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MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition WalkThrough 01

Updated on November 29, 2011

MapleStory is a famous game designed by Nexon, it used to be an online game. Nexon Mobile has redesigned it into the platform of Iphone and Android. This WalkThrough is about the knight edition which was a paid game, and now it becomes free in the App Store.

In the Character Choose Menu, we can choose our career from knight and wizard. And I have chosen the Knight as my game character.

Like All the games, we have our first quest: Beginners' Training

We need to get 5 blue snails, and they are in the Eastern Ridge in Perion. The enter to the Eastern Ridge is at the right side of the town. The blue snails are all over outside the town. Kill them all.

Quest 2: Barren Perion

This time our target is to get 5 tree branch which is at the Excavation Site 1, Which we should go R-R, We can get the tree branch from the Stumps, these monsters are easy to defeat.

Quest 3: Bane of Perion

Now we need to get 8 Orange Mushroom Cap and 1 Dusk Flower to the Balrog. They can be get from Excavation Site 2, we just go R-R-D to the destination.

Quest 4: Warrior's Heart

This time we need to talk to Manji who is just on the hill of the town.

Quest 5: Manji's Story.

Manji left something in the Excavation Stie 1, and we need to get it and take it to Dances with Balrog. Just go R-R to find it. It is a job advancement emblem. Now go back to see the Dances with Balrog.

Quest 6: Ayan's Fear

We need to find out what caused those strange Orange Mushrooms, it seems something wrong in the Excavation Site 2, go R-R-R to find out. Someone in Excavation Site 2 asks us for help, and now we should go back to talk to Dances with Balrog again.

Quest 7: To Dances with Balrog

These people gave us the emblem and letter, and need us to get these to the Dances with Balrog.

Quest 8: The Strangers' Identity

Before we go to help the Strangers, we need to go help Neinheart at Excavation Site 2. go R-R-R

Quest 9: Monsters in Ellinia

Neinheart asks us to meet him at the Western Road Corner in Ellinia. Go L-L.

Quest 10: Monsters' Fury

We need to get 10 Squishy Liquid to Neinheart. We can get it from the Slime in the Chimney Tree 1, just go L.

Quest 11: That Clumsy Oz

Neinheart now request us for a magical tool(Red,Yellow) he lost on the Western Road Corner. They are located somewhere in the same map, we just need to search for the both magical tools.

Quest 12: Soul, the Spirit of Light.

Since we have helped a lot, Cygnus want to thank us by giving us some gifts, now we need to meet her at Chimney Tree 2, just go L-L.

Quest 13: Neinheart's Request

Now we need to go back to Neinheart for his request. go R-R back to the Western Road Corner.

Quest 14: Grendel's Crystal Ball

We should get the Crystal Ball for Neinheart at Chimney Tree 1, go L and talk to OZ, this will be our first BOSS fight, and we need to defeat OZ. She is a wizard and will teleport to us and attack us, we should use the attack and run strategy to her. and be aware when she teleports three times towards us, she will summon a large fire ring which hurts a lot. After that she has no other annoying skills.


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    • Khal Blogo profile image

      Khal Blogo 5 years ago from A gas station on the yellow brick road

      Maple Story is a good RPG. Many people see some screenshots and they don't play it because they think it's childish, which is a damn shame. Nice hub, voted up.