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Modern Warfare 3 Expert Tips: How To Improve Your GamePlays in MW3.

Updated on July 11, 2013

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Picture.

All credit for this picture goes to Spetsnats via.
All credit for this picture goes to Spetsnats via. | Source

Professional Modern Warfare 3 GamePlays.

For those of you who aren't a Modern Warfare 3 expert, you still might not know that you are judged quite heavily on this game based on your skill and gameplays. There are currently hundreds if not thousands of YouTube channels that specialise in making high quality Modern Warfare 3 gameplays, and other consoles games which are similar to Modern warfare 3.

However, whilst these channels occasionally do give some expert advice during one of their 'commentaries', they often don't go into much detail about how to consistently be able to get good gameplays on Modern Warfare 3.

In fact with some channels, watching their amazing 79-0 gameplays just seem like an odourless T.V advert, when in fact most of the time these guys are getting extremely lucky with their scores. However, to gain more recognition as a YouTube channel, they often forget to mention that they don't achieve those high scores every single match... Therefore, when normal casual gamers then try to perform as brilliantly as the 'professionals' do, it often discourages them to continue playing when their score reaches a 16-19.

Alas I'm here to make it clear to you that these YouTubers do not constantly achieve these amazing scores, as they are just normal people like you and me! But for some great tips and advice which will surely improve your current Modern Warfare 3 Gameplays, here are three of the best tips for you to keep in mind.

Choose High Point-Streaks for Your Classes.

A common thing you may notice with the more popular YouTube gameplays is that the players are commonly using the higher end point-streaks for their classes. Not only do the higher point-streaks take more effort and skill to get to, but by getting them your gameplays in general will liven up a lot. Especially, when people know that what you've done is challenging enough, that you made a video or gameplay showing your accomplishment.

However, one mistake which could be deadly to your reputation is to pick point-streaks which are overly high, due to the fact that you will often miss them by a long-shot, and this will often mean you've wasted the opportunity to get more kills. The best point-streaks in my opinion are ones which build up to each other. Here is an example.

· Predator Missile. (5 Point-Streak.)

· Attack Helicopter. (7 Point-Streak.)

· Reaper. (9 Point-Streak.)

Since there are only two kills between each of these point-streaks, obtaining them can be quite easy once you've got the Predator Missile. Although, whilst you can decide to use much higher point-streaks than this, Modern Warfare 3 is such a fast-paced game, that your never really guaranteed anything. Even if you camp!

Modern Warfare 3 MP7 Sub-Machine Gun.

The Modern Warfare 3 Sub-Machine Gun.
The Modern Warfare 3 Sub-Machine Gun. | Source

Use Weapons that Work for You!

Modern Warfare 3 is all based on how fast you can react to an enemy’s appearance on the screen, and how quickly you can get as many bullets as possible into him. For this reason, it's highly recommended that you only use weapons that you are truly comfortable with, unless you feel like using another weapon would be more interesting.

Although, you will often find that it will become much more challenging if you use weapons which you are not familiar with. Therefore it's best to stick to your roots!

A particularly good weapon to try from my own experience is the ACR 6.8 or the MP7as these are both weapons with bare-to-no recoil, and they offer good iron sights which let you use attachments such as the silencer. Some of the Modern Warfare 3 weapons have such bad irons sights, that you are almost forced to use the Red Dot Sights as your chosen attachment.

(Remember that these are just simple suggestions which have worked for me, and this certainly does not immediately guarantee that they'll work for you!)

The Turtle Beach EarForce XP300s.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset - Xbox 360
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300 Wireless Gaming Headset - Xbox 360
In my opinion and shared by many other professional gamers, the best pair of headphones you will ever use! With functions allowing you to answer phone calls through your headset, up to 15 hours of un-interrupted usage with the amazing battery life, as well as incredible comfort around the ears even after several hours of constant use!

Use a Good Quality Headset When Playing!

A great way to improve your Modern Warfare 3 gameplays would be to invest in a good quality headset, so that you can get the full benefit of the sounds that Modern Warfare 3 implemented into its game.

For instance, many of you more experienced players on Modern warfare 3 may have noticed that enemies on the kill-cams know your exact position, before they even turn the corner into the room! This is often due to them being able to pick up the sound of your foot-steps so well, that they know the exact movements of your character, which in the end is the difference between them killing you before you even see them...

Therefore, if you are a serious CoD player and would like to have the upper-hand above your enemies, I'd strong suggest investing in a pair of Turtle Beach EarForce XP300 headphones, as they have incredible sound quality for a very modest price! Whilst they are more specifically made for Xbox360 users, these will work just as well with PlayStation 3 users as they can be used with both consoles.

So, if you'd like to have the extra edge of power over your enemies, look over to the right of this text to be forwarded to the Amazon page for this product.

An Example of a Brilliant Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay.

EarForce XP300 Headsets.

Will You Be Investing in a EarForce XP300 Headset?

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