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Catrine DeMew Doll From Monster High - Release Date & News

Updated on January 14, 2013

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Catrine DeMew doll from Monster High. We will have a look at this new doll and also take a look at the release date and any other news we can bring you about the new Monster High character Catrine DeMew. If you collect the Mattel Monster High dolls then this page should be just what you are looking for.

Back in 2010 when Monster High first came to our attention there were just a handful of main characters. Names such as Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Cleo De Nile were the main characters that we all fell in love with. These characters are the offspring of well known monsters and creators Mattel really did hit the jackpot when they introduced these freakish new ghouls. Since their creation the ghouls of Monster High have become the hottest dolls on the market. Now there are lots of additional characters and loads of merchandise to collect. The latest addition to the family is Catrine DeMew, so let’s take a look at her.

Catrine DeMew

The New Catrine DeMew Doll

So the first thing fans of the theme will realise is that Catrine DeMew is a completely new name. Usually when a new doll comes along it is a character we have already seen in the cartoon episodes. Not so with Catrine, she is completely new. This new Monster High doll was previewed at Comic Con in July and went down very well with fans. We are expecting her to pop up sometime soon and be introduced to the story, or possibly she will make her debut in the feature film ‘Ghouls Rule’ which is due to get it’s release in October.

Her character is based on a French werecat of some description. She is very artistic and her doll actually comes with some little chalk sticks on her belt. She also has a nice little bag which looks like it has a picture of Paris at night on it. Not much else is known about her character at the moment, when she makes an appearance in the show we will obviously no more.

The doll of Catrine DeMew comes with striking purple hair which curves round her face and looks really good. She has a small nose and blue cat like eyes. She wears sunglasses on her head and wears a colorful outfit mainly of purple. On her hands she looks to be wearing fingerless black gloves. It is also noticeable that she has a tail. This is a really good looking doll and one that Mattel look to have worked quite hard on. We will have to see what kind of roll she plays in the story and this will probably determine how well she sells for Mattel.

When it comes to a release date we are expecting this one to come out early in 2013. There are lots of new dolls in the pipeline and now we have be told that Catrine will be released early in February. You can already get hold of these online and we would expect them to be in stores around the middle of February. This looks like being a very popular new doll and fans of Monster High will be looking forward to adding this one to their collection.

Monster High Super Heroes

More New Monster High Dolls

As well as Catrine DeMew there are lots of other dolls that Mattel are planning to bring out in the near future. The first of these is Scarah Screams who was made available as a special edition release at Comic Con. She actually comes in a two pack with Hoodude Voodoo which is a really nice doll which looks to be crossed with a plushie. These two dolls are quite hard to get hold of and are very sought after at the moment.

A new doll planned for 2013 is Headless Headmistress Bloodgood. She narrowly missed out on a vote a year earlier which saw Scarah voted as the character fans would most like to see turned into a doll. Mattel decided they would still press ahead though and release her anyway. She comes carrying her head in her hands and looks really impressive. Some people were hoping her horse Nightmare might also feature but it’s looks as though Mattel decided not to make this at the moment.

Along with new dolls that we have not seen before we are also getting some more versions of our favourite characters. A new range for 2013 will be Monster High Super Heroes. This will feature well known characters dressed up in costume. We are going to see Clawdeen Wolf, Spectra and a few other all dressed up like we have not previously seen them.

The latest release from Monster High is the Dance Class dolls. This line features four new dolls all of which specialise in a certain area of dance. So we have Lagoona Blue doing classic ballet for us, she is wearing a nice ballet outfit and really looks the part. Howleen Wolf dances out for us performing to Hip Hop. Operetta comes dancing to good old fashioned swing music. The the final doll is the rarely seen Robecca Steam who is doing some nice tap dancing for us. These dolls are now available online and are looking like they are going to be very popular over the holiday season.

Possibly the most eagerly anticipated forthcoming release is Ghoul’s Alive. This features well known dolls but in a way we have not seen them before. The designers have taken what makes the character so well known and transferred it into the doll. So for example Spectra glows blue and Clawdeen will actually howl. So this is something fans seem to be really looking forward to.

As you can see Mattel are keen to keep this series moving along swiftly. They are looking to introduce lots of new characters to the show and thus bring out more dolls that children are going to want to buy. As time moves forward we will probably see even more new characters and more new dolls brought out. When Catrine DeMew hit’s the shops we are expecting her to be very popular as all the other Monster High dolls have been since they first came out a few years back.


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