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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 8 Dungeon in World of Twilight

Updated on February 24, 2009

Warp to the Mirror Chamber, and the mirror will reform. After a long narrative, you will be able to enter into the world of Twilight.

The First Sol Ball Area

Go to the east tower and enter right in. In this room there are many monsters. The worst is this fish thing that shoots a red ball of light at you. Use a shield attack to deflect it back at it, then hack it to bits with your sword. A chest will then appear, and you will have the key. Use the clawshot to get to a higher level North, and open the locked door. You may notice the black smoke in the room automatically turns you into a wolf, which means you can't do some things that you would normally do.

In this room, there is also black smoke, and a fish that tries to kill you. Deflect the bolt, then turn into the smoke. Even though you're a wolf, you can still do damage to the fish, so keep hitting it until it's gone. Two chests will appear. One will have the Dungeon Compass, the other will have a key. Use your clawshot to go further north through the locked door.

This next room is kind of tricky. You will meet a ghost of Zant, that summons lots of monsters at you. You can defeat them, but you need to get close to him with your sword. I just ran around until I saw him, and tried to slice him before he disappeared. Eventually, he is defeated.

Once he's gone, the challenge begins. See the Sol ball? You have to take that to the center of the room in the specially marked place. Don't worry about the black smoke, as it disappears when you get near it. When you put it in the special place, stairs will rise. Go to the top of the stairs, then use the clawshot to snag the Sol. Then get out of there before the hand catches up to you.

This next room is quite a challenge. You will need to put the Sol in the marked place. However, some black spider thingys will try and stop you, Don't spend too much time trying to beat them. Once it is in place, run up a flight of stairs to the top. Use the clawshot to get it, then throw it so you can go up another step. Grab it quickly before the hand comes, and watch out for more spidery things. Jump down to the level below and leave the room.

This next room requires you to make a quick run for it before while avoiding the man-eating plants. If you want, there is a passage with a room and a chest. You couldn't get to it before because you were a wolf, but you have to rush to get to it now. Drop the Sol, then clawshot to get to the chest. You'll find a Piece of Heart there. Now get out of the room before the hand or plants get you.

The Second Sol Ball Area

When you leave the room, head due west and place the Sol in one of the specially marked places. A platform will start to float, and you can ride it to the west to enter the next door.

When you enter the room, defeat the two bats. Then use your dual clawshot to get to the ceiling and lower or let go to get to the floating platform. Go on the floating platforms, but watch out for the fish. It's easier to deflect his blows, and then defeat him with your sword when you get to the other end. From there, a chest will be revealed, and you can grab the key and leave the room.

Now, this room has the three shadow beasts, so you will need to be a wolf to take them out. Fortunately, you turn to one anyway as you get in the soupy fog. There will then be four fish things, and you can defeat them as a wolf. After all four are killed, a chest will appear. There are several chests in the room which can be accessed with the dual clawshot with the targets on the wall and such. One of these chests contains the Dungeon Map. One of the chests contains the key, which you should use to leave to the north.

This next room is just like a similar one you've encountered. The same rules apply: beat Zant's ghost, take the Sol ball, put it in the right place, climb the stairs, then clawshoot it to get it back and exit the room. All before the hand gets to you.

The next room is actually quite easy, actually. Put the Sol in the proper place, then defeat the monsters. The stairs and platforms actually confuses the hand, so it takes a while to get itself reoriented. Use the dual clawshot to get up to the ceiling, then lower yourself down to the stair platform you just created. Go up to the south, then clawshot it from the balacony. Now that you have the Sol, jump down and leave the room.

The last room is probably most difficult. You have to jump down and go in between two spheres so a platform lifts you up. Then jump from platform to platform until you get to another side. Go between these two spheres to be raised up in a platform, and jump off as it get so the door. You may want to go into the corners, which would lift you up until you got to the chests above. However, I didn't want to risk that. One of the does have Piece of Heart, though. Leave the room victorious.

Take the platform due east, then put the Sol down in its place. Your sword will now have a glow that can repel darkness. Use it to cut through the darkness cloud blocking the building to the north. You might need to do a spin attack.

The Last Area in Twilight

In this room, kill all monsters, then use spin attacks to clear black smoke out of the way. Put the two Sol balls in the right place before the smoke can come back. Climb the stairs, and slice the sphere with your sword. Ride the platform to the other side, and take out the fish guys. A chest will appear so grab the key. Get in the middle of the three spheres and do a spin attack, making sure you hit each one. Ride the platform to the top, and open the door.

