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New Furreal Friends Pets For Christmas 2012

Updated on July 30, 2012

Today we are going to be taking a look at new Furreal Friends toys which will be coming out in time for Christmas 2012. We will give you prices, release dates and all the new Furreal Friends pets that we will be seeing later in 2012. If you are wondering what new toys are going to be available for Christmas 2012 then this article should fill you in with all the details.

Furreal Friends have been producing toys for just over ten years now. They specialise in interactive cuddly animal toys which they call Furreal Friends. There have been lots of different pets released over the years right from the massive Butterscotch Pony down to the tiny little Furry Frenzies. Hasbro the company behind these toys are always moving forward and in 2012 there are various new releases coming our way. So we are going to take a look at some of these and tell you just what is in store for Christmas 2012.

Baby Butterscotch

Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony

First up then is probably the most exciting new release from Hasbro Furreal Friends. Back in 2006 we were given the amazing Butterscotch Pony. This 4ft high monster was the closest thing many little girls would ever get to the real thing. With a price tag of approaching $500 though, very few people could afford it. So in the fall of 2012 we are going to be getting Baby Butterscotch My Magical Show Pony. This is basically a mini version of the original. As you can see from the picture Baby Butterscotch is very cute indeed.

To keep this toy as interactive as possible there are six sensors spread over the body of the pony. When you touch Baby Butterscotch she will react to your touch in different ways. As an example, if you were to stroke her neck, she would react by nuzzling up against your hand. She also has legs that will move so you can pick her up and give her a cuddle, if you do this she will actually move in towards you and nuzzle you. You also get a little carrot provided which you can feed to her and listen to her chomp happily away on, plus you get a brush which you can groom her with.

As for price, well we believe this one is going to be around $120, so still not a cheap toy but with the amount of technology in this one it doesn't seem to be bad value at all. As for release date we are expecting to see Baby Butterscotch sometime in the fall of 2012 so plenty of time to get hold of this one for Christmas. Early indications show that this is going to be very popular so supplies may start to run low as we move closer to the holiday period.

Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup

Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup

For us, the cutest of the new releases is this one. Bouncy My Happy To See Me Pup is simply adorable. With big brown eyes and cute floppy ears this is one that little girls will fall in love with instantly. We have seen various puppies and dogs released over the years but this one seems to be the most entertaining. Bouncy uses light sensors, something I don’t think we have seen before in Furreal Friends toys. This means that when you get close she will start bouncing around and barking with excitement.

Along with the light sensor there are also the usual touch sensors that react in a few different ways depending upon where you touch Bouncy. Although Bouncy can be quite loud and excitable, give her a cuddle and she will calm down and snuggle up to you making soft noises. We have no definite price on this one yet but the rumours suggest she will be priced somewhere around the $40 mark. If we get an update on that we will let you know. As for release date, Bouncy is scheduled for sometime in the fall of 2012, so again there should be plenty of time to get this one before the Christmas rush.

Brand New Snuggimals

Snuggimals are not something new to the market, they have been around for a while now. In fact at the moment there are around 20 Snuggimals to collect. These are basically small little toys that move when you press their backs. There are lots of different pets to collect such as rabbits, kittens, puppies and a few others. The great thing about these is the price, you can usually pick one of these toys up for under $10, so they make great stocking fillers.

In 2012 we are seeing a new range of Snuggimals coming out. In the spring there are a few new ones coming out which actually come with their very own little house, although to be honest this just looks like a well designed cardboard box. The big news for Snuggimals this year is the release of the Walkin’ Snuggimals. These will be available in the fall and as far as we know there are going to be two of these, a Golden Retriever and a Basset Hound. If you press the back of these cute little toys they will slowly walk around, very cute and very cuddly as always. Again we are not sure on price but we are not expecting the Walkin’ Snuggimals to be that much more expensive, so probably again somewhere in the region of $10.

Hop n Cuddle Bunnies

Hop n Cuddle Bunnies

Another super cute addition to the Furreal family is the Hop n Cuddle Bunnies. In the spring there are two of these released, a white one and a tan one. The idea behind these is that you press their backs and they will start to hop around the room while making adorable little sounds. The price of these looks like being around $25 so they are not bad value. The real appeal with these seems to be the cuddle factor, the level of interactivity is quite limited but they are so soft and cuddly so this more than makes up for the lack of things this one can do.

As well as the two releases in the spring there is also going to be a cute floppy eared version. No definite news on release date but were are told it should be sometime in the fall. This one looks like being the cutest of the three and will no doubt sell very well when it hit’s the shops later this year. If you want a really cute little Furreal Friend at a pretty good value price, then a Hop n Cuddle bunny might be just what you are after.

Dizzy Dancers

A whole new range of toys from Furreal are the Dizzy Dancers. These are quite different from most of their other toys as they are not really soft cuddly toys. The idea behind these is that they are basically cute spinning tops. You can interchange the top and bottom halves of these and create your own custom spinners. There are lots of different characters you can buy and most of these are already available. The way these work is you have a sort of ridge stick that you pull through the dizzy dancer making it spin. Get it right and the results are quite impressive.

Later in 2012 we are seeing the release of six deluxe versions of the Dizzy Dancers. These look to be slightly larger and as they spin they light up and even play music. Each one comes with it’s own little accessory which reflects it’s personality. These look to be a nice little variation on the standard versions and when they get released in the fall they will no doubt be very popular. As for price we are expecting them to be around the $14 mark so a little more than the regular versions but still not to expensive.

More New Furreal Friends Coming In 2012

As well as all the toys we have already had a look at there are a few extras ones as well. For instance we are getting an updated version of Go Go My Walking Pup. This will be a glitter edition which has a new sparkly lead and strands of glitter in her hair. We also have a few new Go Go Puppies which are basically smaller version of the original Go Go Pup, they will walk around the room when you touch their backs. These will all be released in the spring and we may even see more later in the year although again no definite word on that at the moment.

As you can see the people behind these toys have been very busy. There are lots of new releases coming out in 2012 and there will be plenty of new toys available for Christmas. At the upper end of the price level it looks like it will be Baby Butterscotch who steals the show. For all round value we are expecting Bouncy to do really well and for kids who love collecting we think the new Dizzy Dancers could be very popular. One thing is for sure, if you or your children are a fan of Furreal Friends then 2012 will give you plenty to look forward to.


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