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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 6 The Temple of Time

Updated on February 24, 2009

Back to the Sacred Grove

Go to where you need to learn your special move, then go back to the castle in Telma's bar. She will say that Rusl is gone, so go to the map to find out where he is. Warp there, and you'll see Rusl standing near wear the first dungeon, Temple Grove, is. He then asks you to go to the temple, and gives you a chicken. From there, you must take that chicken and use it and jump off the ramp with it. You'll hover in the air until you can make it back to the Sacred Grove, step by step. Sort of like how Midna helped you to the temple a while ago. Yeah, I know, it's a chicken. It's stupid, but it works. I wouldn't have done it. All right, let's get off this chicken already.

That Stupid Imp Again

When you get to the Sacred Grove, that pesky imp shows up. What you need to do is follow him through passages in the forrest. There is no map, but always go to areas where you see a light coming from above. You'll see this light as you go through the right passage. It is obvious when you see it, I can't tell you any more. Hit him with the sword twice. Eventually, you will get to a place where you can see any light anymore. Climb up, and find him on a tall branch. You might need to use the "C" key or shooting Shoot him down with an arrow. Soon, he'll have you go into a grove. He'll sic his henchmen on you, but just hit him with arrows, and he will give up.

He'll open up and entrance to the Temple. Move a big cube out of the way, and you'll discover a place where you can stick your sword in. The entrance to the next dungeon will be revealed. You will then have to deal with shadow beings and bats, but you can take them out.

Not much in the entrance, but if you keep heading north, you'll see a slot in the ground. Stick your sword in, and you'll get a stairway to the real entrance. Enter in from there.

The Temple of Time

In this next room, you might notice that it has a statue missing at the north entrance. Midna will remind you, and if you turn into a wolf and use your senses, you'll see it. The mission of the dungeon is to find this statue and get it to this place. You'll see a switch on one of the dais. What you need to do is put a vase or some weight on it, and that will raise a platform to get to the stairs. At the top of the stairs is Ooccoo, so be sure to set him free. Walk up and then down the steps, and you'll see two unlit torches. Light them up, and a chest will appear. Open the chest, get the key, and leave out the locked door at the top of the stairs.

This next room has a switch in the middle. Take a vase and weigh it down. The doors will open, and a chest nearby has arrows. You will need the arrows. Once you leave through the west, shoot the vase, which will open another door for you to go further.

Continue up these stairs, taking out the guards. There is a living statue in the corner, and it can be taken out by sneaking up behind it and hitting it in the back. You'll see a lot of these in this game. They always start to beat their hammers repeatedly they get too close to dying, so stay away from them before they explode. When this one explodes, a chest will be revealed that has the Dungeon Map. There are two switches by a door. If you weigh them down with the metallic vases (the ones that look like they have faces), then the gate will open, and you can go into the big round room.

This big round room is full of obstacles. First, you should start by taking out the laser eye in the corner. Defeat all the reptilian guards, then go up the stairs. You need your spinner to go up the stairs at some point. At the locked door, you can go to the center of the room, but watch out for the spinning spiking things. On the south side are two switches. You can grab a metal vase from the west side and use it to weight down one of the switches.

As for the second switch, go to the dead center of the room and grab one end of the spinning lever thing. Pull it to make it go down a floor (there's nothing up there that you need for now). On this level 3F, you'll see lots of little spiders. Don't worry about them, just grab the nearby metal vase. Use the spin lever to raise you up a level, and put the metal vase on the second switch. You'll notice how a section rises. Take the vase off, and the section will lower itself. Stand on that section and put the vase on the switch again. The section will rise, taking you with it. Take the doorway south.

In this room, you'll see two of those statues. It's easy to attack them one at a time, coming in from behind. When you beat two, the cage on the door will be raised. Also, a chest will appear with a key, take the key and leave the room.

When you go back out to the big round room, open the locked door to the north. In this room, start by taking out the first laser tower. Then strike the green gem with your sword, and walls will shift. Go to the gray circular spot in the room, and shoot the gem again. Take out the next laser tower, and go to the chest. Open it and you'll get the Dungeon Compass. Go to the next gray circular spot and shoot the gem again, then leave the room to the east.

The next room has a lot of moving walls, and a gem that can open them. Use the gray circle spots to get a vantage point for shooting the arrows, open the walls as needed, and take out the guards. Some of the guards are well armored, and you might want to use some special moves on them like shield attack + helm splitter.

