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Minecraft Killer Flowers Mod

Updated on August 16, 2011

What Minecraft needs now is love, sweet love and a mod that adds flowers that will skewer you, harming you directly in a way that will decrease your life expectancy. Fortunately there is such a mod, it is called the Bellthorn mod, and it adds large purple glow in the dark flowers to your game, flowers that will tremble with excitement, then hurl their stamens at you aggressively if you get too close to them. It's another amazing mod from Kodaichi, the modder who already bought you Clay Soldiers!

In addition to making the landscape more dangerous, this mod also adds a certain aesthetic appeal to Minecraft that I rather like. After many, many months playing minecraft, the only real additions to the terrain have been birch trees, pine trees and long grass, which are all most excellent, but they're certainly not going to harm you in any real way. The only mildly aggressive plant already in game is the cactus and you have to run yourself into cactus repeatedly to take any damage worth talking about.

If you get tired of being attacked by foliage, there is a way around it. By carrying a flower bulb in your inventory, you 'smell' like a Bellthorn and so the other Bellthorns won't attack you. You can wander around in fields of dangerous flowers and never receive a scratch. Unless you slam yourself into a cactus, as we already discussed. To get a Bellthorn flower bulb, you'll need to dig out the dirt under an existing Bellthorn. This treacherous exercise is very much worth the danger. Alternatively, you could grab a Bellthorn bulb out of Too Many Items In-Game Inventory Editor if you have the mod installed. That’s technically cheating, but you're playing a video game, not running the world economy, so I wouldn't get too worked up about it.

Those who dream of pacifying the savage flowers are able to do so using the power of seeds. The chance to turn a vicious purple Bellthorn into a harmless blue bellflower by feeding the plant grass seeds. (Hey what else are you going to do with all those excess seeds once your wheat farm matures and starts producing enough seeds to farm the world?) If you feed a bellflower bones it is possible that it will once more turn into a Bellthorn. You have been warned.

A version of this flower mod was modified for use in the Aether mod, because this mod is just that amazing. You can install the Bellthorn Mod quite simply by downloading it and tossing it into your minecraft.jar. You'll need Mod Loader to make it run, but that's to be expected these days.

Download Bellthorn Flower Mod


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