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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Part 10 Hyrule Castle Dungeon

Updated on February 24, 2009

Warp to the Castle Town and go north in the city center. From there, you will enter the last dungeon Hyrule Castle. There was a force field there, but Midna takes care of it.

The Main Western Door

There are three main doors into the castle, and you should take the western one. In this room, there are lots of Trolls firing arrows at you. Use can use your Hawkeye to target and shoot them before they shoot you. You can also knock down their towers with the ball and chain, and some gates. There are some gates that you cannot crash through, so you will need to jump on a boar and smash through them. In one corner, you'll notice six windmill towers. The tops have to be spun in a certain order. If you look in front of the cage door, you'll some leaves. Use the boomerang to clear the leaves, and you'll see a pattern on the floor. What you have to do is set the boomerang and target the towers in that pattern. Go in that room at get the Dungeon Map.

Now, there is another spot by the windmill towers that is covered with leaves. Sweep them away with a boomerang, and turn into a wolf. Dig at the spot you uncovered from there. You'll find yourself in the graveyard, you'll meet lots of skeletal beings and other creatures encountered before. However, you want to get a few chests here. Now, the first cage can be opened at the fenced off tree. Turn to a wolf, and you'll see several spirits gathered round a rock. Turn human and blow up the rock there with a bomb, and you'll see a switch. Stand on it, and open the cage. Collect treasures, fill lamp with oil, and then use lamp to light the torch. You will notice it ceases rain, temporarily. Before it begins again, go to the other cage and light the two torches there. The cage will open, and use the Dominion Rod to move the two statues in two special places near the entrance. Now, climb on the side of them, and use the statues as stepping stones. You'll be in a room with a chain handle, and pull it to reveal the last chest.

The Main East Door

Leave that Western section of the dungeon, until you are out to the outer area of Hyrule Castle. Take the East door, and go in and fight a bunch of trolls. Then go further and you'll meet that big monster with a huge axe. He is easy to defeat if you use backslice movements. Also, don't come close to him when he is spinning with the axe. He will give you a key after you defeat him.

The Main Northern Door

Leave where you came in, and head to the northern door. Open door with key. Take out all the monsters on the floor, then go to the small stairs. Aim clawshot at chandelier and open the chest to reveal the Dungeon Compass. Go across more chandeliers until you find the first door going out.

In this room, you'll face off with a knight. Use shield attacks with Helm Splitter, and eventually, he'll face you sword to sword. Use backslice attacks, and he will fall. As for this one room, there is some torches unlit. Light them up with lantern. You will notice a bowl full of oil in one corner, use it. You'll notice two ramps go up. Use them and climb to the top. There was one flame that was already lit when you entered the room. Extinguish it with boomerang from the top of the highest ramp, then move quickly to jump on another ramp as it goes up.

From here, head East. In this room, there are two guards. Take them out, and you'll see three pictures on the wall. Shoot arrows at the ropes that hang them up, and three blue crystals will be revealed. Shoot the center one and the bars on the door will open. Shooting the other two will cause yellow gooey worms to appear, so you should probably avoid that.

The next room will have two big knights. It is difficult to face two at once, but you can draw one out by hitting it with an arrow bomb. Then defeat it using techniques you've used before. Use the same strategy on the other one. Go out one door and you'll be in the chandelier room. Hit the switch in the room and you'll see a chest appear on one balcony.

Go back through the same door, then out the other side. Go southeast and there will be a chest with the Boss Key. Your friends then come to bail you out at that point. You can run around this area, and you'll find the key to get you back out. However, you can also have fun by running back down the inside hall.

When you get back to the room with ramps, you'll go into a room with four unlit torches. What you have to do is light all four torches and have them burning at once. Of course, these torches stay lit only for a certain amount of time. What you have to do is time how long it takes for them to stay lit, then light the longest first, with the least longest the last. The bars will go up then.

In this room, two monster guards guard the exit. Take out the guards, and go to the room with the chandeliers. On the balcony you're on, there is a switch. Hit the switch, and a chandelier will descend. Jump down and clawshot target the sunken chandelier, then target the one where the new chest appeared. Open the chest, and you'll be 200 Rupees richer.

You can then leave and go to the next level in the dungeon, since you have the key. You can do that from either side, just work your way back to where you were before.

Go up and unlock the door, and you'll need to be the wolf for this room. Use your senses and you'll see ghosts pointing. Always go the way they point. Don't stray off or you will fall off. Go up the stairs and always jump across the shortest distance.

Kill the two guards at the top. The next stairs requires the dual clawshot. Kill two guards on top, and use the spinner to go up the stairs, dodging the spiky balls.

There is a Knight here that you need to get through. From there, use the boss key and go into the room. There is also another room nearby, and if you faced the graveyard and found the key, you can get yourself a whole heap of treasure.

Not one, but four stages of Boss Defeats

The first boss you will encounter is Zelda, slave of Ganondorf. Beating her is a matter of hitting her a few times with your sword. Actually, you can deflect energy bolts back at her. It's like playing baseball, but the bolts get deflected back. You'll have to swing your Wiimote at the right time. So it's like hitting a baseball, but you'll do it enough times until Zelda is released from her spell.

Ganondorf then shows up as a big boar. Shoot him in the head with an arrow or ball-and-chain. To really stop Ganondorf, you have to be a wolf, and wait for him to charge you head-on. This can be predicted by the warped portals that change to a specific color when Ganondorf is about to come through. Stand in front him as he charges, and the game will prompt you to hit A, so hold it down. Then it becomes like sumo wrestling the Gorons, and move your joystick left or right to knock him down. His exposed belly is a prime target for attacks, so attack him several times here. Keep doing this maneuver until it goes to the next stage.

From there, the chase is on horseback. Zelda says she can shoot Ganondorf with golden arrows, but she requires you to get close and stay within range. From here, it's a matter of spurring your horse as much as you can until you are good distance from him. I found the arrows stun Ganondorf, and I like to chop him a few times with my sword. I'm not sure if arrows do it alone, but it took way too long.

From there, Ganondorf becomes a swordsman, and you have to beat him. The only way I could was getting behind him and slicing. However, there is way to cheat and beat him. If you pull your fishing rod out and cast, it will distract him. You can then attack him mercilessly then.

Well, the game ends from there, with Midna's new look. What do you know? She's actually pretty.


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    • profile image

      master sword of light wielder 6 years ago

      i ave beaten Ganondorf sooo many times.and i ur rigt just slap Ganondorf like a babys butt after Zelda shoots her arrow.

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      could not have done it without this help

    • profile image

      00link 7 years ago

      Helped so much$$$$

    • profile image

      ya$$$ 7 years ago

      You rock!

    • profile image

      ya$$$ 7 years ago

      You rock!

    • profile image

      Lol 7 years ago

      LOL fishing rod is funny hes like : ooo is there fish on that? XD

    • profile image

      dum 8 years ago


    • profile image

      dum 8 years ago


    • profile image

      slim 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Wes 9 years ago

      Where do you go to blow up the rock in the graveyard

    • profile image

      Link 9 years ago

      I got stuck on the graveyard part with the blowing up stones

    • profile image

      kidd 10 years ago

      it was a great help but after i bet the game i didnt get to save

    • profile image

      Mike 10 years ago

      i got stuck twice in the castle thx for the help

    • profile image

      omega1084 10 years ago

      Thanks a lot this helped so much!!!! ^_^

    • profile image

      Yo MAMA! 10 years ago

      Thank you for that. I was getting killed trying to defeat the beast Ganon.

    • profile image

      Rosie132465 10 years ago

      that really help me finish thanks


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