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Origins, New Zombie Map on The Apocalypse DLC - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on May 20, 2015
Richtofen means business.
Richtofen means business. | Source

Treyarch gave us a preview of the newest map to join the zombie world, Origins. This map brings back the four original characters in a very exciting environment. In the normal Treyarch fashion, they gave some clues about the map, but just enough to get us excited. We will take a closer look at some of the new features in Origins.

  • Original Characters
  • New Weapons
  • Possible Zombie Boss
  • Giant Robot
  • Zombie Tank
  • Easter Egg

The Original Characters. From left to right, back row: Edward Richtofen and Nikolai Belinski. Front row: Takeo Masaki andTank Dempsey.
The Original Characters. From left to right, back row: Edward Richtofen and Nikolai Belinski. Front row: Takeo Masaki andTank Dempsey. | Source

Original Characters Back in Origins

Origins takes place when the four original characters first meet. This should answer some questions in the story and might even change the beginning of the story all together. The majority of the Nazi Zombie Story was created by players interpreting objects, audio, or Easter Eggs on the maps.

In Buried it seemed that the story was coming to an end. But I think this is setting the stage for a larger story. When we last left these four characters they were on the moon, with the exception of Richtofen. Richtofen switched bodies with Samantha. Origins does not appear to be telling us what happened after that point, but instead showing us exactly how these four characters began working together.

I am also hoping that this sheds more light on Richtofens connection with the Illuminati and the importance of Die Glocke (The Bell) to the Zombie Story.

MG08 Machine Gun
MG08 Machine Gun | Source
Mouser - the new starting handgun in Origins.
Mouser - the new starting handgun in Origins. | Source

New Weapons in Origin

Two new weapons were introduced in the Origin preview. First was the MG08 Machine Gun. This looks like it could be a new LMG. From the short clip of it being shot it appears to have very little recoil and shoot rapidly. Next was the first new starting handgun since the first Nazi Zombie map, the Mouser. It looks like a powerful German made handgun.

They did not show any new Wonder Weapon, but I would be surprised if we did not see one introduced. Every major map in Black Ops 2 brought us a new Wonder Weapon. First Tranzit gave us the Jet Gun. Then Die Rise offered the Sliquifier. Mob of the Dead introduced the Golden Spork, Hell's Retriever, and the Blundergat that can be upgraded to the Acid Gat. Finally we were giveen the Ray Gun Mark 2, the Paralyzer, and Time Bombs in Buried.

I would not be surprised to see at least one new Wonder Weapon. Origins looks like it is concentrating on heavy weapons. The Zombie Tank, The Giant Robot, and a zombie in a Robotic suit are evidence of this. I am expecting a Wonder Weapon that will at least pack as big of a punch, possibly some sort of very powerful rocket launcher. It could even be more high tech, like a weapon that is is attached to a robotic arm that is worn on top of the players arm.

The Zombie with a mechanical suit? Or an alien.
The Zombie with a mechanical suit? Or an alien. | Source

Possible Zombie Boss in Origins

We have seen a quick clip of what looks like a zombie in a mechanical suit. Right before this was shown they said that there will be a twist and then used the words Diesel Punk. I am not sure if that is the name of the zombie, or if I hear the second word incorrectly. The creature looks like it has a large metal eggbeater for a hand. At this point we can only speculate as to what this boss will do.

The Giant Robot
The Giant Robot | Source

The Giant Robot in Origins

There is another character that we are not completely sure about, the Giant Robot. In the promo they said that it was 1000 feet tall. I don't think this is a 'Zombie Boss' but instead will be a part of the environment. We will likely need to be careful in certain areas in order not to get ran over. However, the robot does have yellow eyes, similar to the zombies. So I wouldn't rule him out all together.

They also hint that the robot will have the ability to change the landscape. This could be an interesting mix to this new zombie map.

Zombie Tank in Origins
Zombie Tank in Origins | Source

Zombie Tank in Origins

Origins also introduces the Zombie Tank. During the Promo they show the players standing on top of the tank and firing at zombies. I am unsure if we will be able to access the interior of the tank, if zombies can climb onto the tank, if we can jump off of the tank, or if the tank can be controlled by a player.

During the tank clip they mention that you might be able to find Easter Eggs. This might be the first hint towards the Easter Egg, it has something to do with riding the tank.

What I Hope To See


Every map has given us a new perk that went along with the environment. With a map that concentrates on Heavy Weapons I would like to see a 'superman' Perk. It lets the player jump higher, melee harder, run faster, take extra damage, and fall further.

I wouldn't mind seeing Vulture-Aid and Electric Cherry make a comeback, along with Double-Tap, Mule Kick, and Jugger-Nog.


I enjoy grief, and would like to see a large map with the essential Perks, Pack-A-Punch, Galvaknuckles, and the Zombie Boss. If they are going to add the Wonder Weapon, each team should be able to have one.

To make things real interesting, they should put the original characters against the new characters in Grief. I think I would enjoy that more that the CIA vs the CDC.


No thanks.


We have just enough information to allow ourselves to get excited. I really anticipate the story line and new perk. I will keep everyone updated if any more information leaks out.



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