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Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Strategy Against Three Dangerous Dudes

Updated on December 8, 2017

The Avengers

Thor, Captain America, Loki, Red Iron Man, Black Widow (bottom)
Thor, Captain America, Loki, Red Iron Man, Black Widow (bottom) | Source

PVP Tournament Season 2

PVP Tournament Season 2
PVP Tournament Season 2

Marvel Avengers Alliance PVP

Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA) on Facebook, is a strategy role-playing game.

Those of you familiar with the game are aware that the PVP Season 2 Tournament is currently taking place. This Hub is to help you fare better in the PVP Tournaments.

If this is the first Hub you have read on Marvel Avengers Alliance, then you may want to take note that I have written three other Hubs, and you will want to read them all. They each share unique PVP insights I have learned by playing the game.

It is now time to take a look at three Dangerous Dudes in Marvel Avengers Alliance: Captain America, Thor, and Human Torch.

Weapons: Foley's Heart Tickler & Coulson's Revenge

Foley's Heart Tickler and Coulson's Revenge as referred to in the Hub
Foley's Heart Tickler and Coulson's Revenge as referred to in the Hub

Captain America

Captain America
Captain America
Captain America's Attack moves
Captain America's Attack moves

Captain America is the First Deadliest Dude

Captain America is known as the first Avenger, and rightfully so. He is often seen in PVP, and will generally have the first attack, increasing the stats for all of his teammates.

Captain America is a Tactician, and Infiltrators will have a bonus against Captain America.

Captain America's Four Attack moves:

  • Shield Bash
  • Leading Strike
  • Shield Throw
  • Shield Guard

Captain America will often put up the Shield Guard for his very first turn. Then he will frequently use the Shield Throw for his second round move. If you have an Infiltrator out, you will have an edge, as Captain America attacks you. In fact, I expect most teams to be using Captain America, and that is partly why I use two Infiltrators in PVP.

Captain America can block attacks with his Shield Guard, and when you see "Block!" after your attack, expect him to follow with a Shield Bash. Ouch!

I consider Captain America to be a challenging defensive player to go against, and find his Shield Guard to be annoying. How can I attack the hero of choice if Captain America keeps jumping out in the way?

The obvious answer comes down to taking out Captain America first. Spider-man does particularly well against Captain America.


Thor's Attack moves
Thor's Attack moves

Thor is One Dangerous Dude

In Marvel Avengers Alliance, Thor is one powerful character. He spends his first turn (or two) charging up, and then he lets it rip.

His Hammer throw takes out a minimum of 1,000 HP after he has applied his Might of Mjolner buff to his character, making Thor one character that you must stun or take out early on.

Thor is a Bruiser. Blasters attacking will land critical hits on Bruisers.

Thor's Four Attacks:

  • Hammer Throw
  • Empowering Strike
  • Inspire Bravery
  • Summon Thunder

Thor's first two rounds are buffing with Empowering Strike and Inspire Bravery. After he applies these two, you better watch out! He's ultra-powerful.

I have discovered one method of keeping Thor at bay. Equip the weapon, Foley's Heart Tickler, on your agent. After Thor buffs, then hit him with Foley's Heart Tickler. Thor's next turn will be to re-buff himself again. Apparently, he is too weak without a buff applied.

Keep poking him with Foley's Heart Tickler until he is gone. The only downside to this method would be if the enemy Thor has a high evasion rating, or if you have a low enough accuracy rating to miss. If you miss, then he will be buffed and ready to rumble on his next turn before you can say: "Bananas."

Human Torch

Original FF Human Torch
Original FF Human Torch
Human Torch Attack moves
Human Torch Attack moves
Human Torch in Force Cage
Human Torch in Force Cage

Human Torch is One Sizzlingly Dangerous Ball of Fire

Human Torch is one of the Fantastic Four. He can turn himself on fire at will. In Marvel Avengers Alliance, he is always on fire. Probably because Johnny Storm would be too vulnerable in human form, but I think it would be cool to be able to ice the Human Torch, leaving him vulnerable in his human state. Human Torch is a Blaster. Tacticians gain a second turn when battling him.

Human Torch's Four Attack Moves:

  • Flame Stream
  • Fireball
  • Ring of Fire
  • Nova Blast

I personally like to put him into a Force Cage until the other teammates have been defeated. The reason behind this is because he gets between 600-1,000 HP at the beginning of each turn. Any damage that you have done to him is healed if you are not attacking him consecutively.

Human Torch's Fireball is a damage dealer. It takes out at least 1,000 to 2,000+ HP on a turn, depending on the attack rating with applied Iso-8 crystals.

Because Human Torch is so unpredictable, you never know when he is going to use his Fireball. The Flame Stream and Ring of Fire are not that bad, but they leave your teammate burning, which is annoying. The Nova Blast is typically a last ditch effort when Human Torch's life has been depleted. I have not seen him do this move with full life.

Since Coulson's Revenge shoots an energy beam, it does not work on Human Torch. Don't waste your turn. I personally like to use Foley's Heart Tickler on Human Torch. It'll make his fiery heart bleed, that's for sure.

Swords and fist weapons work on Human Torch just fine. When battling, you have to be able to take out at least 1,000 HP with an attack, because he will try to Fireball you, and he heals at the beginning of each turn. That's why I save him for last, and fight him with multiple characters at once.

Dangerous Dudes of Marvel Avenger Alliance

The three heroes above are frequently seen in the PVP Tournament, and you must be prepared to fight them.

You may have learned today that Foley's Heart Tickler is one handy weapon to have in PVP battles. It not only hurts the enemy, but it also debuffs them of beneficial statuses and healing.

I hope you have learned something from this Hub, and continue to move up the ladder boards in PVP Tournament.

Below you can see yet another dangerous dude: Magneto. He applies the magnetized debuff to any character with metal, then pre-emptively blasts them with magnetic electricity after reversing their polarity.

One Dangerous Dude: Magneto

Magneto level 14!
Magneto level 14! | Source

Magneto Challenge

If you want a real challenge, try leveling Magneto to level 14.

Magneto is a character that you unlock when you get all 8 Magneto comic book covers, based on unlocking magnetic lockboxes.

Trust me, it is worth it. Magneto is one powerful bad guy, that you need to have in your roster of Marvel superheroes.

Command Point

2 Free Command Points & 1 Free Gold

Thank you for reading.

© 2012 zeke2100


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