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MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition Warrior WalkThrough 02

Updated on November 29, 2011

Quest 15: The Mission

After defeated the OZ, we can now go to Florina Beach. We can use the gate in the Perion to Florina Beach, it is just right beside the Dances with Balrog. There will be a path full of the mines towards the Florina Beach, be careful.

Quest 16: Danger at Florina Beach

After met with Neinheart at Florina Beach, he requests us to kill 8 pigs for him to save the people in Florina Beach. The pigs are outside the Florina Beach, just go R.

Quest 17: Investigation at Florina Beach

We now need to search for all the other dangerous monsters near Florina Beach. Talk to Hawkeye in the town for the details.

Quest 18: Tourism troubles

Hawkeye thinks the Lupins are one of the threatens to the villegers, we need kill 10 Lupins for him. We can find Lupins at Sunny Beach 2, so go R-R. Lupins will throw bananas towards us, so be careful.

Quest 19: Fisher of time

Now we need to go to Sunny Beach to welcome one guest and help him solve the problems. The guest is just at the Sunny Beach 1, so we only need to go R.

Quest 20: Tae Gong of Koreaan Folk Town

Now we need to defeat 10 Torties for the guest. The torties are at the map of warm sand, we only need to go R-R to find them.

Quest 21: Cygnus's Summons

The guest askes us to visit the Korean folk Town. But before we need to go back to Florina Beach to talk to Cygnus.

Quest 22: Into the Ocean

Cygnus askes us to go to Warm Sand 3 to seach for the Pianus's Seal Stone. We need to go R-R-R-R-R to the Warm Sand 3. The information is lying on the sand ground.

Quest 23: Pianus the Giant Fish

Now we need to investigate the trail of destruction along the sandy path at Warm Sand 3.

Quest 24: The disappearance of Cygnus

We cannot find Cygnus there, now we need to go back to Florina Beach and talk to Neinheart.

Quest 25: To the Warrior's Village

Neinheart wants us to talk to the Dances with Balrog in Perion to learn the Monster Riding skill.

Quest 26: Saddle Materials

Before we can rid the monsters, we need to make a saddle first, and Dances with Balrog needs 8 Wooden Board and 8 Slate to make it. We can get the Wooden Board from the Wooden Musk monsters and Slate from Rocky Mask monsters at the Excavation Site Cliff. So the direction to the Excavation Site Cliff from the Perion is R-R-R-R

Quest 27: Monster Riding

Now we have the saddle, and Dances with Balrog suggestes us to catch a pig which is afraid of the Charms of the Undead. We can find the Zombie Mushrooms in the Chimney Tree Top in Ellinia. Go get 10 Charms of the Undead. We need to go L-L-L to the Chimney Tree Top.

Quest 28: Monster Riding Hooves

There is only one step before we can ride a pig, Dances with Balrog need us to get 12 Iron Hog's Metal Hoof and get to Lv. 30. We can get the Iron Hog's Metal Hoof by killing the Iron hogs in the Dead End which we should go R-R-R-R-R from Perion.

Quest 29: Neinheart's Report

Finally we can ride a pig now, it increases our speed and avoidness, Neinheart on Florina Beach.

Quest 30: Insearch of Ariant

Now we need to find cygnus, someone said they have seen him in Ariant, we need go there find Eckhart for the details.


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    • profile image

      Alex 5 years ago

      Hi i'm stuck, i found the shrimp for Tae Gong and now i cannot find him! help

    • profile image

      Chel 6 years ago

      Your walkthrough gives me great help. Can u maybe make a Blaze Wizard walkthrough too? Please & thank you. (: