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Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games For Christmas 2010 - Top New Xbox Titles Out This Year

Updated on June 29, 2010

There are some hugely anticipated Xbox 360 Games available for Christmas this year. Titles from developers like RockStar, Harmonix, Capcom, Bungie, and EA are on the slate for 2010 and gamers couldn't be more excited.

If you're looking ahead for great new games for this holiday season, look no further! Read on to find great deals from Amazon on these top 360 video games for Christmas.  Action, RPG, sports, Fighting, platformers and more. Some are for the older crowd while others are perfect for the entire family. And let's not forget the brand new Microsoft Kinect!  There are so many options for gamers in 2010 on the Xbox 360 that it is almost unbelievable.

Halo Reach Cover
Halo Reach Cover

Halo: Reach

Without a doubt, Bungie's Halo: Reachwill be one of the top Xbox 360 games for Christmas 2010. The Halo franchise is already synonymous with Microsoft's premier console and the latest iteration is sure to be one of the most popular new games of the year.

This time, players will take to the skies with jet packs and all new weapons as they attempt to defend the alien world of Reach from evil Covenant soldiers. This fast-paced first-person shooter will have co-op multiplayer, so there won't be any fighting for the controllers. With state of the art graphics, online support, and the gameplay gamers love, Halo: Reach is going to be the game to get in 2010.

The most diehard fans will want the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition, including a limited edition set of statues, special in-game armor, and a whole slew of mouth watering extras.  Check it out!

The Xbox 360 Kinect

The Kinect is a brand new accessory for the Xbox 360 in Christmas 2010. Featuring revolutionary motion controls, players don't use a control at all to move their character around the screen: just their own body. Featuring a slew of exciting family games and great graphics, this will be one of the top Xbox 360 games in 2010 for sure.

What you do really happens on screen!  Featuring brand new games like Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and Kinect Adventures, this new console is sure to be hot for the holidays.  Reserve it to day to make sure your family gets one in time!

Find out more about the 360 Kinect and its games.

Learn about the differences between the Kinect and the Wii

Lego Harry Potter

The "Lego" series of games have all been incredibly popular family friendly video games.  With LEGO Harry Potter coming out, it seems that this franchise will only get more popular.  Moving away from the Sci-Fi action of Star Wars and the pulp adventure of Indiana Jones, LEGO Harry Potter lets kids explore the halls of Hogwarts using LEGO-fied versions of Harry, Ron, Hermione and other favorite witches and wizards.

One of the most anticipated Xbox 360 games for families in 2010, this bloodless game is filled with whimsy and heart.  The perfect game for Christmas or birthdays, let your Harry Potter fan relive the adventures in this unique new game.

LA Noire features beautiful lighting and a one of a kind setting
LA Noire features beautiful lighting and a one of a kind setting

LA Noire

From the makers of Grand Theft Auto comes an exciting new Xbox 360 game for Christmas 2010. A groundbreaking work of interactive fiction, LA Noire will be set in 1950s era Los Angeles. In true noir fashion, players will take control of a hard-boiled detective and work on solving shady crimes.

Set in a true-to-life digital version of LA, players will feel like they're in a detective film like Chinatown or LA Confidential. What makes this one of the top new 360 games for 2010 is just how detailed it is. Rockstar claims they've recorded over 20 hours of voice for the game. Artists have spent years detailing the city and making it feel like a living, breathing place.

Solve crimes, deal with smokey dames, and have a one of a kind experience in LA Noire over the holidays.

Music Games For Christmas: DJ Hero 2 and Rock Band 3

Music games have always been popular presents, but these top new games in 2010 have a bit of a twist. For instance, you think you can learn some real instruments? Well, learn while you game this time.

In Rock Band 3 players can plug in a cheap midi guitar and have the game help instruct them on the actual strings to hold to produce a chord. Learn how to play the drums using the electric set that comes with the game. Use the mini-keyboard to learn piano skills. Yes, it is hard to believe, but a game kids actually want can be 100% educational. I know, I'm shocked too.

Meanwhile, DJ Hero 2 continues to bring a fresh perspective to the music gaming genre. Featuring more mash-ups and a departure from the classic-rock fueled Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, DJ Hero 2 is the perfect way to spice things up for your budding MC.

Games are available as software only or with the required musical instruments.  If you already own older instruments, these new titles are 100% playable without any additional hardware.

Shake and bake
Shake and bake

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

The Call of Duty series has done a decent job of diversifying itself from its World War II roots. Yes, they can't resist going back to the well every now and then but we've had two Modern Warfare titles, a trip to Vietnam, and now the latest game is set during the cold war.

in Black Ops players will get exactly what COD promises; great multiplayer, airtight controls, and a surprisingly intelligent story and subversive story. This will be battling Halo for the hardcore crowd's attention this holiday season, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

The Top Football Game on Xbox 360
The Top Football Game on Xbox 360

Madden 11

Like every year, the latest edition of the Madden football series is a top seller. This latest highly anticipated version will featured updated graphics, rosters, team rankings, It features an updated play-calling mechanic that will make the game easier to get into for new players.

This is a great sports game for kids AND hard core gamers. If you've got a family member who loves football, this is highly anticipated Xbox game will brighten up their holiday. Spend some time with the entire family, throwing around the virtual pigskin and enjoying one of the top new Xbox 360 games available this year.

Super Street Fighter 4

If you've got a fighting game fan on your shopping list, check out Super Street Fighter 4- one of the top Xbox 360 games currently available.  Featuring brand new characters, a streamlined online mode, and new moves this sequel is the perfect gift for the competitive member of your family.

In fighting game circles, the Street Fighter series reigns supreme.  And this latest release is priced to move so its a relatively cheap new Xbox game sure to please.

