Now, I missed buying the shield on my way to the Gorons and when I go back, all the shops are closed (nighttime) except for the bomb makers. Have I missed my chance?

    • profile image

      waterflaws 7 years ago

      I am stuck in Hyrule Field after leaving daylight Kakariko Village by either route. It sounds like I am supposed to return to Odon to get the iron bots, but there are rocks blocking the way out of the field (near one end of the bridge/castle). The bridge into twilight is out, too. Any thoughts?

    • profile image

      SomeDude 7 years ago

      The game was pretty normalish. I beat it. The hardest part though was the stupid Fyrus dude! Oh by the way a girl earth you have to go up to the one right in front of you when you enter and just wait for like 3 sec. Then all of them will activate and you shoot them with your bow and the there will be a statue thing on the right go and grab it. then keep holding A and push it backwards.then there will be a door. Enter it and then there will be a third elder. Finally go to the statue thing which was right in front of you when you entered and grab and pull again, and go threw the door. Hope this helped!(:

    • profile image

      kurenai 7 years ago

      i'm having the same problem as hdidou. I can't seem to get the last bug in death mountain. help please?

    • profile image

      a girl from earth 7 years ago

      how do you activate the statues in the goron mine to get to the third elder

    • profile image

      zelda_fanatic_101 8 years ago

      thanks so much!! i had tons of trouble finding a good walkthrough and this one is the most specific yet!! ^^ the only thing that im having trouble with is activating the statues after i got the bow... so do i have to get wayyy close to them, or just stand there and wait?

      once again, thanks for the amazing walkthrough!!


    • profile image

      fran 8 years ago

      I was stuck on the Gorgon mines, but now i read that it helped a lot, it must have taken you ages to write the step-by-step helping journal of it! So I say thanks and well done!! :D

    • profile image

      vicj69 8 years ago

      wow, you are soooo clever mark, this must of taken months to work out. we couldn't of played this game without your help. Thank you, you have made our experience of zelda a great one and a lot better that we have had your hub to read.

    • profile image

      Sarah 8 years ago

      I can't seem to leap w/ Epona over the locked gate to go to Kakariko village. I have the iron boots and now I am tryin' to leap over the gate but it's not workin;...HOW do I leap over the damn gate?

    • profile image

      HelpMe.  8 years ago

      I just got out of Goron Mines to the point where I'm suppose to go buy bombs at Barnes Bomb Store, but when I went there to buy bombs he said that it was a specialty bomb shop and I need to come back to the store when I have bombs. So, I went to Hyrule Field and the post man gave me a letter saying Important Notice, that Kakariko Village Shop was a selling an important ingredient that I should hurry and get... wtf? I can't find the store with this ingredient and I also can't get any bombs! What do I do?

    • profile image

      hdidou 8 years ago

      I went past the howling stone and killed 2 out of 3 bugs and i can't get to the other one and i think its because i went past the howling stone so i went back to the road to death mountain and can't find the howling stone help please

    • profile image

      biblo 8 years ago

      to get the key u have to go in the water and i love zelda im on my 5th time beating it!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      faye 8 years ago

      Thanks! This guide helped a lot... I wouldve finished this in 1 year if I hadn't found your guide. But with it, I finished it in 1 day. :D Only this part, though...

    • profile image

      juuuy 8 years ago

      mamasaythic good gam

    • profile image

      juuyy 8 years ago


    • profile image

      misty mistake 8 years ago

      this was so helpful, its actually a perfect guide, yours was the most accurate i could find.

    • profile image

      shelby cake 8 years ago

      i'm stuck, and frustrated in the goron mine. no mater how many times i try i can't get past the two vents. i always fall in or the vent turns back on and i get killed. help?

    • profile image

      kc 8 years ago

      dude thanks i beated the forest emple but the thing is when i went west towards the edin place there was rocks so i tried using the creature that drop the bombs but it didn't work. Then i went the other way towards the gate with creatures and i beated them but i can't get through. there is no twilight area and i need some help. Write please.

    • profile image

      kc 8 years ago

      dude thanks i beated the forest emple but the thing is when i went west towards the edin place there was rocks so i tried using the creature that drop the bombs but it didn't work. Then i went the other way towards the gate with creatures and i beated them but i can't get through. there is no twilight area and i need some help. Write please.

    • profile image

      Jessie 8 years ago

      Where the heck is the boss in the mines.I see a place but I don't know how to get to the other side.I hit those things with the red eyes then I got all the key parts then im stuck because

    • profile image

      anida 8 years ago

      so far so good .. thanks to this guide. Love having this to refer to (would have been exasperated otherwise), and progressing through an amazing journey. Many thanks Mark. (great service to last-gen oldie first timer gamers like me, who only manage to spend so much time on this)

    • profile image

      zeldafan22 8 years ago

      thanks now i can get into the mines

    • profile image

      helpzelda 9 years ago

      im at the door to fyrus but i haven't got the key where do i get it ????? help!

    • profile image

      TwiliWolfLurver 9 years ago

      i LOVE twilight princes,i can't wait for christmas to come so my mom will get me Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 2 The Goron Mines,I just hope theres more midna!!!!

    • profile image

      cool dude 9 years ago

      i need help on the gorsons

    • profile image

      laser 9 years ago

      oh....i get it now.

    • profile image

      laser 9 years ago

      hi, thnx sooo much for your guide. its helped tones.

      im stuck on the part where you talk about the room with lasers......i can't move any of them. what am i doing wrong?

    • profile image

      BRADDERZ 9 years ago


      i am stuck on the bit where you say " Turn on boots and climb the wall. Go right and you'll find a chest with Piece of Heart...." i done all of that then cut the rope to the draw bridge but i need a key to open the door. Where do you get the key from,

      from Bradderz

    • profile image

      dude 9 years ago

      on the second bug hunt with the Elde inn where is the window i cant find it?

    • profile image

      Miss Zelda 9 years ago

      I have a question. I know that it's waaaaayy past the Gorons and everything, but I'm a wolf again and I can't defeat the last of the "bugs" in Hyrule,... It's the huge wasp-like thing. It can kill me (even though I have 6 lives), but I can't kill it. Suggestions?~Thanks for you help with the Goron Mines!~        Miss Zelda

    • profile image

      jcb22 9 years ago

      thank's for your guide..really help me alot....appreciated it dude

    • profile image

      Gmason 9 years ago

      I may be going in the wrong direction, I trying to leave Kakariko village to go to Ordon but I can seem to jump the gates that head south.

    • profile image

      Karami 9 years ago

      OMG Thank you soo much for your guide i all ways use it as a reference when I am really stuck!!!

    • profile image

      krishna 9 years ago

      a faster way is to go to where u got the last small key when u have the big key destroy the statue and u have a path leading to fyrus

    • profile image

      Catie 10 years ago

      Hey, I love your guide; it helped so much on the bosses.

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago

      Dear Kitty Kool,

      If you are at this point, then I believe the game has directly you to go west. There is a path in that Hyrule Field that goes west, so find it on the map and take it. I am assuming you are in the correct Hyrule Field. That's about all I can tell you at this point.

    • profile image

      KittyKool 10 years ago

      I was just playing my Zelda Twilight Princess game right now, and I'm stuck in Hyrule Field, I can't find the Twilight Realm anywhere, all I can find are huge rocks, and I know that they can be moved but how? So desperate

    • Locutus profile image

      Locutus 10 years ago