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Castleville Tips: Castleville Soundtrack

Updated on January 13, 2012

Click Play For The Castleville Soundtrack

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Zynga lovers got a good news with the launch of their new game Castleville on november 14th 2011. After the huge success of its previous games like farmville and cityville Zynga launched its newest game castleville and got a huge response from the facebook users. At present the total active monthly users for Castleville is more than 38.5 million users(gaining about 3 million users in alst 10 days!).

Castleville is launched with the tagline “build a happy kingdom with your friends!”. It lets you build your own Kingdom on the social networking platform.

Castleville has a medieval theme and its soundtrack was created by a 75 people orchestra and full choir.

So, start playing and building a huge kingdom and see who has the biggest!

Tips for leveling up in castleville- Click here

Starting Castleville

If you have played previous zynga games then you might already know the drill. But this is for those who are new to experiencing the great power of social gaming.

To play castleville on facebook

1. Log on to your facebook account(If you don’t already have one then you will have to signup)

2. Follow the link Play Castleville

This will start your game

Now in the game window you will be asked to chose a look for your game avatar.

Chose from the list or randomize the look of your avatar and you are ready to play the game.

Characters in the game

Just like its other games, zynga introduces many of non-player characters in Castleville. These game characters will interact with you often and these interactions are very important part of the storyline of the game. All the characters of the game are still not known as it is in beta stage, but here are some of the characters that you will meet in the beginning of the game.

The Duke: Your first Neighbor

The Duke will be your first neighbor and he will be one of the two characters with whom you interact at the start of the game. The Duke rules a neighboring kingdom that means you can visit his kingdom and help him.

Yuette: The Lovely Maiden

Originally her name was Giselle but later changed to Yuette. Yuette is a lovely princess and a pretty maiden. She has a beautiful voice and long red hair. She looks like a classic cartoon princess wearing green dress and a floral headband. She will provide you with your first quest of the game and several other quests.


Scottish knight who is thinking of retiring. Tom is tired of the hectic world of being a knight. He is also looking for a right girl whom he can marry. Tom will be helping you with many tasks and quests in castleville.


Sonja is a sexy and mysterious pirate. She loves the adventurous life on the sea. She is a portrayed as a gold digger who is in search of the finest booty. Sonja likes to say the phrase “any port in a storm!” She lost her ship with her fellowmen to the ocean when it sank with all the treasure along with it.

George and Raphael

George is a miner. He is very muscular and have thick brown beard. Raphael’s original name was Antonio. He is the ladies’ man and tall dark and handsome!

Quests in Castleville

Here is the list of first 20 quests that you will encounter in the game:

  1. Raise the Roof

  2. Sticks and Stones

  3. Penny Pinching

  4. Get Plucky

  5. Visiting Heirs

  6. No Bull

  7. A Noble Beginning

  8. Into the Gloom

  9. From Gloom to Bloom

  10. Good Foundations

  11. Walk to the Light

  12. Sterner Stuff

  13. 14 Carrots

  14. Getting Wet

  15. Work the Kinks

  16. Local Legend

  17. It Takes a Village

  18. A Call to Arms

  19. Fear and Loathing

  20. A Daring Rescue

Tips for leveling up in castleville- Click here

For Energy Cheats -Click here

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