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Marvel Avengers Alliance: The Pirate Hunter Missions Walkthrough

Updated on July 8, 2013

Pirate Hunter Missions Walkthrough

Marvel Avengers Alliance fighting Servo Guards in Pirate Missions
Marvel Avengers Alliance fighting Servo Guards in Pirate Missions | Source

New Energy Tech Weapons Available

Below are the new energy tech weapons available when you complete the Pirate Hunter Missions that became available toward the end of Season 9 PVP (starting July 8, 2013).

Energy Tech Weapons

Prototype Dissipator
Prototype Dissipator | Source
Trial Dissipator
Trial Dissipator | Source
Charge Dissipator
Charge Dissipator | Source

Progress of Pirate Hunter Covert Tasks

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Progress reward: Charge DissipatorCovert Task Status barProgress Reward: Trial DissipatorCovert Status Task barCovert Status Task barResearch Completed on Trial Dissipator
Progress reward: Charge Dissipator
Progress reward: Charge Dissipator | Source
Covert Task Status bar
Covert Task Status bar | Source
Progress Reward: Trial Dissipator
Progress Reward: Trial Dissipator | Source
Covert Status Task bar
Covert Status Task bar | Source
Covert Status Task bar
Covert Status Task bar | Source
Research Completed on Trial Dissipator
Research Completed on Trial Dissipator | Source

Marvel Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance is a role-playing game that is available free-to-play on Facebook, on your mobile device, with also a non-Facebook portal to play without a Facebook account.

For purposes of this article, I will be referencing the Facebook version of Marvel Avengers Alliance.

New Pirate Hunter Missions Unlocked

As of July 8, 2013, new Pirate Hunter Missions have become available. Will these new energy weapons impact the end of the PVP Tournament?

I doubt it, but new weapons are always cool to add to the arsenal.

The Pirate Hunter Missions encourage players to go back and replay old chapters to fight Servo Guards, and there is a hint that Servo Guards are also found in Chapter 2, Mission 6.

The Prototype Dissipator (on right) reduces Energy attack damage by 25%.

The Trial Dissipator (on right) reduces Energy attack damage by 50%.

The Charge Dissipator (on right) reduces Energy attack damage by 75%, and increases attack by 5%.

PVP Tip: The Dissipator weapons that you win from the Pirate Hunter Missions are purely defensive weapons. They would be super effective when fighting against Havoc or Cyclops.

Walkthrough Guide

1. To accomplish the first task and unlock the Prototype Dissipator, you just have to defeat one Servo Guard.

Easy enough. I was already fighting Servo Guards on Chapter 10, Mission 5, so I continued playing here.

2. To accomplish the next tick mark on the Pirate Missions, you must complete a flight deck training of any length of time with any hero.

Again, this is simple. Set any hero to accomplish a 10 minute flight deck mission. Done.

3. The next task requires you to research the Trial Dissipator. It costs 100 purple coins and takes five minutes.

Note: You can speed up any research that takes five minutes or less.

4. To accomplish the next task, you must defeat five Servo Guards. Again, this is a simple task.

5. Task five requires you to complete 3 hero deploys within a level. Another easy task. Done.

After you accomplish the five covert tasks above, you will be rewarded the Charge Dissipator.

Final Thoughts

The Pirate Hunter Missions seemed a little too easy, and I'm wondering if the real motive is to get players to replay Chapter 2, Mission 6, or to replay the older levels.

I think that Marvel Avengers Alliance is experimenting with new monetization efforts. The Pirate Hunter Missions were sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). What strikes me as even more strange is that UL is a non-profit organization dedicated to public safety, and it seems odd that they would need to advertise their services to an audience of video gamers.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Screenshot

Fighting Servo Guards in Marvel Avengers Alliance
Fighting Servo Guards in Marvel Avengers Alliance | Source

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