The next room after that is full of spiders. Take them out and you'll get a chest with a 50 Rupees. You can then walk up the stairs and you'll come to a balance scale. What you have to do is weigh it down on one end, and pick up the metal vase. Then throw that metal vase on the other side. You will then see a clawshot target on that side. Target it, then grab the metal vase. Bring the metal vase up the stairs, then throw it on that one side. Get on, then throw the vase on the other side. The balance will raise up on a high level, and what you must do is stand on the edge of the scale and aim for a clawshot target on the ceiling. Drop down, head due east, and use the spinner to go to the north side of the room, and exit.

Special Room for the Boss Key

In this room, you have to take out the metal armadillos and the statue thing. From there, use the clawshot to go to the next level. There are four switches on the floor. Use the metal vases nearby to weigh down two of them. The other two can be weighed down with the shells of the dead metal armadillos. Simply clawshot target them, and then put their weight down. The gates below will open, and you can get the Boss Key. Leave the room.

Jump down and leave the room to the south. This next room has a laser tower in its center which you can take out with an arrow. Avoid the spiky spinning things and leave the room due west. The next room you find, you will have to dodge a spiky roll thing and a giant swinging blade to get to the chest. You need to get to the chest so you can get the key. Now, go to the Northwest corner and grab a vase. Dodge the spiky roll thing and go down the hall to the north, and set the vase on the switch. The electric field will turn off, and you can go to the next room.

In this room, kill all the spiders, then the statues to get your reward. Then head due east and face the Mini-boss.

Mini-Boss and your new mission: Move the Statue!

The mini-boss is this knight guy who is heavily armored. I recommend shield-attacks along with helm-splitters. From there, his armor will be shed, and then I recommend the back slice. Eventually, he will fall.

The chest will be revealed, and inside is the Dominion rod. The statue that you need is located right above this chest. What you need to do is fire the rod at the statue, and it will come to life. It will move as you move, and you might not that hitting the "B" key causes it to strike an opponent. That will come in handy. Move it toward the big bell shaped thing that you will see. It is like a transporter. From there on, that will be your goal. Get back to the original room with that statue.

When you leave the room, you'll notice that you can bring your statue to live and hammer the statues. Now, grab a metal vase and put it on the switchpad. The section will decrease, and you can put your big statue on it. You can then bring the metal vase to life and make it move off of it. The section will raise, and re-animate the big statue to get it to follow you.

From here, you must maneuver your guy so he walks through the electric wall and stands on the pad. From there, you can enter in as he smashes through the two spiky rollers.

When the statue goes to the next room, have it smash the spikey balls and the laser tower. You'll see a switch there. Maneuver big statue to go to the section just before the big bell thing, then bring a metal vase to life. Move the vase so it's on the switch, and the section will be raised. Move the statue to the big bell thing and it will be gone. Leave the room to the north.

Now, this balance room is tough. You need to put the big statue on one balance, then counterbalance it with five metal vases. There are three of them on one side. To bring them down, bring them to life, and take five of them on the empty side. Get off the scale, then move the statue so it goes to the other side. Then take the vases on that side and throw them onto the other scale. Get off, and move him down the stairs, and have him squash all spiders before bringing him to the transporter platform.

Leave room to the east. The next room is like before but your statue can just smash through the walls. Just make sure your statue is there with you. I would advice having him trip the switch and shut the electrical field off. Then you can go in and open a nearby chest to get a Piece of Heart. Lead it down the hall to the next room with moving walls, and it can smash them as well. Make certain to put it on the transporter.

Go to the big round room. Go to the center, and raise it to the top level (5F). Bring your statue onto this lever elevator, and bring it all the way down to 3F. Have it smash any pesky spiders, and the electrical field will automatically open. Smash through the other gates, take out the villains there, and then lead it to the transporter.

Got into the next room, and clawshot target above the gate. Use the big statue to destroy the little one and lead it down the hall. Have it destroy the next gate out, and take it to the transport.

You'll now be at the big room. Simply lead your man up the ramp where he needs to be. Now, go through the doors. In this next room, jump across the pit before that spiky thing gets you. Take out the laser towers with arrows, then grab a metal vase. Use the vase to weigh down the switch in between the two guillotine blades. When one fence opens, get behind it. Then bring the vase to life and move it off. Kill the two spiders, and replenish hearts before facing the Boss.

