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Lego Olympics Minifigures - Team GB Release Date

Updated on April 23, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the new Lego Olympics Minifigures. We will check out the release date of these new minifigures and tell you where they will be available from plus a look at bar codes and bump codes. If you are a fan of Lego then these collectable Olympic Minifigures will be right up your street.

Lego have been releasing minifigures for many years. A few years back though we saw the introduction of special collectable minifigures. There are now several different series of Lego minifigures available to collect. To commemorate the 2012 Olympic games in London however, Lego have brought out a special new series which will simply be called Olympics Minifigures. So let’s have a closer look at them.

The New Olympic Minifigures

Olympic Minifigures New For 2012

So unlike the normal Minifigures we will only actually be getting nine new characters. In the standard collectable series we usually get sixteen figures, but that is not the case this time around. As per normal the figures will be coming in little mystery bags so you won’t actually know which one you are getting until you open it up. The bags will be white and they do have a number 9 on the bottom corner, this may confuse some people, this is not series 9, it is just saying there are 9 figures to collect. With some of the previous series you could sometimes work out which one was inside by reading either car codes or bump codes. We are not yet sure if this will be the case with the Olympic Minifigures, if all else fails you can use the old touch test.

So what are the new characters going to be? Well here is the list of nine new minifigures; Swimmer, Tennis Player, Archer, Boxer, Judo, Gymnast, Equestrian Rider, Relay Runner and Weight Lifter. All the characters are wearing team GB outfits, more on this later. Along with the little Lego minifigure included in each pack will be a gold medal, the idea is if team GB win a gold in that sport you can then add the medal to your little figure.

As for release date we do not seem to have anything set in stone as yet. But obviously these will be out in time for the Olympics and we are expecting them to come probably a month or so before. If we do get a definite release date we will update this page and then let you know.

The Mystery Bags

Only Available In The UK

The big surprise news about these Olympic Minifigures is that they will only be available in the UK. This is probably as the UK is hosting the games so the hype here will be bigger than anywhere else. Fans from all over the world though seem a little upset, people asking why can’t there be a team USA and things like that. I suppose if Lego were to bring out a different team for every country though it would take some serious work.

Despite the fact that these are only being released in the UK, chances are you will be able to pick them up online if you do live in other countries. After these get their release date in the UK no doubt they will be turning up all over the place. If you are interested, the Lego product number for these is going to be 8909. Previous mystery bags of Lego Minifigures were retailing at £1.99 in the UK so we are expecting the new Olympic Minifigures to be priced the same, although again this is yet to be confirmed.

It is no great surprise that Lego are releasing the Olympic Team Minifigures. There have been rumours of this happening for a few months now. The fact is that although this looks like a nice little set of characters, most of the accessories have been seen before and are just basically being recycled with these new characters. For fans of Lego Minifigures these are a nice little addition to the current run of collectable minifigures and due to the fact that they are only coming out in the UK they may well end up being even more collectable. As the hype for the 2012 Olympic Games increases chances are Lego will sell bucket loads of these over the summer months.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I bought Lego Olympic From WH Smiths at £2 49p Tesco £1-97p why difference in price

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love collecting the's things and am not a big fan of the olympics and hopefully this will make kids more interesed. Not the best series for new parts really!!

    • kjrzeek1 profile image


      6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I loved Lego's growing up and am so excited for my 4yr old son to get into them so I can relive the fun. They have so much more cool stuff these days!


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