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Level up in Castleville: Free Castleville Crowns

Updated on January 16, 2012

How to levelup in castlville fast?

Leveling up in castleville is as important as in other similar games. Leveling up gives you the ability to expand the area of your kingdom in castleville. You can see your castleville level at the top-right corner of your game screen. To level up in the game you will need to build Royal buildings. Everytime you build a royal building your level goes up. The Maiden’s Tower is the first royal building you will be building in castleville and it is available to you from the beginning of the game.

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Types of royal buildings

1. Maiden’s Tower

It gives you 80 castle points and the payout is 550. The maiden’s tower is available from the start of the game.

2. Barracks

3. It gives you 110 castle points and the payout is 750. The barracks in castleville will be unlocked after you reach level 6.

4. Vault

The vault will be available to you only after 9th level. You get 150 castle points for building a vault and it gives you a payout of 1050.

5. Throne Room

It gives you 190 castle points and the payout is 1650. The throne room in castleville will be unlocked after you reach level 12.

6. Library

Castle points-220


Level needed- 15

7. Castle Dungeon

Castle points-260


Level needed- 18

8. Wizard’s Keep

Castle points-300


Level needed- 21

9. Opera House

Castle points-340


Level needed- 24

10. Cathedral

Castle points-390


Level needed- 27

11. Observatory

Castle points-450


Level needed- 30

Almost all royal buildings will need you to associate with a crew which you can select from a list of your neighbors by inviting them or by assigning a duke as the crew. Inviting neighbors who play on a daily basis is better option than to assign a duke. Your neighbors will provide you with more castle points on a daily basis while the duke can only provide castle points on a weekly basis. Moreover, a duke will need you to spend your precious crowns. The royal buildings determine your rank in the game and let you build your kingdom even larger.

You can also use decorations which can be purchased from the market. The decorations also gives you castle point and it will make your kingdom look beautiful and attractive.

Castleville Crowns

Crowns- The premium currency of castleville.

The castleville crowns are used in castleville to purchase energy potions, special buildings and other exclusive items. You need to level up in the game to unlock items and buildings in the game but Castleville crowns lets you unlock the same sooner if you wish. To get Castleville crowns you will have to pay real money and this is the reason why you can unlock many items that otherwise you would have to wait to level up.

How To Get Castleville Crowns?

If you are here to know how to get castleville crowns for free then I am sorry to say that there is no way to get them for free. There are no cheats or hacks to get castleville crowns and people who claim that they have the link for free crowns are fake. Most of the links don’t work and the links that work will lead you to get banned from the zynga server. It is recommended to ignore going to any such links as some of those links might be malicious and affect your computer!

To get castleville crowns you can follow any of the three ways listed here.

1. When you level up, you automatically get 1 crown(sometimes 2) to your account. If you are relying only on leveling up to get castleville crowns than it is suggested that you spend them only when you have got enough and not to waste them for buying energy potions.

2. The second way is actually a to get crowns for free. But, it may sound good only if you are willing to buy other things and you get crowns as a reward.

By buying real items or by participating in surveys you can earn crowns for free. It is recommended that you buy only those things that you will need or you were going to buy anyway!

3. Third way is the easiest way to get castleville crowns but for this you will need to spend your real money. Click on the “Add Coins and Crowns” button on the game menu bar and select from various package that suits you. If you are buying Crowns from zynga then it is suggested that you get a larger package because larger the package, the more crowns you get. You can also look for special discounts offered by zynga at times.

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Irrigation in castleville

Farming in castleville is enhanced by zynga and a new irrigation feature is introduced in castleville. As in real life irrigation is a vital factor for improved farming, castleville introduced this feature to make it a little different from the previous ville games. Although you can do farming in castleville just as you did it in Farmville or cityville, you can decrease the harvesting time in castleville by 5% if you use the irrigation feature of the game.

How to use the irrigation feature in castleville

As irrigation is a new feature in the game, many of you must be wondering about how to use it and improve your farming. So here is the tip for the same.

The castleville cheat for using irrigation is that you place your farm plot near a water body like a pond. Usually the pond in castleville is covered by rocks and trees, so you won’t be able to place the farm plots there at first. In order to place your farm near the pond you will need to first clear all the surrounding elements of the ponds and then you use it for irrigation in your farms.

Irrigation in castleville is a very nice feature that will help you harvest your crops earlier than usual time. It reduced the harvesting time of crops by 5%. Ponds are used for irrigation in castleville and you can place up to 18 farms near a pond which are sufficient to earn a good amount of coins and it will help you easily complete farming quest.

Ponds in castleville can also be used for fishing so do not forget to do that. You can also find various new items in the pond.

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