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Madden 25 Ultimate Team Auction House Tips FOR Making the MOST Money ( MUT )

Updated on September 3, 2013


In this guide I will be teaching you guys some tips and tricks for the auction house on Madden 25. I will show you how to use the auction house to make the most money, how to guarantee that your cards will sell, and how to make the most of using the auction house to better yourself on Madden 25.

Before I get going.. If you want the best help message me on Xbox @ MKS JohnR for help, or @Johnrr631992 on Twitter. Also I will post a video of me playing from Youtube, where I will be posting more Madden videos, so don't forget to subscribe ;).

What is the Auction House

The auction house on Madden 25 refers to where you can sell players on Ultimate Team. This is also where you can buy players, and attempt to build the best team. While the game is hot there will be a lot of deals and steals that will help you achieve a better team in the long run. The way the auction house works is you are allowed to send players for your active roster, or any card, and you can set the auction price, buy it now price, and time limit on the auction.

Tips for using the auction house

When you are going to use the auction house there are some tips that you can use to help you have the best chances of success.

First off, keep small time limits. If you are selling a player, and actively playing, do not put big time limits. Players who are searching for players, unless looking for legendary players will want to players now. They will not want to have to wait significant amounts of time to receive their player.

Don't set ridiculous buy it now prices on normal players. Unless you are selling a rare player, then you should keep your buy it now prices reasonable. Players want to build a team easily and quickly, and a lot of players can't go from nothing to a 99 team. Therefore to guarantee your card will sell I suggest setting normal prices on players in order to give you the best chances of success.

RESEARCH! Research is one of the most important keys to the auction house. Those players who have the best success on the auction house typically research their players first. This will give you an idea of what other players are selling your card for. By using the auction house to research players, that will give you an idea to list your card for in order to guarantee the sale. As I said above you are trying to sell your player, and to do so, keep in mind that may mean having to sell your card slightly lower than the competition. The faster you sell a player not only will you get coins, but that will also free up a spot on the auction house for a new player.

Always have players, or cards on the auction house. When you are going to get offline, set auctions to finish when you know you will be on next. I would suggest always having players on the auction house, that way you can always be generating some income even if you are not playing. While its not a race for coins, the more coins you have, the better you set yourself up to play a better game in the long run.

What not to do on the auction house

Do not waste spots with ridiculous cards. Do not list the bronze cards you get in the beginning, unless you are JUST starting out, or extremely desperate for little cash. The best way that you can set yourself up is to sell cards that will guarantee your sale, and will fetch a decent income. Selling silver, and gold cards can fetch decent prices, and will give you extra cash to buy players that match your chemistry. Remember the importance of chemistry. Find players on the auction house that have needs that will best suit you, and then sell your cards that don't match. Remember most players chemistry will be different, so sell cards that do not benefit you. That is important in the long run, as the better the chemistry on your team the better they will perform.

Do not waste coins on cards you do not need. Always check your reserves first, but do not buy cards that you know you will not use. Whether it may be a good deal or not, I would not spend any money on cards that I would not put on my active line up, or use directly in a collection.

My Madden Footage


Overall the auction house is extremely useful in helping players build a team to their needs. As long as you use the auction house wisely you will have the best chances of success. Remember if you need help feel free to comment below, and you can also use this to let other players know of rare players you may be using and on which console you are listing them on. Thanks for reading ;)


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    • profile image

      luda609 4 years ago

      Great advice. I have been using a lot of your ideas and have been rewarded in turn. The thing I have a question about with your auction format is that in a lot of cases don't you think it would make more sense to put your cards (especially early on) in collectibles to get coins and also be in the process of setting yourself up for more once you complete any? I have purchased some bronze cards just said reasons. Not disputing your

      article, im actually asking if you think what im doing is a good idea or not.

    • profile image

      josh 4 years ago

      Everythings changed, not sure when you posted this but people are running the game with the auction, people have perfectly figured out how to exploit it so every player costs a freaking fortune!! I hate how it works, You should every game you win in preseason or regular season or online against another team, if you use a contract you should get a set of cards that have a chance to win players. This game is way too based on spending real money. lets face it most of these games are for kids, and its kinda like gambling having these decks of cards. YOu should be able to build a good team without spending real money or figuring out how the auction works, because ill be bidding on a guy, it says im winning the whole time, I even keep bidding over and over at the last monute to make sure, then it will even say " done" but then i go look and i lost somehow. I don't get how people are doing that? im sick of it. i have it up for sale on craigslist trying to get money for GTA. a much better game. and you don't have to spend money to actually play the cool parts of the game, like the all pro mode, my team is 78, i can't beat those teams, i have no chance.

    • profile image

      MAtt 4 years ago

      MY CJ SPiller wont sell for 10k and hes an 87 overall. What's wrong?

    • profile image

      Zack 4 years ago

      Wanna buy my team? I've now realized why I haven't boughten the game since 08, it still sucks. That being said I have revis, legendary Nate lane, Von miller, clay Matthews, Cameron wake, suh, a rod, lynch, foster, spiller, Harvin etc 90 overall team, email me not looking for an outrageous price either, I want to trade the game in for nhl 14 which is basically the only game I play