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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 5 Snowpeak Ruins

Updated on February 24, 2009

On the Trail to next Dungeon

Warp to Castle town, and head back to Telma's bar. Talk to Telma, and she'll tell you that this one girl is near Snowpeak. Go to the map to find the location, then teleport to Zora's Domain. There is a cave down at the bottom of the falls, which was originally blocked by ice, but has thawed out.

Go into the cave and you'll find the girl in front of a snowy land. The girl will give you a sketch. If you take the sketch and show it to the Zoras, they identify the fish as a reekfish, a fish that only prince Ralis can catch.

Warp to Kakariko Village, and go to the graveyard find the prince. He will be at that one hidden section where you go the aqua armor. Give the prince the sketch, and he'll give you a special hook that allows you to catch a reekfish.

Warp back to the falls, and head to the bottom. You'll find a place to fish for the reekfish near two rocks (one large and one small, also known as Mother and Child rocks). There is a place by the water to the west of them, and you should fish like you did before at Ordon village.

When you catch a reekfish, turn into a wolf immediately. Turn on senses, and hit A to smell the reekfish. Get the scent and go back to the cave to Snowpeak. Follow the scent, there will be times where you will need to go around in order to go up the mountain. Eventually, you'll get to a place where you can't go up, and the snow is piled on. Dash into the area, and the snow will make a little avalanche. Keep following until you get to a Howling Rock. Remember to go back there when you are human.

Keep following the scent, until you hit a wall, and then dig to get through to a tunnel. Turn to a human and climb the ladder. Then climb up and up until you get to the vines, and climb them and open the door out of there. From there, turn to a wolf, and take out the shadow beasts. Turn back into human and say hello to the Snowbeast.

The snowbeast will leave via snowboard. Follow him by rolling (A) into the tree, and an icy leaf will fall off. Get on the leaf, and then snowboard down. You will want to take the bridge, and the ramp before the forest. You might accidentally go off a cliff and die, so keep doing this until you get it right. Enter the house of the Snowpeak Ruins.

Snowpeak Ruins

As you enter in, go to the northern door and talk to the wife. She will give you the Dungeon Map, and tell you where she believes the mirror is.

Take the west door, and you'll see the Snowbeast making soup. If you have a bottle, you can got up to the edge and scoop some. It will heal about two hearts.

This room is kind of complicated. What you have to do is push the boxes until you can push one atop the switch. Simply follow the border of the room, then push the other atop of it.

Go out to the east where the bars once were.

The next room has nothing in it you can access yet. There is a place that you can dig your way to. Defeat the three snow-wolves in the room, then dig where part of a chest can be seen. Now that you got the key, turn into a human and leave through the passage to the west.

This next room has some ice monsters that are tough to take out. The problem is that they will move like air-hockey pucks when hit, and then they bounce back and freeze you. You have to hit them, then prepare for a quick hit back. What I do is get the spinner ready, then after I hit them, I activate it. They can't hurt you if you are on the spinner. I then wait for them to slow down, then attack again.

Open the door to the room to the north and repeat what you did before for these ice creatures. After you beat all three, the door will open to the east.

From there, this room will have two ice sentrys guarding it. These long thin guys got some ice spears, but they are beatable. Use the shield to block their spear attacks. Enter the next room which is targeted on your map, and you'll find...a pumpkin? I guess the mirror wasn't there at all.

Second Time Around

Head back to the lady, following the map and go south. While you are at it, stop by and see the snow beast. He'll take the pumpkin, and put it in his soup, where it can heal a lot better (four hearts now).

Now, when you see the lady, she'll give you another location map, so leave to the North after the bars in front of the doors are raised.

Defeat the three snow-wolves and head out the window passage to the east. Go through the door and you'll find yourself in an odd room with ice and a cannon in the northeast corner. What you need to do is get that cannonball to that cannon, so grab the cannonball. That might mean you should take out the ice-eye creatures first, like you did before. Put the cannonball into the cannon, by getting on and hitting A. Turn the cannon (you have to push on the side) so it faces south. Drop a bomb (preferably not a water-bomb) in the cannon and fire. You now have a clear exit to the south. You can retrieve the cannonball, turn the cannon west to get more.

This next room is tricky. What you need to do is watch out for ice-bats. Go south, and take out the first bats that get in your way. Take out the ice eyes with the clawshot. They slide right off. Then go to west, and to the chest in the corner. Take out the Dungeon Compass. There is a claw-target on the wall by the door, so use it to get out of the room.

