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Mob Of The Dead Zombies SOLO Strategy Guide AND Tips for Black Ops 2 ( BO2 )

Updated on May 5, 2013


In this guide I will talk about a good strategy that will allow you to get to high rounds, and will allow you to survive until you essentially quit. This is similar to some of the main strategies out there, but I will also provide a video below of me doing the strategy.

Before I going any further, let me say that to stay on top of all my guides, and videos, follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 or subscribe on Youtube HERE

What is Mob Of The Dead

Mob of the dead is arguably one of the most intense zombies games that Treyarch has released. It features you as a player on Alcatraz Island forced to try to escape. The backstory shows four prisoners supposedly mob era convicts who are trying to escape, when the plans get fouled by zombies who are within the prison as guards and inmates. This new zombies map features a lot of new features which I will talk about as I go on, and will help you play the rounds a lot better. As said above I am attaching a video of myself from rounds 19-21, and could have gone significantly further, but I made 1 small mistake, but lets get to the guide, and I'll talk more about that later.

Early rounds, and Starting out on Mob of the Dead

When you start out at early I suggest buying the M14.. While the shotgun is okay, it takes to long to reload, and the M14 is an all around better weapon to use in the early stages until you either go to the mystery box, or move to find a different weapon.

First off, when starting out, before picking your body up, open the door to the 2 times power up which you need to activate in afterlife mode. Once opened, pick you player up, and go purchase the m14.. In the first round, let all the zombies come through the windows, and begin knifing the zombies. Initially this will get you decent points, and a chance to get a power up.. On round two shoot each zombie after it comes through the window in the chest or below with the M14, and then knife them once. Once again this will provide you with a decent second round, and once again another chance for you to get a power up..

At round 3, wait until zombies start coming, and then grab the 2X power up.. Shoot the zombies in the head, and at the end of round 3 you will have enough money to start opening doors.. Once you do I suggest personally going towards the power room, which means you want to use the door right by the M14, head up the stairs..

If the wardens key is not available at this location, then I would personally head into the acid room and hope the mystery box is there.. If it is not you have two options, head to the other location for the wardens key near the wardens officer, and open that room up, turn on speed cola, or you can camp in the acid room for a few rounds with the the MP5.

Round 4-10 on Mob of the Dead

During these rounds you can do 1 of two things.

FIRST- You can survive the rounds, and at the end of each round, save a couple zombies, and simply unlock perks, power them up, build the plane, and continue to do easter eggs, and play the game. When each round plays I suggest the acid room, but overall you want to make a train, or a horde of zombies and lay into them with the weapons you have. Wait until you have a few that way you are not wasting ammo, and you will continue to take out the enemy throughout the game.

Second.. You can survive without building the plane as you see in my video. I slowly build a horde, and will run in circles, and lay into the train and hope for max ammo power ups. This strategy will work for high rounds and will allow you to continue playing over time. Using this strategy I still suggest getting juggernog, and getting speed cola, electric cherry, and double tap. These will allow you to be extremely effective at high rounds. Although also keep in mind that when I was playing in my video, it was not until round 16 or 17 that I went to get my perks that I was using, so that is not essential to survive, but makes life a lot easier when trying to survive. As far as weapons go, I try to get the death machine, and the blundergat, which allows you to effectively run in a circle in the acid room, although any automatic weapon or ray gun is effective for running, and I suggest an assault rifle, or LMG for laying into the train.

My Video for SOLO

The TIps for ALL Rounds

So depending on what you are trying to accomplish when playing, essentially you are trying to stay alive. Whether it is without building the plane, or slowly going through each round taking out the train one step at a time. So now I'll go through some tips for you guys to use regardless of your strategy.

FIRST- Make as much as possible on early rounds. When you get to high rounds you do not need to worry about money, although going into afterlife, and surviving becomes more difficult at higher rounds. SO I suggest saving up in the beginning to buy what is needed.

SECOND - Have a plan. Go into the game knowing what you want to accomplish in order. Therefore you are not thinking mid round what you will do and screw up. My order usually goes as follows.. First area til round 4, then warden's key, then mystery box, then juggernog, then electric cherry, then build the plane, feed the dogs, then get speed cola, and double tap.. I usually know what I am trying to accomplish prior to going into each round which can be crucial.

THIRD - Know where you will camp. I always camp in the acid room when on solo, because you can run in circles, and if you run out of ammo, then with strategy you can continue buying the MP5 off the wall until the round is over. This will make for easy survival into high rounds. I also like this camping area because of the acid trap which provides to be useful. Not to mention when Brutus comes in he will chase you as you see in my video, and it is fairly easy to kill him.

FOURTH - Utilize the Afterlife. The afterlife is crucial to survival, but make sure if you go down, or go into afterlife you do as much as you can before picking yourself up.. For instance, when near the wardens office, I will open the wardens office, drop the key, and turn on electric cherry before reviving myself. Same goes with acid room, if I go into afterlife there, I will open the laundry room, the 2X powerup, drop the wardens key, and attempt electric cherry. It doesn't matter where you go down, but try to power as much as you can when going down or into afterlife to help yourself throughout the game.

High Rounds

When playing high rounds, build a train and lay into them. Regardless where you want to camp, you need enough space to build a train, and kill them when they build up. I have seen a LOT of camping spots, but mine in the acid room seems to be one of the most successful. For rounds above 15 I highly suggest Juggernog, because it is so easy to go down without it, I also suggest electric cherry in order to help you reload, and keep zombies off of you. Double tap work if using a gun like the MP5, or even a LMG. I think Speed cola is necessary as well for any gun, ESPECIALLY the Blundergat as this will allow you to reload quickly, and continue taking out a big horde.


Just remember to have fun with this game guys. It is extremely easy to get frustrated like in my video I attached I went down at 21 because I went into afterlife, and didn't revive myself in time, and even though I STILL had 2 more left, It ended the game on me. So just have fun, and don't stress out about the game. Also I post a LOT of videos on Youtube about zombies, and Call of Duty so to stay on top of that subscribe to my channel to see my latest news and guides.


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