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Ninja Kingdom Guide: Tips for Beginners

Updated on January 16, 2014
Ninja Kingdom(Dojo Mojo)
Ninja Kingdom(Dojo Mojo) | Source

Ninja Kingdom(Dojo Mojo) Introduction

Ninja Kingdom is a game developed by Zynga. It is real time strategy building game with plenty of player versus player elements to it. Your goal in the game is to build up a mighty ninja empire and raid other kingdoms to become the best.

I am going to list a few helpful stuff that will help you along your way to have the best empire in your region.

Ninja Kingdom Palace
Ninja Kingdom Palace | Source
Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef | Source

Buildings and Currency

There are 3 main currencies in this game.

Gold - The main resource to construct your buildings.

Sushi - The main resource for training troops and upgrading buildings.

Jade - The real money currency that virtually gives you everything in the game at god's speed. Money talks.

Here are the basic buildings that you will need to build your empire.


This is your main building. If your opponents destroy this, you lose the defense. However, you do get a shield that prevents players from attacking you. Upgrading the Palace allows you to build more buildings and also unlock new types of buildings.


This generates gold for you. Upgrading it improves gold generation and also durability.

Gold Bank

This holds the max amount of gold. Upgrading it increases its capacity.

Sushi Chef

This generates sushi. Upgrading the Sushi Chef improves sushi production and also durability.

Sushi Storage

This holds the maximum amount of sushi it can store. Upgrading it increases its capacity.


This building allows you to train your troops. Upgrading it will unlock new units. My suggestion is that you try to upgrade this till you get the Samurai, which is a big beefy unit that can absorb hits. You can then use your Assassins to destroy from long range.

Architect Hut

This hut determines how many buildings you can build at any given time. I suggest having at least 3 for more efficient empire building.

Ninja Tech

This is also a troop building, but it focuses on advanced units. They are very powerful and useful in raids.

Ammo Depot

This allows you to use attacks that will aid you in raids. Upgrading it unlocks new types of attacks.

Training Ground

This building is used to improve your troop's strength. Depending on which unit you use the most, it would be wise to upgrade that particular unit.

Clan Hall

Allows you to join clans. It costs 25,000 gold to repair.

Emperor's Gift

Provides gold, sushi and jade. You get more when you have more allies.

Troop Portal

This is extremely useful as you can ask your allies for troops.


This allows you to summon powerful beasts to aid you in battle. Right now, only Oni is available, but they will come out with new ones as the game progresses.

Ninja Kingdom Base Layout
Ninja Kingdom Base Layout | Source

Units and Towers

Towers are great for defense. This is how I build mine to try and fend off potential invaders. I always try and spend all my resources before leaving the game to dissuade people from raiding my empire.

Dragon Cannon - The most basic tower that attacks ground units

Kunai Tower - Fast attacking tower that assaults ground and air units

Sentry Bot - Creates bombs that attacks nearby enemies and dealing splash damage.

Demon Mortar - Deals heavy splash damage to ground units.

Rocket Launcher - Deals heavy air damage to air units

The units in the game are ninja based, making it pretty funny and refreshing to me. Let me brief you on the units in the game.

Grunt - The basic melee attacker. They are great for getting bomb baited. They also do decent damage.

Assassin - Ranged attacker that attacks the nearest target. High damage but is also fragile.

Ninja - These guys will prioritize towers, making it extremely useful in sieges.

Samurai - These beefy looking warriors can take a lot of damage before going down. They are great for taking tower aggro.

Thief - These sneaky guys will attack resource buildings first. Deploy a few in the team when the nearby towers are taken down in a raid.

Ice Demon - Ranged tower destroyers that can slow the attack speed of towers.

Twister - Strong melee fighter.

Scorcher - Big bad dragon that packs a lot of punch.

When it comes to units, it is all down to preference. I like ranged units and I combine them with beefy front line fighters such as the Samurai. Ultimately, it comes down to what works for you!

© 2013 Seet


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