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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 7 Sky City Dungeon

Updated on February 24, 2009

Warp back to castle town, where you will receive a letter from Renaldo. He wants you to go back to Kakariko village, but make some stops. First, you should stop by and drop off Agatha's bugs (see the mini quest Part 9). Next, stop by Telma's bar, who will inform you that Shad is in Karkaiko village.

Restoring Ilia's Memory

Warp to Kakariko village. Talk to the shaman and get a letter from him. Then warp to Castle Village and deliver that letter to Telma. Telma will then give you an invoice for a doctor. The doctor's office is located on the West side of castle town by the entrance. Give the invoice to the doctor, and he'll mention something about a wooden statue that he spilled medicine all over. Go to the back of his office, and move a box back, and you'll see a green cloud. Turn into a wolf and sniff the scent and remember it. You can climb on the box to get outside the doctor's office. Follow the scent to Castle Town and that will lead you to Telma's cat, who will tell you to go find some skeletal dogs that lurk south of town.

Head south and face off with the skeletal dogs. Unfortunately, they only come out at night, so you may have to wait a while. You might want to entertain yourself with some side quests until then.

Take the wooden statue to Ilia and show it to her. They will tell you of a place to go on your map. You might have to go around the long way to get there. However, you might want to go to the Bridge of Eldin, but you can't go there until you get the lost piece of bridge. You will have to go to lake Hylia, and then go to Fyer's tower. Blast to the Gerudo dessert and find the big piece of bridge (it's pretty obvious when you see it). You'll need the clawshot to get up to it, and then take on the Warp to the Bridge of Eldin, and the bridge will be made whole.

Follow the map until you get a cave where one of the Gorons makes an entrance for you. Now, you will then go to this Wild West town where there will be 20 guards. You can take out all of them with your arrows, and many can be taken out from a distance, especially if you have the Hawkeye. There are some places where you will have to break through windows or go inside buildings to find the guards to shoot. Once all 20 are defeated, you'll meet Impaz, and he'll give you a charm. After he's finished talking, show him the Rod of Dominion, and he'll give you a Sky book.

Before you leave, you must do one important thing. On the Western side of town, behind a building is another Howling Rock. Turn to a wolf and howl there to find the location of the last secret move. Unfortunately, Midna refuses to let you transform into a wolf in the town, so you'll have to leave, transform, and come back. Howl at the rock, and then go to the assigned area to learn the last move.

Head back to Kakariko village, and show Ilia her charm. She will get her memory back, and she'll give you the charm that lets you summon your horse. Go down into the basement of the shaman's house and show the Ancient Sky Book to Shad. From there, Shad casts a spell that restores power to the Rod of Dominion. He also updates your map so you can find the last pieces of the Sky Book.

The Search for Statues

From there, follow the map and get updates. They can be done in any order. What you have to do is use the Rod of Dominion to move the owl statues and stand in the place that they once were. That can be difficult at some times, and you can move the statues in certain places to obtain prizes.

The one at Eldin Bridge is easy, just move it from the north side and uncover the area, then stand on it. From there, take the statue across the bridge to the south side, then manipulate it so it drops into a small depression. Use the statue as a stepping stone and jump to the other side. Climb the ladder to the top and get a Piece of Heart.

The one at Kakariko Gorge is interesting. Move the statue and stand in the base. That goes without saying for all owl statues, so this will be the last time I mention it again. There is a place that you can use the statue to fill in some gaps in a pathway. Go over the first one, then bring the statue back to life, and maneuver it to fill in the next one. Eventually, it leads to an Orange (100) Rupee.

The one that is located east of the castle, at ruins overlooking Hyrule bridge, requires you to use the statue to make a stepping stone to its base. You'll need to get it halfway in between, then jump the gap to the other side. There is a chest close by with 100 Rupees if you want that too.