As soon as you get in this room, you'll see a curtain of black smoke. Use a spin attack to part it and enter in. Kill the monsters, then find the lowest clawshot target. Target it and the others, working your way up until you get the Boss Key. Clawshot down from there and leave the "black curtain" area. Kill any and all bird creatures that are nearby. Then go between the spheres and slice. Ride the platform to the next area, and kill the fish thingy. More fish thingys will be revealed, so cut at the next set of spheres to get over there. Block there attacks with shield until you can cut them. When you kill all of them, a chest will be revealed. Take the key and unlock door to the Northwest.

In this room, you need to take out the shadow beings in the usual fashion. Then cut away the smoke and get in the center of the four spheres, and do a spin attack. From there, it's about riding platforms and using the clawshot to get to the last door. A chest will be revealed that will give you the key to the next room at the top.

The last room has some dark smoke, and you have to kill a lot of shadow beings before getting to the Boss room.

Zant the Boss

Defeating Zant is actually somewhat easy, you will just have to know how. He will transport you to dungeons that you have been to before. To defeat him, you have to use the strategies and weapons that you used to defeat enemies you defeated before in these rooms.

For example, you will find yourself in the Temple Grove, where you defeated the two-headed plant. Remember how you used the boomerang to defeat it? Same here. What you have to do is block Zant's bolts with your shield, and then target and use your boomerang. This will bring Zant close to you, where you can hit him with your sword.

Zant will then teleport you to the Goron dungeon, where you met the mini-boss. He bounces on that platform thing, and your iron boots will insure you don't go over the edge. Block Zant's bolts with shield, and eventually he stops. Turn off your boots and hit him with your sword. After a you slash him a few times, you'll move on.

Then you will find yourself underwater at the same location where you met the Lakebed Temple Boss. Better switch to your underwater gear. Turn on iron boots while you're at it. Zant will rise up out of this big statue thing, and its mouth will open and fire at you. You can then block his bolts (with shield, of course) and get closer, and use your clawshot to bring him closer. Nail him with your sword. After a few times, it will change once more.

It will then switch to the room in the Grove with the totem poles, the one where you met the white baboon. The same rule for beating the white ape applies to defeating Zant. Roll into the totem pole twice to knock him off, then hit him with is sword. You'll have to do it a few times.

This next room resembles the Snowpeak Boss room, but Zant is a huge giant of a man. He will try to jump on you, so watch out for his reflection on the ice and avoid it. His toe is vulnerable, so Z target it and hit it the toe with the ball and chain. Zant will shrink down to size and you can hit him with your sword. It is pretty icy, so you might have a probably need to help.

You will eventually end up on a field with Zant, and he has two swords. He's actually pretty easy to hit, but when he's spinning, don't come close. He'll eventually go down, and that's about it. Nothing to do but get the heart and leave. You will still be in the land of twilight, but should get back to the Mirror Chamber.

From here, you will need to go on to the Hyrule Castle, the last Dungeon. This is Part 10 of this Strategy Guide/Walkthrough. However, I had better give you a little heads up. After you defeat the Hyrule castle dungeon, the game ends. If you want to simple end the game, go to Part 10. However, if you want experience the game fully, and indulge in some serious side quests, feel free to go over Part 9.


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    • profile image

      Cole 6 years ago

      I haven't stopped spazzing in my bedroom all week, I'm so excited to finish the game H;NE]W-/ZD;DEK0 -dies- My family are always like, "So Cole, do you have a boyfriend yet?"


      "OMG WHO?"

      "My game console. HAR HAR HAR HAR -coughing spaz-"

      But yeah, THANK YOU I LOVE YOU K BAI.

    • profile image

      Kiseki 6 years ago

      These have helped me so much... T~T

      Now, excuse me while I go cry, 'cause it's the end of the game!! *bawl*

      I wish an awesome game like this never had to end, even though

      there ARE side quests AND an alternate ending. But, still.

      Anyway... *sniffle* Arigatou!

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      BRIAN LE SAYS: 8 years ago


    • profile image

      alex 8 years ago

      me gusta la version del juego y tiene muy buenas graficas aunque me gustaria que mejorara la historia un poco

    • profile image

      woot 9 years ago

      hopefully i can do the 2nd sol now! YAY ME! Thanks for this1

    • profile image

      Ryan Hock 10 years ago

      Wow, this worked greatly. I knew I passed the boss key up, and I could never find it.

      Thanks a lot!