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One Worthy Skill in Blood Brothers

Updated on June 30, 2013

Blood Brothers is a popular Mobile Game that is developed by Japanese gaming company DeNa which has hit number one place in 33 countries. It is also a game that has been played across most parts of the world. The dark fantasy game is a tale about a hero turned vampire, who must bind an army in a pact of blood in order to seek vengeance on a corrupt empire. You will played as one of the eight heroes namely a knight, high elf, lizardman, samurai, dark elf, dwarf, ape or goblin to lead your army of familiar to victory.


As mentioned by Tetsuya Mori, managing director of DeNA’s Singapore office, in a conference over at Singapore:

“Blood Brothers is interesting because we didn’t even release the game in Japan. We just released the game in the global market and won the world. For that reason, it matters to us(Game developers).”

The game has achieved a great success since it released. It is currently running its 15 million downloads campaign and with 15 million downloads, it just show how good the game is.

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Familiars have a variety of skills that they can use during the battle and it is inbuilt in them. However, the Warlord (The hero that you played) can learn up to three skills from all sort of familiar that is rank Epic and above. Therefore getting the correct skill to add to the warlord will be critical in the game.

As for the type of skill to add, it is more effective to choose a variety of skills including an Opening Skill (Starting Battle Buff Skill like Blade Ward 2), Defense Skill (Trigger during enemy attack like Payback) and an attack Skill (Trigger upon familiar turn to act like Berserk).

A Worthy Opening Skill to add

Blade Ward 2 is a skill that reduces physical damage taken by all allies by a flat rate of 40%. It has a 70% probability to be used when the battles start. With this opening buff, it means whatever physical damaged resulting from either Attack or Agility Stat will be reduced by 40%. This play an important role since most familiar deal attack or agility stat damage as compare to wisdom base damaged.

Adding the Skill to Warlord

To add the skill to your Warlord, you will need an epic and above familiar that has Blade ward 2 skill. Familiar that currently have the skill is Hippogriff and Heinrich.

To acquire Hippogriff, you have to invite android phone user to download the game and play the game using your invite code whereby both you and your friend will get it. However, the campaign is over and now with invite code* will only get you others familiar. Familiar received from invite will not be tradable which mean you no longer able to get it unless DeNa reintroduced it.

*If you just start off playing the game, Use this invite code: “7ug7UQ” to get yourself a rare familiar.

To acquire Heinrich, you have to be in the top 120 position in the God of steel , PVP event 5 to receive this legendary familiar. But the event already ended. So the only way for you to acquired it is through trading however it is trading at a tremendous high value in the market. Therefore it is far fetch to get it and add the skill to warlord.

However, in substitute for the skill, Bulwark which has the same effect but only affect caster and adjacent familiar seem much easier to get. It is a skill from the familiar Gorlin which is the daily reward of World Battle Coliseum 3. Since the event is over, you can only get it from trading which the value in the market is not as high as Heinrich.

Do you need to add the skill to Warlord

The interesting part about the skill Blade ward is that it merely reduces the physical damaged by 40% regardless of the Caster Stat. This means that we do not need the skill to be casted by our warlord as any familiar who cast it will allow every party member to have a 40% physical damaged reduction. And nicely, DeNa has introduced some familiar* which is rank lower than rare into the game. These familiars are normally seen in the Tower event (Magic tower normally) whereby they buff their party member with blade ward 2. So why not capture one of them and include them into your team to make yourself invincible to physical damaged. Grab them now before they are removed from the Tower Event.

*Familiars that appear in the Tower event with the Blade ward 2 Skill are Jester II++, Mystic idoll II++, Mummy II++, etc.


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