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New Rock n Swirl Dizzy Dancers - Furreal Friends - Release Date

Updated on September 14, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Deluxe Dizzy Dancers from Furreal Friends. These are also known as the Rock n Swirl Collection. We will check out release dates, prices and where you can buy the new Deluxe Dizzy Dancers online. These new toys from Hasbro look like they will be really big over the 2012 holiday period so we are bringing you all the latest news on these new Furreal Friends toys.

Furreal Friends are a line of toys from Hasbro that are basically pets brought to life. Over the past ten years we have seen various innovative pets that interact with children in a number of cute ways. One slightly different toy that Furreal Friends brought out a recently though was the Dizzy Dancers. These were a move away from the standard pets they make, but they still seem to be very popular. Later in 2012 Hasbro release new Dizzy Dancers Rock n Swirl versions, so let’s take a look at these.

Rock n Swirl Dizzy Dancers

New Deluxe Dizzy Dancers The Rock n Swirl Collection

So in case you are unaware, a Dizzy Dancer is something similar to Beyblades. They are spinning tops dressed up as cute little characters. These are aimed at girls and there are various cute little pets you can buy. To get these spinning you simply pull the ‘dizzy chord’ and then watch them spin. You can buy special accessories for them to spin in and you can also spin them on little stands. The top and bottom of the Dizzy Dancers are also interchangeable so you can create your very own custom toys. There are currently around twenty toys to choose from and they usually retail at around $8.

Later in 2012 though we are getting a new inclusion to the Dizzy Dancers family. Hasbro are going to release six new Deluxe versions of the toys. The Dizzy Dancers Rock n Swirl collection will be available some time in the fall and they were released late summer well in time for the Christmas toy rush. So now the release date for these has come and gone they are available from plenty of places. The new Deluxe Dizzy Dancers will have the price tag of around $15 and should be available to buy in most good toy stores. As is often the case though you can usually get the best deals if you buy online.

So what makes these new versions of the toy special? Well the Rock n Swirl versions are slightly bigger for a start and when they spin they will actually light up. Each individual character will also play their very own song while they spin and they will make cute sounds. Each of the six new characters has their own unique personality and each new toy comes with their own accessory which will reflect their personality. These new Dizzy Dancer Deluxe versions do look really good and we are expecting them to sell very well for Hasbro.

Bouncy From Furreal Friends

Other New Releases In 2012 For Furreal Friends

In 2012 Furreal Friends celebrates a decade of being in the toy business. Over the years we have seen some classic toys and 2012 looks like being another big year for new releases. One of the most eagerly awaited new toys is Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony. This is the follow up to the 2006 toy Butterscotch Pony which was a huge 4ft pony that cost almost $500! This new version is far cuter and far more affordable having a much more modest price tag. Baby Butterscotch will be out in the fall and looks like being simply adorable.

Another really nice little toy is Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup. This is the first toy that uses light sensors to interact. When you get close to Bouncy she will react by jumping around and yelping excitedly. Along with the light sensor there are also a few touch sensors and there are lots of ways that Bouncy will interact with you. She looks like being the cutest puppy that we have seen from Furreal Friends.

In the past few years Snuggimals have sold very well for Hasbro, and in 2012 they bring out Walkin’ Snuggimals. These are cute little pets that will walk around when you pet their backs. They are small and affordable and should have a price under $20. Other new releases include a new Hop n Cuddle Floppy Eared Bunny and a new glitter edition of Go Go My Walkin Pup that will have a new lead and sparkly new hair.

As you can see 2012 looks like being a very busy year for Furreal Friends. Dizzy Dancers are growing in popularity all the time and when the new Deluxe Dizzy Dancers get their release we are sure they will be very popular indeed. If you are looking for an alternative to Beyblades then look no further than these spinning toys. They really are great fun and also very affordable.


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