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The Mines Of Moria 9473 - Lego LOTR Sets - Release Date, Prices

Updated on May 13, 2012

If you are looking for information about the new LOTR Lego set, The Mines Of Moria 9473 then you are in the right place. We are going to take a close look at The Mines Of Moria Lego set and also take a look at release dates, prices and where you can buy this one online. We will also tell you about some of the other Lord Of The Rings Lego sets that have been released.

It’s over a decade since we saw the release of the first Lord Of The Rings film. The Fellowship Of The Ring kicked the trilogy off in stunning fashion and brought this epic Tolkien story to millions. Due to the success of the films many people expected to see some LOTR Lego, for whatever reason, these toys never materialised. Now ten years on and with the imminent release of the Hobbit, Lego have finally decided to bring this epic fantasy story to life in Lego format. In the summer of 2012 the toys are finally released. On of the most exciting sets we are to see is going to be The Mines Of Moria, so let’s take a look at it.

Mines Of Moria Lego Set

The Cave Troll Minifigure

The Mines Of Moria Lego Set 9473

Of all the new sets that are being released, this one looks like being the second largest one. The Mines Of Moria will have the item number 9473. Due to this being quite a large set it will be a little more expensive. We are expecting the price of this one to be around the $80 mark although this may come down as the set becomes widely available to buy online.

It is no great surprise that we are seeing a set of Lego based on Moria. In the first film there were some stunning images that we saw of the mines. There were various things Lego could have done with Moria but they have decided to go with the battle scene that takes place at Balin’s tomb. In this scene Pippin knocks a heavy bucket down a well which alerts the goblins of the Fellowship’s presence in the mines. Then we see the goblins attack the Fellowship and of course they bring along a very large cave troll. The set seems to stay pretty true to film with lots of detail that people will recognise.

One of the most appealing things about this set are the minifigures. You get nine in total which is a massive amount, the ones people will really be after are Pippin, Legolas, Gimli and Boromir. These four are all really nicely done and the detail is excellent. As well as the four members of the Fellowship you also get two skeletons, two goblins and the cave troll. The cave troll is another real highlight of this set, far bigger than a normal minifigure it really dominates the scene. The bad guys are not quite as impressive as the other figures but it’s nice that they were included.

The thing that does stand out on this set is that it is just lots of little bit and pieces. We have a wall with a wooden door, which represents what the goblins burst through in the film, this is the largest section of the build. There is also a nice little well with a bucket and chain hanging down and also Balin's tomb. So really all the important bits from the scene in Moria are included in the set. Some people may not be overly keen on this layout as you often find that people prefer more buildings rather than just stand alone objects.

The big news when it comes to release date is that these sets are now available. We were told they would come out in June, but mid may they have been released that little bit earlier and you can now get your hands on them at last.

The New LOTR Set

Hobbit Lego & More LOTR Sets

Although the Mines Of Moria is a larger set, there is going to be an even bigger one. The Battle Of Helms Deep could well be the most popular of the new releases as it really does look impressive, it will feature over 1300 pieces. This one features lots of minifigs and some really impressive looking castle walls. We are also going to see sets such as Shelob Attacks which features a large spider, Gandalf Arrives which is the smallest of the new LOTR sets, The Orc Forge, Uruk-Hai Army which is more of a Battle Pack and then also Attack On Weathertop. All these sets are due for release in the June of 2012. Fans of the trilogy will really be looking forward to getting their hands on these new toys.

As we mentioned earlier, the reason why we are now seeing LOTR Lego is due to the release of The Hobbit film. This means that we will also be seeing Hobbit Lego. Initially it was assumed that this would be released to coincide with the release of the first film, An Unexpected Journey. Now though it seems we may have to wait right into 2013 before we actually see any Hobbit Lego. Again though there has been no official word on this, it is all rumour and speculation at the moment.

The Mines Of Moria Lego set 9473 looks like being a really nice addition to the LOTR series. Fans have been waiting such a long time for these toys so it is nice to see that they will not be disappointed. In the future we expect to see more toys in the series and more scenes from the film turned into Lego format. There is talk of sets based on Rivendell, Minas Tirith, Mount Doom, Ortanc and lots of other really exciting prospects. It really is going to be exciting to see just where the company take this range of toys in the coming years. Plus with the release of the Hobbit the hype surrounding the LOTR will once again reach fever pitch which will no doubt make these new toys very desirable indeed.


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