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RPG maker game design tips

Updated on May 16, 2010

Fancy yourself a RPG author? Have you been using programs to try building worlds, characters & stories of your own? Here's some quick tips to help you out in your endless quest for game design perfection:

RPG Cliches

One thing you have to keep in mind are common game design scenarios often seen in console roleplaying & from other makers. Cliches aren't bad on their own, but don't go overboard with them. You want people to remember your game for what it is - not because it reminds them of another. Try turning these common scenarios into a game design that is your own. One easy way is simply by playing around with it.

There are tools online that switch the words around or help you come up with a different way to use those design ideas. For example, there's a rpg cliche generator over at random zoo. You can also use story generators, character generators, or practically anything else under the sun. Anything that helps you come up with an idea will often help improve your game design.

Creative Dungeons

You aren't limited to just caves, towers, and floating islands! Think outside the box and create something magnificent. What other ways can you use those same tilesets? Perhaps you could have your towns underground, and everything aboveground is a dungeon! The overworld might be ruled by ferocious beasts in your designs and their towns, using the typical tilesets, are a dangerous place.

A simple forest of fairies might be cursed. You could even have the dungeons all located in someone's mind, turning typical game design locations into nightmares. There's no limit to whatever you can do if you're creative enough.

Find some different art

People are sick of seeing the exact same RTP art everywhere. Even the slightest change or decorative object might improve how other people look at your RPG design. Screenshots help get game downloads!

You can try altering the tilesets. Saturations, hue changes, anything. You can also visit resource websites with many different materials you can download. Links to specific material types are below:


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      Johng77 3 years ago

      Some really quality content on this website , saved to fav. gckefeefkdec

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      Steven 8 years ago

      Nice. I like the range of ideas.