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Minecraft Walled City Generator Mod

Updated on April 28, 2011
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For more amazing mod reviews, visit: | Source

Minecraft's endless creative capacity is mind blowing, but sometimes you just wish that someone else would build the things for you. That way you could explore them for the first time without having to knock yourself into a state of amnesia first.

The city generator mod is a close cousin of the Great Wall mod, (a mod that generates great walls in your Minecraft world) is a mod that generates the aforementioned cities. Actually, to be clear, this mod was once the Great Wall mod, but it has an entirely new set of functions, so I reviewed it again, you know, to be thorough, and to have cities built for me by digital minions.

The cities built by this mod are extensive – very extensive. They can can span thousands of meters and feature impressive buildings, tall towers, paved roads, courtyards and more. They're not always friendly however. Much like the Great Wall mod, the City Generator isn't shy about shoving mob spawners all over the place. If you enter a city at night and unprepared, there's a very real chance that the place will be blown to heck and back with creepers and spiders and zombies and skeletons galore.

Help I Can't Find Any Cities!

If you can't find a city, it probably isn't because the mod isn't working, it's probably because you either haven't been fortunate enough to spawn near one, or you've messed up the install slightly. Make sure that you've put the text document 'Walled City Settings' in the main Minecraft folder and not in the minecraft .jar. If you've just put all the files straight into the .jar, then the mod is missing the settings file and won't work. If you've got the settings file in the right place and you still can't find a city, you can bump up the frequency by editing the file. Note that very small increases in Chunk Try Probability result in many more cities. The default is 0.5, and simply upping that to 0.6 makes quite a difference.


This mod uses Mod Loader and as such is compatible with a great many mods. I have it installed along with the Millenaire mod, which means not only are there vast, unpopulated cities in my worlds, there are also villages being built by hard working NPC's. I'd also recommend the latest version of the humans mod, which adds a whole host of NPCs to one's Minecraft world and is compatible with both Millenaire and this City Generator Mod.

Download Walled City Generator Mod


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