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The New Jinafire Long Doll From Monster High - Release Date & News

Updated on August 28, 2012

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the new Jinafire Long doll from Monster High. We will review this new doll, tell you a little but about the character and how she fits into the Monster High story and then also tell you about the price, release date and where you can get your hands on one of these Jinafire Long dolls. So if you are looking for all the latest information on Jinafire you should find it on this page.

Since Monster High first came into being back in 2010, the toy company Mattel who make these dolls have been keen to bring out lots of new characters and fresh storylines. We have seen various new characters come along and lots of new dolls. In 2013 Mattel are looking to expand the storyline even further and bring in yet more weird and wonderful ghouls. One of the latest of these new characters is going to be this one, Jinafire Long. So let’s have a look at the new doll we are going to be getting and also tell you a little bit more about the character.

New Jinafire Doll From Monster High

The Jinafire Long Doll

If you are a fan of Monster High and you follow the cartoon episodes you will realise that Jinafire is a completely new ghoul that we have not previously seen. She has not appeared in any of the previous episodes so we don’t really know that much about her. It is expected that she will make her first appearance in ‘City Of Frights’ which is a future release from Monster High and is expected to be a TV special. In this show the ghouls travel to Scaris (Paris is known as The City Of Lights) with Rochelle Goyle who originates from the city. Here they meet new friends namely Jinafire Long and also Skelita Calaveras who is another new doll we should be seeing next year.

So we are expecting the release date for the actual Jinafire Long doll to be sometime early in 2013. There may even be a chance that we see her brought out by the end of 2012, when we no for sure we will update our page and let you know. The doll itself then looks really good. Jinafire is said to be the daughter of a Chinese Dragon and she has a certain oriental look to her. He doll has long green hair with purple streaks, she wears a purple dress with red high heels. We are expecting her to come with a suitcase as this doll is likely to be part of the Travel Assortment which is a line of dolls coming soon, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Other than that we currently don’t know that much more about the new Jinafire Long doll. We expect the price to be pretty much standard, she should be available from most major toy stores and of course the big online retailers. As she is a brand new character it will be interesting to see just how well she sells for toy makers Mattel.

Super Hero Dolls

Future Releases From Monster High

As well as the new Jinafire doll Mattel are also planning on lots of other releases over the coming months. One we have already mentioned is Skelita Calaveras. She will probably be released at the same time as Jinafire. Her character is based on that of a skeleton and the early pictures we have seen of the doll look really impressive. As Rochelle Goyle is the key character in the City Of Frights storyline there will no doubt also be a doll based on her coming out.

The most eagerly anticipated new release of 2013 will probably be the Ghoul’s Alive range of dolls. These feature some of the well known characters in a way we have not seen them previously. Mattel have designed them so they actually seem alive. So the new Frankie Stein doll will light up when you press her as if lighting bolts are coming from her chest and head, plus she will make sounds. There is also a Clawdeen doll that will howl when you pull her head back. The Spectra doll is said to actually glow blue, so basically the dolls have added features to make them that little bit more interesting.

Another new line will be super hero dolls. These will feature characters such as Clawdeen dressed up as Wonder Wolf and Spectra as Polter Ghoul. No doubt Mattel also have plenty more up their sleeve for the coming months as well and we will see more classic characters brought out with revamped dolls and also some more dolls of characters we have not seen in doll form previously.

With all the new storylines that we keep getting from Monster High it’s no great surprise that we are regularly seeing new characters introduced. When Jinafire Long makes her debut in the show she will be yet another classic character that we will soon get to know. When the doll comes out we are expecting fans all over the world to want to get their hands on this one. The new Jinafire Long doll from Monster High is likely to be very popular indeed.


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