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PC Games for Girls

Updated on October 19, 2014

The Best PC Games for Girls

What are the best PC games for girls and how do you find them? First of all, we need to understand the differences in the type of play that each gender prefers.

Men and boys tend to prefer games that pit them against another opponent (whether human or machine) and engage their aggressive tendencies. Women and girls prefer games that have an aspect of nurturing or protection.

Here are some games that have a large female following:

  • Pacman and Ms. Pacman: One of the earliest games with a large female following. This game switches between chasing and being chased by ghosts. As they get further into the game, there are cut scenes showing our character getting a family.
  • Frogger: Another game with a strong female following as they help the little frogs safely get to the other side of the screen.
  • Centipede: This game not only appealed to the female audience, but a female programmer helped to create it. When I worked in an arcade, one young lady could play this game for over an hour on a single quarter. Not a single guy ever came close to her final score.
  • Tetris: This game actually appeals to both sexes, but it seems to be the females that get hooked on it the longest. Adjust falling puzzle pieces to fit into solid lines. It gets harder and faster, the longer you play. My little sister use to beat me at this game all the time.
  • Yogi Bear Game: The latest Yogi Bear game is non-violent and requires Yogi to travel around Yellowstone Park and find the perfect place to take pictures of rare animals.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: This game reeks of cuteness. Grow and use plants to defend your home. It is lots of fun and there are a lot of small touches and side games that make this game a classic.
  • McGee's Alice in Wonderland: Alice has grown and so has wonderland. She is trapped in her own nightmares and must solve puzzles and face many opponents to escape. I played this game and would not suggest it for anyone under about age twelve. This game has become quite a classic and can be very hard to locate. Luckily a new version called Alice: Madness Returns is on its way.
  • Airball: A wizard has turned you into a leaky airball. You need to appease him by collecting a bunch of items and hope he will turn you back into human. Navigate mazes while avoiding all sorts of poky things that can pop you. Oh, don't forget to find air pumps to replenish your air.
  • Sims: This game is about home, pets, fashion, and relationships. No guns or gore. Some people consider it to be electronic crack for women.
  • Mario Party 8: Maybe it is the word party in the title, I don't know. Most guys hate it, girls seem to love it.
  • Farmville: This is a free game for anyone with a facebook account. Basically a game of take your time micromanagement. It has followers all over the world.
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Girls love to dance, so we shouldn't be surprised that they would love a game that allows them to dance competitively.
  • Brunhilda: Brunhilda is a gal trapped in a magical world. She needs to locate items and solve puzzles to complete her quests.
  • Elixir of Immortality: Another puzzle game with a plot, you will also need to find groups of various objects throughout the game.
  • World of Warcraft: Last, but not least, I decided to include this game. It is a widely popular online game. Although the majority of players are male, females make up a significant percentage of the players. The game strongly encourages cooperative play and the cartoon style graphics appeal even further to females.

When selecting the best PC games for girls, one thing to remember is that all girls are not all the same. When I ran my computer store, I met a really hot girl that played Starcraft and Diablo II hardcore. My wife's favorite games are currently Doom 3, Bioshock 2, and Grand Theft Auto. I also know two gals that compulsively played Shadowbane for over a year after it came out, a game that was so strongly focused on PvP that most men avoided it due to its extreme difficulty and ruthless competitiveness.

I have noticed recentlly that Diablo 3 has a larger female following now.


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  • Kiwi Max profile image

    Max Zvyagintsev 5 years ago from New Zealand

    Wow, I never would have guessed your wife's favourite games.

    Very nice hub!

    I play World of Warcraft myself and about 20% of girls make up the WoW population and like you said they take on nurturing and protection roles. - Healers ;)