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LoL Teemo Build Guide - League of Legends Champion(AP/Tank)

Updated on August 8, 2013
LoL Teemo Build Guide
LoL Teemo Build Guide | Source

LoL Teemo Introduction

Teemo is a yordie that excels at scouting in League of Legends. He is small and deadly. I am going to give you some of his pros and cons of using this cute and legendary hamster scout.


  • Excellent harasser early game
  • Strong lane control
  • His level 6 ultimate is good utility for team scouting
  • Can disable enemy AD carry with blind in important team battles


  • Squishy(can be remedied by going Tankmo)
  • Short ranged
  • Gets targeted in team battles often


I recommend Quintessence of movement speed 3, Greater Seal of Attack Speed 9, Greater Glyph of Ability Power 9 and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration 9.


Teemo Masteries
Teemo Masteries | Source

Summoner Spells

For Teemo, I prefer Flash and Teleport or Ignite as it goes well with Toxic Shot. Barrier is also a good choice, but I think Flash still beats barrier in most situations. This is also preference as many other players have different playstyles.

Teemo Skills


Item Build

Item builds can vary for Teemo depending on your opponents. If there are many magic casters, you will want some magic resists and vice versa for physical damage by stacking armor.

Ability Power Build

For ability power build, here are my item recommendations.

Starting Items -> Doran's Blade or Boots and 4 hp potions.

This is all preference and it depends on whether you want speed or durability. Both will give allow you to sustain your lane and harass your enemies.

From then on, you can go with:

Nashor's Tooth -> Lich Bane -> Lisandry's Torment -> Runaan's Hurricane


Banshee's Veil | Warmonger's Armor | Thornmail | Zhyona's Hourglass

Nashor's Tooth - Gives you ability power and attack speed, allowing you more on hit effects from Teemo's Toxic Shot. It also improves your damage for Noxius Trap.

Lich Bane - Gives 80 ap, 250 mana and Spell Blade passive, dealing good magic damage.

Lisandry's Torment - Magic penetration and it is good against tanks.

Runaan's Hurricane - You can apply on hit effects to 2 enemy champions. The 70% attack speed is more of a bonus.

This build is a straight up offensive line up. However, it makes you extremely squishy and you can die easily. I would suggest a defensive item such as Banshee's Veil against AP champions and Zhyona's Hourglass for AD champions.


Tank Build

I personally like to build Teemo as a tank in public games as it is rather fun to play. It makes you way less squishy and people try to focus you down while your teammates chug away their health. I call it the "Tankmo".

Item Build for Tankmo

Boots + Health Potions x4 or Doran's Blade as starting items.

After that, depending on the enemy, you will either build Ninja Tabi(Against Physical) or Mercury Threads(Against Magical).

The core build will be: Frozen Mallet->Blade of the Ruined King->Sunfire Cape-> Warmonger's Armor

This is actually a very effective build for Teemo. This gives Teemo plenty of health cushion, allowing Teemo to stay alive. It can own very well too.

Frozen Mallet-> 700 Health, 30 Damage and passive slow. Great for chasing enemies down.

Blade of the Ruined King-> Attack speed and lifesteal for sustaining a lane.

Sunfire Cape-> Permanent 40 magic damage for your enemies. This makes you much better in Team Fights.

Warmonger's Armor-> 1000 Health and health regen is great for Teemo to stay in the jungle planting Noxious Traps.

I would recommend you use Tank build if you already have an AD/AP carry in your team. It works very well.

Shroom Planting

Planting your Noxius Traps in strategic locations can save you from dying and also see where your enemies are. Below are some spots you will want to place them to get vision of it.

Baron Spot
Baron Spot | Source
Top Lane
Top Lane | Source
Middle Lane
Middle Lane | Source


There you have it guys! Hoped this guide helped you with using Teemo.

Do you like Teemo?

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