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Bakugan Phosphos

Updated on January 5, 2014

Phosphos: A Seven Headed Beast

Phosphos is a seven headed beast that shoots highly toxic venom in combat. It was released together with Lumagrowl, Dharak, Avior, Strikeflier, Snapzoid, Coredem, and Helix Dragonoid In Wave 1. Phosphos can combine with an array of Bakugan Battle Gear. When in battle, Phosphos only has three heads, but when the ability Gorgon Viper is activated, he opens up the other four heads on his back and legs. His main attribute is Aquos. When opened up, it only shows a silver flap and three heads. To open up the remaining four, press the button on his back once and it will release the rest of his heads. But there are also two silver legs that you can flip out. On his chest there are eyeball like patterns. The G-power is 900 in the anime, and it is found in the dent once you flip over the first 3 set of heads. The other four heads can also flip backwards.

Darkus Phosphos
Darkus Phosphos

Phosphos in Anime

Phosphos was hugely involved in battles while he was still part of the Gundalian force. However, he disappeared and never returned early in the Gundalian series because he declined the emperors orders. His first battle was in episode 2, when he battled Helix Dragonoid and Akwimos. He was teamed up with Rubanoid at the time, but lost and returned to Gundalia. His next battle used Phosphos' battle gear; Terrorcrest. Although Contestir battled with him, he still did most of the fighting and defeated Aranaut easily. This proves that Phosphos is a semi-powerful bakugan.

Phosphos with Terrorcrest
Phosphos with Terrorcrest

Phosphos' Battle Gear is Terrorcrest

Phosphos was part of Lena's team. He is crafty and clever, and has a strange evil personality. His main weapon is poison, which is usually delivered to the opponent by spitting toxic material from his heads. He also has strong, unsheathed claws that are capable of ripping the enemy apart. He can shoot electromagnetic beams from his mouths. Phosphos has a habit of using sneak attacks; turning into other things such as living plants. The ability Gorgon Viper (Phosphos' most powerful ability) summons his other four heads out from his back.They are useful, since they are each individual and are used to attack multiple enemies. His poison is very powerful and is able to infect the entire body in seconds from a single cut. His Battle Gear is Terrorcrest, a battle gear with two hands and huge metallic claws.Terrorcrest is a powerful battle gear in close combat.

In The Game

In the game, Phosphos is rolled onto a gate card like any other bakugan. Because his four additional heads don't open automatically, the player must press the triangular button on its back. The bakugan has a surprisingly high g-power, that can be as low as 680 (BakuTin pack), or 900G's (Haos version). His ability cards aren't very powerful though. For example, one of his abilities, Phosphos Armory, gives him 100G's per each battle gear played during the battle. Two more abilities are G-power up, and Slap Back, a rarer card. Phosphos can be found in Darkus, Aquos, Ventus, Haos, and Pyrus.

Phosphos' Ability Cards

  • Stealth Claw
  • Poison Rip
  • Hunter Rip
  • Spit Poison
  • Tri Viper
  • Gorgon Viper


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