Twilit Arachnid Argogohma Boss

This boss is kind of easy. What you need to do is get your bow and arrow ready. When he shoots his laser, you need to target his eye. Shoot the eye, and he will fall. Switch to the Rod of Dominion, and run up to him. Bring to life the statue that is behind him, and then command it to hammer him using B. From there, he will get up again, this time will lay eggs that become little spiders. Slice through them all, and get any hearts or arrows you might need. Hit him again in the eye, then hammer him with the statue. He will lay eggs again, and slice through them again. Then hit him in the eye, and hammer him one final time. He won't be dead yet, but his little spiders will carry his egg around. You can hit the Eye with arrows, and it will die. Get the heart and move on.


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    • profile image

      shortkake 6 years ago

      HELLLLLPPPPPPPP!!! I had to save and quit in the middle of moving the statue and when I started up again the statue is gone completely. I went all the way back to the place of origin and it's not there either. Any ideas?

    • profile image

      jj wiiliams 6 years ago

      Zelda is a good game but... Ocharana of time for the 64 is the best- ever one agrees. :P

    • profile image

      Kiseki 7 years ago

      Thanks a bunch! I've used every one of your guides to get to this point. Thanks a whole bunch; it REALLY helped me a lot! This is the first Zelda game I've ever played, and I'm really loving it now that you've helped me figure it out. Domo arigatou! XD

    • profile image

      nick owen 7 years ago

      DUDE UR A BOSS i loved the part where the eye was carried by the spiders :) u got me thru 2 dungeons now today. if i do the sky today i willcomment:D

    • profile image

      Alyisia  7 years ago

      Thanks so much for making the guide! Most of the time I ask my brother what to do, but he's in Philly so I was totally lost! I think I'll use this guide instead of him now :)

    • profile image

      anton 7 years ago

      dude u roock i didn't need it but my sis totally did soo much she was so confused

    • profile image

      Lilliy1 7 years ago

      thanks i never bwould have gotten anything in this game f u hadn't put up these help sites!

    • profile image

      UNKNOWN 8 years ago

      I did need this at all i figured it out on my own!

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      Man, thanx i coulnd't find dat boss key ANYWER

    • profile image

      alex 8 years ago

      thank whoever u r your awsume

    • profile image

      Kellie 8 years ago

      This is awesome! Whoever wrote this, YOU ROCK!

    • profile image

      Jordan Durland 9 years ago

      DANG! Without this thing i wouldve just quited! I got there and i didn't have the key!!! THNX MAN/WOMAN!

    • profile image

      Jordan Durland 9 years ago

      DANG! Without this thing i wouldve just quited! I got there and i didn't have the key!!! THNX MAN/WOMAN!

    • profile image

      joni 9 years ago

      How do I get the master sword back into the rock? I've attacked the rock from all angles and it's not happening for me.

    • profile image

      liz 9 years ago

      wow dis really helped...i was stucked at da temple n didn't noe wat to do...i would hav given up...danks for da help...

    • profile image

      Sam 9 years ago

      The huge room in the middle is really hard.

    • profile image

      zhigwich 9 years ago

      aha! u push B to make statues attack i couldn't figure it out! thanks a bunch!

    • profile image

      Cas 9 years ago

      wow i went all the way to the boss door and relised i didn't have the key yet >< with out this i would have just given up :P

    • profile image

      joe 9 years ago

      im playing zelda and i have already beaten the temple of time, now im trying to get all the bugs, and the walkthrough im looking at says you have to be in the temple of time hallway, in order to do that, i have to strike the pedistal again, but it wont let me, how do i get back in?

    • profile image

      Gossip Girl 10 years ago

      thanks for your help but the part on the balance room is screwed its gonna take me hours to try and get it right you didn't even say where the heck the metal pots are.... but the rest was awesome!!!!

    • profile image

      alex 10 years ago

      i have no idea where the boss key is plzzzzz help

    • profile image

      beangals 10 years ago

      never mind i was using the ordon sword and thanks for posting these help sites.

    • profile image

      bengals 10 years ago

      could u tell me where the firt place is to stick in ur sword

    • profile image

      Arthur Barker 10 years ago

      i am stuck in a Temple of the forest I have gust turn human I've got the three monkey and Ooccoo could you help me

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago

      See section on Special Room with the Boss Key above. Check your map when you're in the room with the big scales. That should help you.

    • profile image

      pixie 10 years ago

      i cant get to the boss key still but i killed the mini boss

    • profile image

      cate 10 years ago

      Thanks so much, if I hadn't read this I would've totally missed the boss key ^_^;

    • profile image

      ned 10 years ago

      the best vidieo game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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