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Nuketown Zombies - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015
The map is destroyed as a result of a nuke.
The map is destroyed as a result of a nuke. | Source

Nuketown is a fan favorite Multiplayer map from Black Ops that was later added to Black Ops 2. At the end of a Multiplayer game you can see a nuke dropping on the map. This zombies version of this map takes place after that nuke drops, turning the map into a mess.

This small map is ideal for a quick game that can reach high rounds. However, the perks drop randomly, which can make this map very difficult. Players can get very frustrated if Jugger-Nog is the last perk to drop (between round 22 - 24).

In This Profile:

  • New Features in Nuketown
  • Perks in Nuketown
  • Weapons in Nuketown
  • Easter Eggs in Nuketown
  • Story Line of Nuketown
  • Other Items of Interest in Nuketown

New Features in Nuketown

Nuketown is often considered an extra map, that is released for the fans and not to progress the story or add new weapons or perks. However, some new features can be found in this map.

  • LSAT - This is the first map where the LSAT is available in the Mystery Box. It was also added to Buried as a Wall Weapon.
  • Dropping Perk-A-Cola Machines - This is the first map where Perk-A-Cola machines fall from the sky one at a time, on separate rounds.
  • Permanent Power-Up - There is a Power-Up behind a door that will not go away until a player picks it up. This is the first map to have this feature. MOTD was the second map, offering Power-Ups behind cell doors.

Perks In Nuketown

Nuketown has a unique way of providing Perk-A-Cola Machines. They will drop randomly from the sky on different rounds. This includes the four Perk-A-Cola Machines and the Pack-A-Punch Machine. In solo, the first machine to drop is always Quick Revive, this occurs on round one. In survival mode the first Perk-A-Cola Machine will not drop until round 4 - 5.

Before the Perk Drops an air raid siren can be heard. Seconds later the Perk-A-Cola Machine will come plummeting to the ground. As it his it will knock down any player that is close and kill zombies in the immediate area.

Perk-A-Cola Machines in Nuketown:

  • Jugger-Nog
  • Speed Cola
  • Double Tap
  • Quick Revive

The truck in the center of the map holds various Wall Weapons.
The truck in the center of the map holds various Wall Weapons. | Source
You will need to Melee the boxes in order to see the Galvaknuckles.
You will need to Melee the boxes in order to see the Galvaknuckles. | Source

Weapons in Nuketown

Weapons can be acquired from the wall or the Mystery Box in Nuketown. The Fire Sale Power-Up can randomly drop after the Mystery Box has moved for the first time.

There is a large truck in the center of the map that holds multiple Wall Weapons, including the Galvaknuckles. The door must first be bought for 3000 points in order to access the weapons. You might not notice the Galvaknuckles right away, you will need to melee boxes out of the way first.

Starting Weapons in Nuketown:

  • M1911
  • Grenades
  • Knife

Wall Weapons In Nuketown:

  • AK74u
  • B23R
  • Bowie Knife
  • Claymores
  • Colt M16A1
  • Galvaknuckles
  • M14
  • MP5
  • Olympia
  • Remington 870 MCS
  • Semtex Grenades

Mystery Box Weapons in Nuketown:

  • Ballistic Knife
  • Barrett M82A1
  • Chicom CQB
  • DSR 50
  • Executioner
  • FAL
  • Five Seven
  • Five Seven Duel Wield
  • Galil
  • HAMR
  • KAP-40
  • LSAT
  • M1216
  • M27
  • M8A1
  • Monkey Bomb
  • MTAR
  • Python
  • Ray Gun
  • Ray Gun Mark II (Added with the release of Buried.)
  • RPD
  • RPG
  • S12
  • SMR
  • War Machine

Easter Eggs in Nuketown

  • Players can activate a song by collecting the three Teddy Bears, shooting the heads off all of the Mannequins, or grabbing the Power-Up from the shed when the clock is at 1 and the counter is at 15.
  • By hitting the bomb shelter with a Melee attack you can hear Marlton speak from inside the bunker.
  • A TV in the green house will play numerous audio quotes from Richtofen. These quotes are also heard on the Moon when completing the Easter Egg.
  • The horn from the Bus in Green Run can be occasionally heard.

Nuketown Story

In Nuketown Zombies you are playing as either the CDC or the CIA instead of the original or new characters. This is due to the timing of the map. The quotes from Richtofen on the TV show that the events on Nuketown are taking place at the same time as the Moon Easter Egg. This can also be confirmed by the second missile that drops at the end of a Nuketown Game, this is the missile that is dropped by Maxis at the end of the Moon Easter Egg.

When players reach round 25 the zombies eyes turn blue, and the Denomic Announcer changes from Samantha Maxis to Edward Richtofen. This also confirms that the events are taking place at the same time. During Richtofen's Grand Scheme he switched bodies with Samantha in order to take control of the zombies. Round 25 marks the moment that he has accomplished this.

Marlton can be heard in the bunker, and that was not by mistake. Marlaton has not yet met up with Misty. His quotes from the bunker make it obvious that he was a scientist on the Moon and was recently removed from there. He is now in a bunker in Nuketown stewing due to his removal, which ironically saved his life.

Marlton likely met up with misty shortly after, and they traveled to a town near Hanford.

Other Items of Interest In Nuketown

  • Nuketown is the first map to not have any windows to board.
  • The counter on the Nuketown sign counts down as zombies are killed. When it reaches zero, the Power-Up behind the shed changes.
  • This is the only map in Black Ops 2 that allows players to choose from three different LMGs.


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