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Robecca Steam Dolls From Monster High - Release Dates & News

Updated on October 19, 2012

In this article we are going to be taking a look at the Robecca Stream dolls from Monster High. We will check out what Robecca Steam dolls are available and preview the new dance class dolls. We will also take a look at the release date for these, the price and where to get hold of the dolls from. If you are a fan of Monster High and like to get all the latest information on new characters and new dolls then this page is for you.

Monster High is the creation of toy company Mattel. They first introduced the dolls back in 2010. To promote the dolls Mattel brought out a website and ran cartoons based on the adventures of the new characters they had created. This theme has gone on to become massively successful. There have been TV specials, books, movies and a whole host of merchandize based around Monster High. To keep demand high there are regular new webisodes broadcast on the website and there are lots of new storylines and new characters introduced on a regular basis. The list of ghouls at the school is always expanding and one of the latest new ghouls at school is Robecca Steam. So let’s take a look at the character and then tell you a little bit about the doll.

Robecca Steam

Her Penguin - Captain Penny

The New Ghoul At Monster High

So Robecca Steam first came to our attention over the summer of 2012. She actually appeared in one of the books before she came into one of the cartoons. Early in September she was introduced in the book Ghoulfriends Forever. Then later in September she appeared in Aba-Kiss Me Deadly which was her first cartoon episode. Fans of Monster High were aware of her before this as she had appeared on websites and there had already been a doll of her brought out over the summer, plus she was previewed in the spring at an unveiling of the new dolls for the summer months.

So what can we tell you about Robecca Steam herself. Well as you can imagine she is actually a robot, so technically she does not have monster parents. She does have a creator though who is said to be a mad scientist. One of her flaws is that she has a fault in her machinery which makes her run late for everything. Although she does not know her father she does now live with Kindergrubber who is the home economics teacher at Monster High. Hoodude Voodoo also lives with Robecca at the moment.

Most of the ghouls at school have pets and Robecca is no exception to the rule. She has Captain Penny who is a robotic penguin, although most penguins can’t fly Captain Penny has a jet pack to get around. When it comes to looks she has coppery skin with long black hair with blue streaks in it, she often wears knee length boots and bright clothing to make her stand out. So now you know a little bit about the character what about the dolls that Mattel have brought out based on her.

Basic Doll

The Robecca Steam Dolls

The first doll to come out based on Robecca Steam was released in July 2012. This was a little bit of a surprise as at this point she had not appeared in any books or cartoons. This doll was one of the basic range and came with Robecca in her usual outfit of black and bright blue. As is often the case with the basic range you get a brush, diary, doll stand and little handbag for the doll to carry. Possibly the highlight of this set is Captain Penny the penguin who is brilliantly done and really does look the part. The release date for this one was July and you can usually pick it up for around $30.

The second doll to be released came in the Dance Class range of toys. These were released in early October 2012 and also included characters such as Lagoona Blue, Howleen Wolf and Operetta. Each character comes performing to a different style of music, the Robecca Steam doll is doing tap dance and so she is dressed for the occasion. She comes in a purple outfit with a little purple handbag. This doll looks like being priced at around $40 at the moment and as mentioned the release date has already come and gone so you can get hold of this one online now.

It is expected that in the future we will see more Robecca Steam dolls released as she seems like a popular character and one that Mattel will do well with in the future. The new Dance Class dolls look like being very good so we are sure lots of people will be buying these. As Monster High continues to be massively popular we expect that we are going to be seeing lots more new characters introduced over the coming months and hence lots more new lines of dolls for the near future.


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