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New Power Rangers Samurai Squinkies - Prices, Release Dates

Updated on January 19, 2012

If you are looking for information about the all new Power Rangers Samurai Squinkies then look no further. On this page we will tell you all about the new Squinkies range, talk about prices, release dates and where to buy online. This page will basically tell you everything you need to know about new Power Rangers Samurai Squinkies.

The fact is that Squinkies are the latest toys to really capture the imagination of children the world over. These are very simple little figures that are basically very soft and squishy. They come in small plastic balls and you can buy them in sets known as Bubble Packs. There are toys for boys and girls and as well as the little characters you can also buy special dispensers. The company Blip Toys are behind these and they have released lots of well known characters from the world of Marvel, WWE and we are even going to see SpongeBob toys. But their latest creation are the new Power Rangers line. So let’s take a look at them.

New Power Rangers Samurai Squinkies

The new Power Rangers Samurai toys have already been released in America. In some other countries they are still not available and it is pretty hard to find out an exact release date, but we are assuming they should soon be readily available. The decision by Blip Toys to go down this route was not a massive surprise as Power Rangers has been a popular kids show for many years and the show has a massive fan base, so no doubt fans of the show will be eager to get their hands on these new toys.

The new Squinkies release sees three new Bubble Packs. As is usually the case with these each set contains 12 characters each coming in their own little gum ball. There are nine characters that you can actually see and there are three surprise characters which come in colored balls so you can not see the toys contained inside.

There are three new series in the Power Rangers Samurai range so all in all that’s 36 new Squinkies for children to collect. At first glance these look to be nice little toys with a good level of detail. All the classic characters are there so children who are fans of the show will not be disappointed.

Buy Power Rangers Squinkies Online

Prices & Buying Online

One of the great things about Squinkies is the prices. These have always been very cheap and more often than not you can pick up a Bubble Pack for just $15. The new Power Rangers Squinkies are no different, these seem to be selling for around $15 and you may even be able to get them a little cheaper if you shop around. As is so often the case the best place to buy these tends to be Amazon but there are also some good bargains over on eBay. The fact that you can pick up twelve of these fun little characters for this price really does represent good value and this is no doubt one of the reasons that the toys have sold so well over the past few years. The dispensers are usually a little more costly, as of yet though there is no news about a possible Power Rangers dispenser. Maybe we will see one of these at some point in the future.

As you can see these new toys really are going to be very popular. As Blip Toys continue to bring out exciting new products it looks as though the popularity of Squinkies is set to increase as the year goes on. We are already expecting these to be massive sellers come Christmas 2012 and Blip Toys are no doubt planning on bringing out more Bubble Packs and dispensers in the near future. If you or your child are a fan of Power Rangers Samurai then no doubt they will really enjoy these lovely new Squinkies.


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