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Lego Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869 - Lego Super Heroes - Release Dates, Prices

Updated on February 2, 2013

If you want some information about the new Lego Super Heroes set known as Quinjet Aerial Battle then you are in the right place. Today we are going to review Lego item number 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle and take a look at prices, release dates and how to buy online. Basically for everything you need to know about this Lego set and other new Super Heroes sets then you need look no further.

In 2011 Lego signed a massive deal that gave them access to the Marvel range of Super Hero characters. We are expecting to see lots of new sets released over the coming months and years. One of the earlier batches of toys though is being based on the new Avengers Assemble movie. This is due for release in the April of 2012 and so sets are being put out there in time for the release of the film. One of these then is this one, Quinjet Aerial Battle. So let’s take a closer look at the set.

The Lego Quinjet

Avengers Lego

Quinjet Aerial Battle Lego Set 6869

There look like being four new Lego sets based on the Avengers and this is one of them. For those of you who are not aware, a Quinjet is basically a super jet equipped with five turbo engines. It is used for transporting super heroes. Now the film is out we know this features quite a bit in the film, we often see Black Widow flying this along with Hawkeye. It really does play an improtant role in the film as it flies the Avengers into battle.

So this set has the item number 6869 and it will contain around 735 pieces which makes this one quite a substantial set. As for release date these are pencilled in for April 2012 although we have not got a definite release date at the moment. Price wise this one is at the upper end of the spectrum, we are going to be looking at around $80 for this one, but remember this is a large set.

One thing that everyone seems to be interested in these days is the minifigures. With this one you only get four which is a little disappointing due to the size and price of the set. The minifigures include then are going to be Black Widow, Loki, Iron Man and Thor. Even though there are not many figures they are all very impressive, especially the Iron Man one, fans will not be disappointed. It's good to know that there are actually two versions of the Iron Man minifigures, ones comes with this set and then other comes with the Loki Cosmic Cube Escape set.

This set then features a large jet aircraft. It looks like it will be quite playable due to having several moving parts such as cockpit, wings and an undercarriage. Due to the size of this one kids can really let their imaginations run riot as there is so much you can do with that many bricks. Of all the sets released in April this looks like being the biggest by quite a considerable distance. It is also quite good on detail, when you watch the film you can see how hard Lego have worked to get the design similar.

More Avengers Lego & Other Super Heroes

As well as the Quinjet set we are also going to see three other Lego sets based on the Avengers movie. Some of the details regarding these are sketchy as it seems Marvel don’t want to give away any plot spoilers for the movie. But we can tell you a few details. The first set will be Captain America’s Avenging Cycle. This is the smallest of the new sets and the only one to feature Captain America. Then we have Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape, another pretty small set featuring around 180 pieces and coming with the minifigures Loki, Hawkeye and Ironman. Then we also have the Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout which will be a larger set with almost 400 pieces and the minifigs Hulk, Hawkeye, Loki and Thor. Along with the Quinjet these make up a nice little collection of Avengers sets. We may well see more later in the year, it may well depend upon how successful the film turns out to be.

Lego are not only releasing Avengers toys. Earlier in the year we saw a whole new range of Batman toys and a Superman set. In April we are also going to see an X-Men set and a then sometime over the summer we are expecting a Spiderman set based on the new Spiderman film that comes out later in the year. So as you can see Lego really are using lots of different characters to bring us lots of exciting new toys, no doubt we will see even more of these in the near future.

The new Quinjet Aerial Battle does look like being really impressive. This is a large pack so will really be ideal for children who enjoy building. Of all the new releases this could well be the most impressive. If you plan on going to see the new Avengers films, make sure you stay for a few minutes to watch the trailers, otherwise you will miss an important scene that is tagged on to the end. If you enjoy the Avengers movie and are a fan of Marvel then chances are you will be really impressed with this one. Admittedly it is a little higher in price than the others but if you try and buy online you should be able to pick it up for reasonably cheap. For fans of Marvel and Lego the future really is looking very bright indeed.


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