The one that is near the North side of Hylia Lake bridge requires you to maneuver the statue until it is under the vines. Then use the claw shot to hook the vine, let go so you're on top of the statue. It may take a few tries before you can get the statue in the right place. Then jump from top of the statue to the other side. Move the statue in between the space between the alcoves. Use it as a stepping stone, and get to the chest.

The one in the Faron Province is also kind of neat. You have to find the shop where Calo is and there will be a boulder nearby. Blow it up with a bomb. Move the statue, to get the code. There is a hole that is kind of made of the statue around the tree root. Put the statue there, then turn into a wolf. From there, Midna will help you jump and jump until you get to a chest that has a Piece of Heart.

Getting to the one at the Gerudo desert is somewhat difficult, but it just involves moving the statue until it is a stepping stone between those raised platforms. It takes a little manipulating and jumping, but you can use the statue to get to the chest.

After you have the filled Sky book, go back to Kakariko village and talk to Shad. He uses a spell that removes the seal on the owl statue. When Shad leaves, use the Rod of Dominion to move the Owl Statue out of the way, and go down the tunnel. There is a sky cannon here similar to Fyer's, and Shad comes to look at it. Midna will offer to teleport it away, but only when Shad leaves. Simply talk to Shad, and he will make and exit.

From there, warp to Lake Hylia, and Midna will take the sky cannon with her. Go see Fyer, and he will help fix your cannon for about 300 Rupees. There is a Clawshot in the cannon, and targetting it will take you to the next Dungeon.

Sky City Dungeon

If you are low on supplies, head to the store to the west. Actually, head there anyway and pick up Ooccoo. Unfortunately, you can't always save the game from where you are with him. You'll always end up at the store. Go North and hit the blue gem above the door with an arrow. Walk into the City in the Sky Dungeon. Careful of the winds, they have a way of blowing you off course.

In this room, grab and Ocooco and fly to the other side. Clawshot the pillar with the vines, then drop down and clawshot the Occoo walking on the wall. With this new Ooccoo, fly to the other side, and leave through the door.

In this room, defeat the big monster. Grab an Ooccoo and jump off the stairs to the north to head due east. Watch out for the blue tiles, as they will fall, given adequate weight on them.

From there, turn right, and you'll see some vines on the other side of a gulf. Target those with the clawshot, and find the gear mechanism on the ground. Turn the spinner on and spin a while. A bridge will extend, allowing you to cross over to the other side. Go toward that bridge, and cross to the other side.

Open the door and look to the northeast corner. Target a clawshot thing over that area, and then go into the chest to get a key. Head due west over the bridge. Note the dragon who breaks the bridge to pieces. Don't worry, there's other ways around that.

In this room, target the ivy pillar and get on solid ground. Head due west, and leave through the door.

In this area, turn left and you'll come to an area with a gear mechanism. Turn on spinner and extend another bridge. Cross bridge and open locked door.

In this room, go to the immediate left, and you'll see a red gem. Hit it with your hookshot, then aim for the nearest vine. Climb around to drop down and solid ground, and then hit the other vine covered area. Make sure not to get caught in the wind fans.

Take the West entrance out.

Nothing is in this room except a chest with the Dungeon Map. Take the map and go.

Cross the blue tiles and head south out that one door.

Next room is difficult. Start by jumping across one place and wait for the bat to attack. Take the bat out, then jump across the one gulf, when the wind isn't blowing up. The next area will have a tile monster, so take it out with the boomerang. Keep jumping across until you make it to the Southern side.

In this room, there are two guards you must defeat. A new room above will be revealed. Clawshot the ivy near it and climb to the top. There is an odd ornament above you. Hit it with the clawshot, and it will cause a fan to blow up in the center of the room. Grab an Ooccoo and when the wind is blowing up, soar across it. The updraft will take you up to the next platform with an exit to the north.

This next room uses the same thing. Take the Ooccoo and fly to the other side, with the nearest updraft, then go to the central up draft and fly out the big crack in the wall.