Return to the room with the three snow-wolves. Take them out again and turn to a wolf. Using your senses, you should find a chest buried that holds a key. Unfortunately, you need the compass in order to find this chest. No shortcuts on this one. Turn to a human again and leave through the locked doorway east.

In this room, you need to get a cannonball to the next room. Go to the wall and hit A to pull the lever. A slot will come down, so pick up a cannonball and put it in that slot. Leave the room the same way you came in.

Pull down the lever, and the cannonball that you put in from the other side will roll out. Put the cannonball in the cannon, and face it north. Blow up the snow monster, and take out any ice-eyes there.


Go through the door and meet the mini-boss. Beating this guy is tough, to say the least. What you need to do is get your clawshot ready. As he comes toward you, aim for the ceiling behind him. Drop down and dodge as he throws. Run behind him and hit him from behind. His hard to hit when he's swinging his ball and chain, but you might be able to backslice attack him. After many slices, he will go down. You can then take the ultimate weapon, the ball and chain.

Go to the door, and use your new ball and chain to small through the ice. Then open the chest and get the...cheese? Darn it.

Third Time's the Charm

Head back to that wife lady, but make certain you drop off the cheese to the Snowbeast. His potion will then restore 8 hearts, so you might want to grab some while you're there.

When you visit the lady, she'll send you to another place in the house. Go through the door that she raises the bars for. Go north, then open the door that direction. Push the cube ahead of you until it falls in. Grab a cannonball, put it on the slot. Leave the room.

Grab the lever and let the cannonball in the room. Smash the ice wall, and then smash the snow monsters. You can do this by Z targeting and wait until they finish their breath attacks before hitting them with the ball and chain. Smash through the icewall to reveal a cannon. Take the cannonball from there, load it into the cannon, then aim west. You'll need that for later.

Leave room to the north. Take out the ice sentry and ice wall with the Z target. Target the chandelier and hit it with the ball and chain. It will start swinging. Jump on at the right time, and go across the other side. Go toward the chest containing the key. Take the clawshot target to get back in case you fall.

Go West and hit the chandelier with the ball and chain. Take out the ice sentry on the other side. Get back on the chandelier, then hit the chandeliers and ride south them to the chest to get a piece of heart. Jump down, and leave out of the West entrance.

This next room is full of ice-eyes. Take them out with ball and chain. Go north to the next room. Push on the cube and then go down to solve the ice and box puzzle with this diagram. You will need to smash a few obstacles with the ball and chain first.

Exit through the door upstairs that is removed of bars.

This next part you have to go along a fence. The Ice-sentries can be taken out with a little ball and chain and Z-targetting action. If you cross over to their side, you'll see a claw target up and to the north, target it and go into the next room, exiting west.

What you need to do is break the ice-wall. Then go along and hit the chandeliers until they swing toward you, and then go until you get to the chest on the south side of the room. Open the chest and get the key.

Exit south, and you're back in the room with the freaky boxes and ice. Leave south, then go to the east and unlock the door.

In this room, there are two snow monsters. Take them out with ball and chain. The last one will reveal two cubes, push the two cubes away. Go to the cannon, and insert bomb. When the cannon fires, take the cannonball and put it in the slot. Open the door to the north. Load cannon, aiming for monster in Northeast corner and fire. You may need to fire again, because there are ice-eyes left over. Go around until you jump down and climb that ladder. Open door to the east.

This next room has the Big Boss key. You will have to defeat some ice sentries to get it. Z-target and ball and chain them down. Leave the room, then you'll see the wife there. Go up the spiral ramp, and then open the door with the boss key.

Big Boss Action

Enter and face the Boss, Twilit Ice Mass Blizzetta. It is the Snowbeast's wife, under some spell or something. She will first appear as a big mass that is easy to hit. Hit it with the ball and chain until it becomes the possessed lady with eight pillars that float. The pillars will fly around, and try to hem you in so the lady can smash you. If you run, you can insure that they won't surround you. Take out as many pillars with the ball and chain. When the pillars all come down, so does Blizzeta. Z-target her the moment she touches earth and ball and chain her. Hit her three times with the ball and chain, and she'll go down.

From there, get the mirror, the heart, and leave. If you want, you can take some hearts from the lovers there to get healed more, but why? You should have more than enough to spare. Oh well, it's cute, isn't it?