And, hey, if you've got a real fan in the house, why not consider a special controller or joystick?  Fighting game afficianados swear by them and adding it to your 2010 Christmas list could really help you up your game.

Street Fighter 4 Gameplay

Kane and Lynch 2

Playing Kane and Lynch 2 is like living out a demented Tarantino film.  These two master crooks are going to shoot, punch, and blow up anything that stops them from getting their way.  Featuring innovative co-op gameplay, top notch graphics, and a unique presentation, Kane and Lynch 2 is going to be at the top of any serious gamers Christmas list.

And don't forget, there's a brand new Xbox 360 out, so if your family's has had a habit of dying, it might be time to upgrade.

Final Fantasy XIII

If you've got a roleplaying game fan in your house, chances are that Final Fantasy XIII was their most anticipated game of 2010. This immensely popular RPG series brings a whole new cast of characters to the screen.  Featuring a new battle system, dozens of hours of gameplay, and absolutely stunning graphical sequences, this is one of the top xbox 360 games for Christmas in 2010.

Don't forget, there's also an Xbox 360 bundle featuring this great game so if you don't own your own system yet, consider saving some money and buying them all together in this limited edition deal.


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    • Edwin Chan profile image

      Edwin Chan 6 years ago from New Zealand

      These are some solid games. Unfortunately, I sold my X-Box just before Christmas for traveling. I may be tempted to buy again after traveling around the world.

    • profile image

      noname 7 years ago

      How did Assassin's Creed Brotherhood not make the list?

      Bought it today and it is a very solid game.

      Similar the Assassin's Creed 2 but more in-depth, better main mission and a huge number of side quests. Not to mention recruiting your own Assassin's...

    • profile image

      that guy 7 years ago

      Halo is old, black ops is amazing, fallout new vegas and fable should be mentioned though

    • profile image

      Xbox Elite Premium 7 years ago

      Super Street Fighter 4! is one of mya favorite!, great hub :) like always :)

    • profile image

      DERP 7 years ago

      What is LA Noire doing there? It was delayed, silly. And so was most of the list, actually.

    • profile image

      Will 7 years ago

      Yeah all good but your forgetting need for speed hot pursuit. Need for speed started to become quite rubbish so in need for speed hot pursuit the game makers decided to ask the game makers of burnout to help to try and get the popularity back so that will be exiting and there's other games like fallout new vagas. And why the he'll has no one said ASSASSINS CREED BROTHERHOOD!! One of the greatest games ever.

    • profile image

      jgenmafkae 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Anon 7 years ago

      These people don't know what they're talking about. Black Ops got little attention and Fallout: New Vegas didn't make it on the list. And I can't believe Kane & Lynch made it! They basically just looked at a list of games and decided which ones they would put on this list.

    • jamesjfuller profile image

      jamesjfuller 7 years ago

      Execellent hub. I'm personally a Halo guy but this hub shows that the xbox has something for everybody.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 7 years ago from > California

      Awesome Hub Len,

      Personal Fav is "Rock Band" Can't wait!...

      Alternative Prime

    • profile image

      ROFLKNIFE 7 years ago

      @suck box 360

      How mature of you. Anyway, they left out a number of good ones including fable 3 and fallout new vegas

    • minecraft-guide profile image

      minecraft-guide 7 years ago from Wherever I woke up

      LA Noire looks awesome! Not enough games that are big on storytelling these days.

    • profile image

      CoD king 7 years ago

      what about dead rising 2

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Assassins creed brotherhood?

    • readthispants profile image

      readthispants 7 years ago from My Happy Place

      AWESOME!!! ONE VOTE UP! Halo Reach = Amazing, master chief is in my countdown...

    • profile image

      a3lam123 7 years ago

      dead space 2 sounds kind of fun

    • xboxliveforxbox profile image

      xboxliveforxbox 7 years ago

      games are fantastic...following you now...said you were awesome and voted you up...I hope you visit my site on xbox live for xbox...

    • Kexul profile image

      Luke Falconberry 7 years ago from La Vergne, Tennessee

      I know that Black Ops is going to be in the battle for biggest with Reach. I was in a Gamestop and one of the workers told me that they had already sold out on the copies comming in on release day and had a waiting list of of 700. Though I think Fable 3 should be on there too!

    • profile image

      TheManlyManToBeTheGreatestInDays 7 years ago

      What about fable 3 and dead rising 2

    • TheMostCreative profile image

      TheMostCreative 7 years ago from

      Those games rocks im going to pre order Call Of Duty: Black Ops

    • profile image

      AnonymousLemons 7 years ago

      HAH, and mystery, what are YOU doing? xD

    • profile image

      mystery 7 years ago

      u guys r fags spending all your time going to xbox 360 pages and posting rude and nasty comments

    • xboxliveforxbox profile image

      xboxliveforxbox 7 years ago

      wow I like those games they are very cool!

    • profile image

      Jahmatic 7 years ago

      The Xbox 360 is the only place to be this winter.

    • profile image

      John Lock 7 years ago

      Crysis 2?

      Ghost Recon?

      PS3 has much more games coming out. HEHE IMA FANBOY

    • profile image

      suck box 360 7 years ago



    • profile image

      MJD252 7 years ago from York, Pa

      New Vegas and Quantam Theory look good.

    • dredhead117 profile image

      dredhead117 7 years ago from Kissimmee FL

      Seems as though Noir is slowly becoming the cool thing to do these days.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Yeah, good call on Black Ops. I had it on the list I work from but it must have gotten lost in the sea of words.

    • TwO1FouR profile image

      TwO1FouR 7 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Can't wait for Rock Band 3 and Madden 11. What about Black Ops?

    • satomko profile image

      Seth Tomko 7 years ago from Macon, GA

      No mention of Fallout: New Vegas?