From there, use the updraft to fly to the eastern portion of this room, and aim for the ornament. Use the nearest updraft to fly to the west, then use the newest updraft to go to the next room.

From here, take the doorway to the north. This next room looks difficult, but all you need to do is take an Ooccoo and fly down to the lowest exit.

In this room, there is a giant spinning fan. There is a huge ornament above it. Unlike the other ones, you will notice that when you latch on, nothing happens. You have to put on your iron boots to weigh it down. It will stop, then descend down into the next room.

You Will Meet the Mini-boss

You'll meet this little dragon likes to fly around before he attacks. Before he attacks, he will hesitate for a few seconds, where you can hit him with a Z plus clawshot. When he is down to your level, hit him with everything you got. He'll probably fly away again, but he will come back. He'll try swooping attacks, so shield yourself. Eventually, he'll go back to his old attacks, so clawshot him and target him again. Then beat him down until he's defeated, and a room will be revealed.

Use the clawshot to get up to this room, and open the chest to get a double-clawshot. This thing lets you travel like spider man. You'll need it to get out of this Mini-boss room, for example. To do that, find the nearest clawshot on the ceiling, and then hang down and target the vines.

Go back to the big round room. Use the double hook thing to go as high up as you can. Eventually, you'll hook on to an ornanment. Lower yourself down, then shoot one of those on the gate that it opens. Go into this room.

In this next room, there are many claw targets. Z-target and make your way across the chasm. Remember, the targets tend to fall off, so do it quickly. To the right of the exit out is the Dungeon Compass. Take that and go.

You are now underneath the bridge. Take out the hanging man-eating plants with arrows, the Hawkeye is good for this. Use the grates and double clawshot to go underneath, and clawshot the vines and climb up.

Take the exit and you'll be in a familiar room. Use the double clawshot to get to the other side east.

Open the door, and you'll see a lot of nets on propellers. You can use these to cross with the double-clawshot. Eventually, you'll get to the other side.

Open the door, and head to the corner. Hit the clawshot target in the southeast corner (not the one above the chest) and then lower yourself down. Using the Z + A action, target the pipes like you did before. From here, keep going down. Eventually, you will see a place with two man-eating plants, one of them blocking the target with its body rooted in on it. Take them out with arrows. Hook on to the grate, then lower yourself down. Shoot the gem with the clawshot, then a gate will open. From that point, work your way up until you get to a room to the north.

In this room, there is a giant plant in the center. Take it out by standing on the edge, and it will come into striking distance for your sword. There will be a base left behind, so drop a bomb in him. If you don't have a bomb, use Ooccoo to go to the shop to get one. Take out all the man-eating plants, then target the pipe with clawshot. Before it falls, target some nearby vines. Then walk a very thin path. Take out the man-eating plant in your way with an arrow. You can then creep around to the area underneath the bridge by hanging and get a Piece of Heart. Creep back along that area and then hook on to a pipe above you. Quicky target the next pipe, then target some vines. Target the center of the ceiling, then descend until you get to the bridge. Kill the guard and leave the room to the south.

This next place you need to target four net propellers. The first is easy, then the next. For the last two, you have to adjust your chain height in order to fit through some cracks in the walls it passes over. Eventually, you'll reach the other side and open the door.

From there, it's a simple matter of going on the propeller nets until you get to the other side. Let go and open the door.

You will see some vines nearby in this room. Climb them and get to the next level. Turn to a wolf and cross the lines. You'll have to do this a lot, alternating to shoot down the evil dragon birds with arrows. Eventually, you'll come to a door on level 4F.

In this room, there are two big buffalo things. Try to take them out. The only way to get to the other side of the room is to ride the spinning blade, so use the clawshot to latch on to it. Get the boss key, then aim for the ornament above it. Turn on the iron boots. The propeller will shut off and you can leave through a hole in the floor.

