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Mob of The Dead Team Strategy for HIGH Rounds on Black Ops 2 ( BO2 )

Updated on May 5, 2013


In this guide I will teach you guys a strategy that will allow you to survive high rounds on survival mode of Mob of the Dead. I will also attach a video of myself performing my strategy with my teammate that will help you better understand exactly what I am talking about.

Before I get going, let me say that if you enjoy what you read drop me a subscribe on Youtube, and follow me on twitter that way you can stay on top of the guides, and videos that I post daily/weekly to help you guys perform on Black Ops 2.

What is Mob of the Dead Survival

Mob of the dead refers to the newest survival zombies game mode released by Treyarch that allows you to attempt to beat the game, build quest items, or go for high rounds survival. When you are going to attempt to survive high rounds, there are a couple strategies that you can try, and I will talk about them both. I will also attach my video which will show you the strategies I use and will also show the strategy in action.

The Weapons to use.

Essentially someone is going to have to have an acid gat. This is essential to really any great survival strategy, but I suggest having at least one for this strategy. I also suggest having more than 1. Obviously you can have up to 5 BLundergat type weapons, until a patch is put in place, but having 2 which is allowed is essential to the overall length and survival of the game. Keep in mind my strategy will allow you to hit at least round 30 without having the hells redeemer, or golden spork.

Another weapon I suggest players having is the ray gun. Whether it is upgraded or not, the ray gun will have up to 240 bullets or rounds, and will allow you to take zombies out easily, and quickly when they are coming at you at my camping spot.

Another good weapon to have is a death machine. Preferably pack a punched in order to be significantly more effective, but having the death machine will help you out greatly when I talk about where my spot is, and why.

Obviously at later rounds, you may have to sacrifice weapons iand hit the mystery box, and pack a punch those weapons to survive at higher rounds if you are running low on ammo.

ALSO the Thompson sub machine gun is a good weapon to upgrade because of the ability to buy upgraded ammo off the wall at later rounds. This may not be the strongest weapon, but it is effective, and the accessibility of ammo will greatly help you at later rounds.

Lastly when talking about weapons I would like to suggest not touching the MAX ammo behind the cell doors until absolutely necessary. I would say not until after round 25 because this becomes so essential at later rounds at helping you survive.

The strategy

Okay so lets talk about this strategy. Essentially you are going to be camping the Gondola. You will be sitting on the gondola with all your teammates, and no one will get off of the gondola, unless throwing a tomahawk for a power up, getting Thompson machine gun ammo, or attempting to make it to a designated point. But when you are actually camping the area you are going to be solely camping on the gondola with all four of your teammates.

You are going to want to focus on camping at the top of the gondola. This will allow you to see the zombies coming from the end of the hallway, and taking them out as they comes at you. I also HIGHLY suggest using that acid gat i told you above that is needed, to slowly shoot rounds at the edge of the gondola, or down the hallway, to stun the zombies, in order to help you and your teammates survive longer. This is why I said the more you have the better, because with these acid gats, you will be able to stun the enemy, to allow your teammates to help take out zombies.

If you do this strategy correctly, you will have no problem surviving high rounds. If you are playing with a team, some strategies do not work as effectively as others, but the strategy I am talking about here, and will show in my video is extremely effective at allowing you to survive high rounds.

My video for High Survival


Overall the Gondola is the best team strategy I have found. I also suggest getting the hells redeemer if you can, and the golden spork, ALTHOUGH with the gondola strategy you do not need these. I suggest getting those, which I will be also writing guides for, so check back to see my guides for getting the sport, and the redeemer, which will overall help you survive significantly longer overall.


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