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Lego Minifigures Series 7 - Release Date, Pictures, Codes, Buy Online

Updated on April 11, 2012

In this article we take a look at Lego Minifigures series 7. We talk about release dates, prices, look at pictures, codes and bios for the new Lego Minifigures series 7. When they are released we will also let you know how you can buy them online. So for all the information you need about series 7 Lego Minifigures you need look no further.

Lego released their first set of 16 Minifigures back in 2010. These were a massive success and so Lego decided to run with the range of toys and bring out more collections. We are now up to series 7 and that gives us 16 new characters to look forward to. So now let’s take a look at all these exciting new Minifigures and meet the characters from series 7.

Series 7

The New Series 7 Characters

So as you would expect, yet again series 7 will contain 16 brand new Minifigures. Each one of these is unique and comes with his or her own bio and accessory. As per usual the figures are released in individual mystery bags so in theory you don’t know which one you will be getting. On some of the older series’ it was possible to read the barcode or special dotted codes that were printed on the bag, this would help you work out which character was contained inside.

So now let’s meet the characters. These are subject for release possibly in the spring of 2012. So here is series 7:

Galaxy Patrol


Bunny Suit Guy

Rocker Girl

Grandma Visitor (Little Red Riding Hood)

Jungle Boy


Computer Programmer

Viking Woman

Evil Knight



Aztec Warrior

Tennis Ace

Swimming Champion

Ocean King

So there you go, 16 brand new minifigures. The big talking point is the amount of females that are in the series, more than we usually see. Again though a very nice collection with some interesting additions from Lego and as you can see we have added a picture of the complete collection.

Codes, Release Date, Other Lego Minifigures

So as mentioned it is a possibility that you may be able to work out which Minifigure is contained inside the mystery bags without actually having to open them first. There may be some way of reading the barcode or codes on the packs, if this is a reality we will try and bring you all the latest news on codes. As for the release date for series , well it seems they are now available, so if you hunt around online you should be able to find them.

There are of course 6 other series’ of Minifigures. Each set of these toys contains 16 little Lego men and there really are some classic characters in there. Some of the favourites seem to be the witch, vampire, gorilla suit guy and the lizard man. You can still buy these in the original bags or you can buy them at places like Amazon or eBay. These sets are starting to become very collectable and the prices of them is likely to rise over time. You can still get individual characters for very cheap if you shop around on eBay and it can be really good fun collecting the sets.

Lego have also recently brought out a set of Superheroes Minifigures. These look set to be very popular and are based on Marvel comics heroes that we are all very familiar with.

Lego Minifigures are a great little collectable that children and adults really enjoy. The great thing about these is that kids can swap them with each other to complete their collections. Series 7 has once again given us some exciting characters and there are plenty of new figures to enjoy. As Lego continue to bring out more and more of these toys the popularity of Lego minifigures looks set to grow and grow. They have now annouced that they will be bringing out Lego minifigures series 8 which is set to be released in September 2012.


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    • profile image

      ol dirty bum 5 years ago

      I like.the bride.looks cool.and riding hood

    • profile image

      Bill 5 years ago

      I agree that would be very cool!!

    • profile image

      Olly Hodges 5 years ago

      I'm from uk. I havent got any methord yet. My fist two was Evil knight and Hippie. The next two I got with the feeling technique and I got the same TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      TJ 5 years ago

      I "felt" around for the Leprechaun and hit it on the first try, though I had to go through a lot of packs. so you UK folks got any Series 7 codes yet?

    • profile image

      Paul 5 years ago

      The hard one to find was sleepy head it took me three week but I figured it out . The best thing I love about the mini figures is the amount of realism that went into them

    • profile image

      Olly Hodges 5 years ago

      The blue armored guy with a gun is called Galaxy Patrol.

    • profile image

      Larry 5 years ago

      I got this pack feeling thingy down to a science!

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 5 years ago from UK

      Think I got it as my first minifigure when I started buying series 6. Maybe we were just lucky.

    • profile image

      Derp 5 years ago

      I thought the clockwork robot was hard to find, but got it as my 2nd minifigure from series 6

    • andyoz profile image

      Andrew Orrell 5 years ago from UK

      Wish I had that level of success feeling the packets. I can very rarely work it out unless it's a figure with a large item like a skateboard or surf board.

    • profile image

      Porshadoxus 5 years ago

      The Mystery Figure contained withint each pack can be eaasily identified by feeling through the back of the pack for unique LEGO elements. Remeber to feel through the back of the pack, as the pamphlet in the pack is almost always to the front. My rate of success with this is easily over 99.5%.

      In my considerable experience with Mystery Figures, I've found the dot code to be either misleading or just plain incorrect; beware.