Drop down to level 3F. In case you slip and fall to the next level, you can clawshot a giant vine-covered pillar and climb to the top. Then target some vines and climb to the top. Take out the metal armadillos and then aim the clawshot at the ceiling. Lower yourself down to the next level, and to the north on the ceiling you'll see a red spot. Target it with clawshot and hang on it, then turn on the iron boots. The nearest fan will start up. Drop down and leave to the north.

You can use the spinning fans to latch on, then go across to the north. Enter a room, and face two of those dragon mini-bosses. It can be difficult to take on two, but remember when one of the dragons puts his shield right in from of him, you can target and shoot him. You have to wait until the dragons wings flap at a faster tempo before you can do that. You just have to trade off between targets, and beat them when they get to your level.

From there, clawshot the big grate above the door. Then the fan blades. Hit the blue gem with clawshot to start the fan blades moving. Keep going up, and eventually you'll get to the big boss door.

A Dragon Boss

From out here, you'll have to clawshot a few targets to get up to the highest level, where you meet Twilit Dragon Argorok. He can be difficult to beat. He will swoop in at first, so just dodge him, he'll then hover there for a while. What you need to do is when he hovers, the end of his tail will be a target Z and clawshoot that tail, then turn on the iron boots. He will sink to the ground, and parts of his armor will fall off. Do this two or three times, and all his armor will fall off, revealing a huge gem on the back.

From there, it gets weird. He'll roar, and propeller plants will appear out of nowhere and float above the pillars. You need to climb the pillars with the clawshot and then get to the top. During that time, the dragon may come down and breathe fire on you. Wait until he is about to breathe, and switch pillars. Once you get to the top, target the nearest propeller. Swing around the net propeller thingys until you can see the dragon's back. Aim the clawshot toward that gem, and while you are on his back, smack him with your sword. After a few rounds of this, it will give the "A" prompt. Smack him for the kill.

The fourth mirror shard is now yours, along with a Heart. Midna will take you to the cannon, and you need clawshot to get out of there.


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    • profile image

      YamiNoGamer3x23 6 years ago


    • profile image

      "cact" 6 years ago

      Wow h

      How hard the dragon is

      If only I was the one to play not my cousin

    • profile image

      Mzlashelle 6 years ago

      Fo those tryna get past the prepellars u have to lower urself down from the ceiling of the big fan after you get the big key n turn it off after u lower urself without letting go u can then access the red switch n clawshot to it n put on the iron boots to turn it on the the prepellars will move n u can get across

    • profile image

      Kiseki 6 years ago

      I live for this game! Well, that, but mostly Link. ^_^

      My first copy of the game stopped working for some mysterious reason. . . And, when it did, I died. =_=

      But, I LIVED!!

      So, I bought another copy, and here I am today, logging in almost a hundred hours on the game.

      These guides really helped me, so, thanks a ton!

    • profile image

      Fa113n5tar 7 years ago

      nick owen, are you sure about that? the whole game map is reversed from the game cube version to wii version, so what is east for game cube is really west for wii.

    • profile image

      Eddie 7 years ago

      Just go to I use that site and it is so easy. There are videos on how and also in words

    • profile image

      beast 7 years ago

      easy boss? stop complaining yall

    • profile image

      nick owen 7 years ago

      me again... good job on the tips but u hav ur east and west mixed up

    • profile image

      doode 7 years ago

      i thought zelda and ila would make sexy time

    • profile image

      Dunk 8 years ago

      Easiest way to get around the flying plants quickly is to hold the z-target down as you clawshot your way round!

    • profile image

      Argork PLEASE HELP 8 years ago

      I CANNOT beat argorok. I know what to do, be quick w/ the claw shot and blah blah blah... but I CANT. Am I doing something wrong? Someone please help!

    • profile image

      u r a retard 8 years ago

      i know what u mean mep the dragon was sooo easy it imed myself and beat it in 4 minutes and 32 seconds!