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    • profile image

      Melanie 6 years ago

      Not to be a bother or anything, but where you say, "Talk to Telma, and she'll tell you that this one girl is near Snowpeak". Odly enough, "she" is a male. If you pay attention to where he speaks for the VERY FIRST time in the game (at the bar around the table), he talks about his father and how he's his son and all.

    • profile image

      Mary 7 years ago

      Me and My sisters love this game Thank you for making the walk through now were at the skys can you make a walk through for that

    • profile image

      Gemo 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for this walkthrough! This game can be so frustrating if you don't know what you're doing :/

      Anyway, how long did this guide take you to write? Just curious :)

    • profile image

      Jackie 8 years ago

      The mini boss i didn't even think of using the clawshot, i just z targeted him and hit a to jump until i got behind him then all i did was hit his tail and he was down shortly after three times

    • profile image

      Anonymous 8 years ago

      Hello! Oi, i've got problems with getting the cannon ball up to the cannon in the room with the two creatures breathing ice all the time, there is no cannon ball at the spot, so i have to get it up, it don't work, because they keep knocking me down all the time! help!

    • profile image

      Anirban 8 years ago

      Mark - this is a grand service to the community.. they should start granting a Nobel or something. Amazing game Zelda - would never have reached so far without your guide, and never known what I missed. Thanks a ton!

    • profile image

      Ryan 9 years ago

      i love zelda it is the best game in the whole world.

    • sukkran profile image

      Mohideen Basha 9 years ago from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.

      hi, thks for some useful tips.

    • profile image

      luke johnson 9 years ago

      after u figure out the maze for the second time were u have to go in the room upstairs that unlocked how do u get up there i can figure that out

    • profile image

      dd 9 years ago

      To get the treasure in the first room on the right: Go to the room above it and drop bomb on the floor. You use your claw to get back out.

    • profile image

      linkman789 9 years ago

      Your tips rock where are all the poes ghosts though 'cos I can't find them all. I have 14 or 15.

    • profile image

      jsb 9 years ago

      when you first enter the snow beast house, there is a treasure chest in a room to the right with a big drop off. How do i get this cheest?

    • profile image

      min 9 years ago

      how do you beat the part after the tempel of time

    • profile image

      johnnyrocks 9 years ago

      i need help on the sky dragon [:) plz help. I have 22 haerts tho

    • profile image

      transformer 5784 9 years ago

      These are great tiips thankns so muuch. please reply

    • profile image

      Andy Video 10 years ago

      Do you have any Guide Videos For The Legend Of Zeda : Twilight Princess?

    • profile image

      omega1084 10 years ago

      This helped a lot I was stuck in the second puzzle for 2 weeks. >_<

    • profile image

      Sheri 10 years ago

      I love Zelda! It is my life. I've beat all of the games so far. this one has to be the best! Thanks for all the tips, they really helped, although I didn't really want cheats and tips, i had to use a couple though. only hints. thank you and please make more games. let the legend continue!

    • profile image

      jimmyflame17 10 years ago

      There is a room with cannon balls but the room is locked. how do i get the connon balls?

    • profile image

      Jimmyflame17 10 years ago


    • profile image

      chris 10 years ago

      hey mark its me chris from the last page i now us your guide to help thank you so much you can talk to me on yahoo i dont know if you have it but oh well well c ya and thank you!!!

    • profile image

      matt 10 years ago

      From the main entry room, there is a room to the east. When you enter that room you can see a chasm and a chest of the other side and nothing else in the room. How do you get to that chest and what's in it?

    • profile image

      Andy Video 10 years ago

      Do you have any Guide Videos For The Legend Of Zeda : Twilight Princess?

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago

      Not that I know of. A lot of Zelda fans call any guy who dresses in a similar fashion a "Knight", presumably for lack of a better name.

    • profile image

      Squall 10 years ago

      Thnx! This came in handy for beating it my first time through. I've been searching and does that mini boss with the ball and chain have a name?

    • profile image

      KAS 10 years ago

      I think your tips are great, I don't know where I'd be without them

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago

      Chloe, I wrote a 10 part section on this game alone. Just use the Hubpages search for Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part (1-10) and read it all.

    • profile image

      Chloe 10 years ago

      i love zelda so much! on the wii! Are you going to make more?

      Plez make more, my life evolved around it!


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