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MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition Warrior WalkThrough 03

Updated on November 30, 2011

Quest 31:Sand Bandits

Eckhart asks us to get 20 carrots for him. We can get the carrots by killing the brown desert rabbit at the map of outside the East Entrance, so go R.

Quest 32: Night in the Desert

Eleska now needs us to give her 10 Ragged Scarf and 10 Earmuffs. They can be get at the outside the West Entrance.The monster of Ear Plug Plead will drop the Earmuff and the Scarf Plead will drop the Ragged Scarf.

Quest 33: Neinheart's Fate

Now Neinheart has arrived at Ariant and he wants to talk to us, go talk to him.

Quest 34: Preparation Materials

Neinheart needs some materials and we should get 10 telescope and 10 wooden hammer. We can get the wooden hammer by killing the sand rat in the outside the West Entrance, and telescope by killing the meecat in Arid Sand hills, we can go R-R from Ariant.

Quest 35: More Materials

Neinheart's next request is 15 sand at Desert Giant's Den, from Ariant we need to go R-R-R.

Quest 36: Cunning Tactic

Now we have got all the materials Neinheart needs, and this is the time we help him install the device Outside the West Entrance.

Quest 37: Saving Cygnus

Now it's the time we go to save Cygnus, every one is in a great chaos now, and we should take the opportunity. Go back to Ariant.

Quest 38: Fallen Cygnus

Take Cygnus to Neinheart, just talk to Neinheart.

Quest 39: Curse of the Black Witch

In order to save Cygnus, we need to go to new island, this time the destination is Ereve and we should go through the Aqua Road. We should go through the underwater 3-way Fork to Aqua Road Sea Path. Be careful for all the mines, do not use the pig as the ride, it goes too fast and hard to control.

Quest 40: In Search of Ereve

We cannot find Cygnus here, and now we need to talk to the black witch to see if she can help find him.

Quest 41: Carta's Request

Black Witch can only help us after we get her 15 poopa eggs and 10 poison poopa's poisonous spikes. Both can be found in the Western Sea Path by killing the Poison Poopas and Poopas.

Quest 42: In Search of Taeng the Explorer

Now the Black Witch directs us to the Entrance to the Dangerous Sea Cave where the Taeng the Explorer maybe can help us. The Entrance of the Dangerous Sea Cave is 3 maps away from the Aqua Road, just go R-R-R.


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