    • profile image

      Ashley 8 years ago

      Okay I'm having a hard time trying to get on the pillars with nets cause they arnt even spinning so there is no way for me to get to the other side. I tried getting them to spin with the boomerang but that doesn't help. I also noticed that there is a bigger fan that will make the other pillars spin but I have no clue on how to get the fan blowing...

      Please help asap! Thank you :)

    • profile image

      easy gamer 8 years ago

      this temple was so much fun and easy i did everything by myself

    • profile image

      Jenny 9 years ago

      This guide helped some, but the rest I had to figure out. Still, it was better than doing it on my own. I was ready to tear out hair from frustration. This temple was a killer pain in the ass. That said, after reading the instructions, the boss wasn't that bad. I think. xP

    • profile image

      nosewp4yew 9 years ago

      ppl hoo think vg chars are hot obviously haven't had their vaginas touched....and so should as quickly as possibl so playas like me can cumslam those cumdumpster hoes :)

      good walkthrough...very detailed......midna,ide tap that

    • profile image

      mep 9 years ago

      Dragon was a piece of cake, didn't lost even 1 heart... just dont let him brun u and be quick with the clawshot... that's the trick...

    • profile image

      alfonso 9 years ago

      all you have to do is turn z-targettin off then aim manually.Don't worry the dragon will give you a little bit of time to do it manually.

      p.s. the dragon didn't touch me once i thought he was way overestimated

    • profile image

      ya he is gay 9 years ago

      ya dude just bring monster ganon back (from ocarina of time)and ill kick his butt all over again

    • profile image

      GMason 9 years ago

      Need help in City of Sky dragon, I z-locked to peahats but I can't stop z-locking on peahats to lock onto to the dragon, please help.

    • profile image

      chewie 10 years ago

      when the nets on propeler part, the prepelers dont move and I am stuck

    • profile image

      Revan 10 years ago

      well, kaddiex i cant seem to find the clawshot anywhere... where do i go from where i am?(the room with 4 widows.. one with a crack that lets you outside)

    • profile image

      Sarah 10 years ago

      okay you really don't need to compass to find le boss natalie i spent my life thinking it was to find treasure chests but ha whatever i dunno.

      this was like THE hardest temple AND boss.

      and it sucked because he kept getting smarter and towards the end of the battle he was trying to cut you off with fire!

      and it worked!

      all i know is that had you fallen from that height in REAL life, you would be completely and utterly dead.

      of course zelda is a lot easier than real life.

      but also, in real life you could just climb over shit and not need to go around it...gah.

    • profile image

      kaddiex 10 years ago

      ok well revan that means you've already extended the bridge but if its missing some mean ass dragon came and snapped it in half at the middle-you cant cross again until you have the double clawshot hope that helped toodles x

    • profile image

      Revan 10 years ago

      i should also mention that the spinner wont even go in the spinner hole.

    • profile image

      Revan 10 years ago

      I cant get the spinner to extend the bridge, i have no idea what i am doing wrong pls help!

    • profile image

      Natalie 10 years ago

      Where is the main bosses room? i haven't got the compas......only the map....for some unknown reason....but please could you help me wat room he is in and what floor..thank yooh muchies!

    • profile image

      da dragon is gay. 10 years ago

      he is so freaking hard. i did the first two, and then i do what u posted.

      yeah, as i said; easier said, then done.

      Out of all the boss's so far for me, This dragon is really and i mean really hard.

      i rather beat ganondorf then this stupid dragon.

    • profile image

      Help? 10 years ago

      I can't kill the dragon, after I claw him once, he flys out of reach and I can't target his tail, help?

    • profile image

      billy 10 years ago

      thx this helped alot hope 2 get more info in the future thx again

    • profile image

      Izzy 10 years ago

      Doea anyone know where I can get freakin' pictures of HOT SHAD **KISSES** **Cuddle** **LUV**

      this is very good information, though! It really is helpful! I think that my twin would really enjoy this help. THANX!

    • profile image

      Izzy 10 years ago

      Shad from twilight princess is HOT!!! **KISSES**