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Mob Of The Dead getting Hell's Retriever Tomahawk TIPS and Strategy ( Black Ops 2 )

Updated on May 5, 2013


In this guide I will tell you the locations, and how to get the Hell's retriever tomahawk. This will show you also where to find the tomahawk, and talk about the benefits of the tomahawk. I will also eventually be posting a guide for the upgraded tomahawk as well, but will briefly talk about the upgraded tomahawk at the bottom.

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What is the Tomahawk

The tomahawk or hell's retriever that I am referring to is a weapon in Mob of the Dead that is pretty powerful, and allows you to retrieve powerups, lay into hordes, and help you get further in the game by assisting with the easter eggs within the game.

To get the tomahawk you must feed the dogs within three locations within the map. Each dog supposedly takes 6 dead zombies to fill up, but he must completely finish his zombies before he will eat another one, and must be recently killed after he has finished the last within his area.

Tips for Feeding the dogs

So here are some tips for feeding the dogs..

FIRST and most importantly - Early Rounds! .. The easiest way to feed the dogs, is doing so on the early rounds. This is because there are less zombies, and they are less powerful. While it may be tricky with less money to get to each one of the dogs, doing so the earlier is by far much better than waiting for later on in the game. I suggest the earliest rounds possible to feed the dogs, and getting this out of the way.

SECOND - if you cannot get this done at early rounds, and are waiting until later on, then do not try to camp at a set of dogs, and feed them.. Try to create a train, bring them by the dogs, kill some, then run away... Over time you will slowly feed the dogs, and this works extremely well, and does not jeopardize your life.

Dog Locations

First off, the easiest way to find the dogs is to watch my video I have attached in which I show you the three locations of the dogs, and the location of the tomahawk. But either way I will also tell you the locations of these dogs.

FIRST DOG - The first dog can be found on the second floor of the main prison, below electric cherry, right outside the spawn room. I suggest doing this dog before you act on any other plan, as you can do this with the M14, B23R or another starting weapon. This is usually the first one I feed, and is also the easiest at early rounds, just don't get trapped sitting in a corner beside the dog.

SECOND DOG - The second dog is available in the room which leads to the roof, right beside deadshot daiquiri.. This dog I suggest killing second as you can still do so in an early enough round, where you can camp in that room, and this is even easier if you have a team with you. I ALWAYS do this dog second, as at higher rounds you can easily get trapped in here, so I suggest doing so second.

LAST DOG - The last dog is located on the dogs below juggernog, where you can build the shield. I suggest doing this dog last simply based off the fact you can create a train outside, and be able to take your time feeding this dog. While the other two locations, you can easily get trapped, on this location if the doors are open, you can make a train, and allow the zombies to follow you around, and feed the dog slowly.

Tomahawk Location

After feeding the dogs comes the most important part left which is finding the tomahawk. When you look for the tomahawk, it is relatively close to the 3rd dog I told you to feed. WHICH is another reason I save this dog for last. After you feed the last dog you are going to want to head into the citadel tunnels which is and head upstairs to near where the Remington Shotgun is on the wall.. Instead of taking a right and heading towards double tap cola, take a left, and head into the room that will not be open where the tomahawk lies. It will be there indefinitely now, and if you lose yours with a team, then head back to this location to pick up the tomahawk. Once again, if this is confusing simply watch my video where I show you exactly where the tomahawk is.

My Video For Hell's Retriever


Overall the tomahawk is a great weapon to have not only because it will assist you in killing zombies, but it also retrieves powerups. Also it will help you complete parts of the easter egg like getting the golden spoon, the crystal energy skulls, and other various parts which are essential to beating the difficult parts of the game. Overall remember to have fun, and don't stress to hard as over time you will be able to complete the dogs, and other parts of the game over time. Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed don't to sub on Youtube, and Follow on Twitter.. thanks


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