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LoL Miss Fortune Build Guide - League of Legends Strategy and Tips

Updated on July 22, 2013
Miss Fortune LoL Build
Miss Fortune LoL Build | Source

LoL Miss Fortune Introduction

"You have dangerous eyes, I like that." - Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a gung ho champion with awesome attacks. She is also extremely popular among newbies due to her ease of use. Here are the pros and cons of her:


  • Good harasser
  • Awesome movement speed outside of battle
  • Great AoE skills
  • Versatile
  • Good attack speed


  • No escape mechanism
  • Fragile
  • High mana cost for Make it Rain AoE skill

How do you usually play Miss Fortune?

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Summoner Spells

For her, I would suggest either flash, ignite or exhaust. I think flash and exhaust would be a good combination if you are gung ho kinda person. Otherwise, I would suggest ghost and flash for a more defensive approach. Either way, you will have a fun time playing her.

Miss Fortune Masteries

I am showing you the masteries for the mage build Miss Fortune.

Magic Build
Magic Build | Source

Skills Overview

Strut - This allows you to move quickly when not in combat. It increases her movement speed. This is handy for getting somewhere faster.

Double Up(Q) - This is your first physical attack skill. It shoots a bullet at an enemy and bounces off to hit someone behind the first for 120% bonus damage. This is good for dealing lots of damage to enemy champions if you can line them up in a line.

Impure Shots(W) - The passive skill that gives you magic damage and stacks up to 5 times. It also stops health regeneration for the enemy. The active skill increases your attack speed for 5 seconds.

Make it Rain(E) - This is your magical damage AoE skill that is awesome for the AP Miss Fortune build. It does lots of damage and also slows down the enemy by X% for 1 second. This is a must get for lane control.

Bullet Time(R) - This is your ultimate. It shoots in front of you in a cone shape and deals a lot of damage early game but kinda weakens late game.

Bullet Time Positioning
Bullet Time Positioning | Source

AP Mage Skill Build Overview

For the mage build, you will want to capitalize on her Make it Rain skill by spamming it as much as you can. Here is what I would suggest for the skill build.

You will want to max out both Make it Rain and Impure Shots to help improve your magic damage as soon as possible. These are going to be your staple skills for Miss Fortune. I don't even start putting any skill levels into Double Up until level 16.

Item Build and Strategy

For items, you will want to start off with boots and some health potions at the start. I feel that Miss Fortune does pretty well in lanes against most opponents with just boots.

Your first trip back to town will depend on how much you have farmed. I would work on getting Lich Bane by getting Sheen first. You can also grab some regeneration items like philosopher's stone if needed.

After getting Lich Bane, you can move on with the following in whichever order if the game progresses longer:

Nashor's Tooth - This gives +50% attack speed, 20% cooldown reduction for you to spam Make it Rain. It is an excellent item for mage Miss Fortune.

Trinity Force - Your all round item that gives 30 damage, 30 ability power, 30 critical chance, 8% movement speed and a 25% chance slow on basic attacks. It is extremely helpful.

Void Staff - 80 ability power and 35% magic penetration. It is a great offensive item.

Wooglet's Witchcap - Provides 40 armor and 100 ability power. Get this if there are many physical fighters.

Blackfire Torch - 20% spell reduction and damage over time passive. Excellent in team battles.

Lisandry's Torment - Magic penetration, 300 health and damage over time.

All the above items are rather situational, so you can get them depending on how the game is going. If you feel fragile, you will probably need Trinity Force and Lisandry's Torment.

If you are doing good, then you will probably want offensive items such as Void Staff and Nashor's Tooth.

Early Game(1-6) - You will want to harass enemies and farm as much as you can. Buy a ward or 2 to prevent ganking in your lane. Play a little more defensively if you are outnumbered.

Mid Game(7-12) - Once you get Lich Bane, you can also go with your teammates to double up on your opponents.

Late Game(13-18) - This is where you will want to stick with your teammates as much as possible. Position yourself so that you can damage as many champions with your ultimate. This will come with some practice.


There you have it guys! Hopefully, this will give you fun ways to play Miss Fortune!


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