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Role as an Undead Priest in Call of Gods

Updated on April 23, 2011
undead priest in call of gods
undead priest in call of gods

Being An Undead Priest

In Call of Gods, you are given five choices in the primary role of the game, the options available being: human warrior, human mage, elf ranger, elf druid, undead warlock and undead priest. My starting role in Call of Gods I'd been playing all this time is as a human warrior, so out of curiosity, I registered a second account before choosing an undead priest as my role in the game.

Notable Differences

An obvious distinction between an undead priest and a human warrior is that whereas Sanctaria is where humans claim dominance, where the undead rule is named befittingly Necropolis, though it should be noted that the heroes accessible to characters of an undead nature still remain virtually the same as those to human seeming characters.

The Undead's Castle

The undead character's equivalent of the humans' palace is named as an Adumbral Altar which retains the same functions held by those of the latter. Below lists the undead equivalent of buildings belonging to the humans' side of the world of Call of Gods:

  1. Haunted Woods - Lumbermill, both of which supply lumber
  2. Quartz Crypt - Quarry, both of which supply stone
  3. Iron Pit - Iron Mine, both of which supply iron
  4. Copper Cavern - Copper mine, both of which supply copper
  5. Necroden - Barracks, both of which grant access to unlockable and recruitable military units for your army
  6. Doom Tower - Tower of Truth, both of which allow you to unlock and upgrade a range of technology and magic
  7. Bloodboil Forge - Smithy, both of which reduce refresh time of recruitable units
  8. Abominable Monolith - Royal Stable, both of which unlock calvary and flying units, as well as reduces refresh time of recruitable units
  9. Dark Cellar - Warehouse, both of which provides an upgradeable level of storage capacity for resources
  10. Graveyard - Dwellings, both of which determine the population limit of your castle and in consequence the number of recruitable units you can afford

Doom Tower

Doom Tower, being the undead equivalent of the humans' Tower of Truth, endows to players access to the same technology and magic, though under different names.

  1. Reanimation - Royal Decree, both of which determine the number of employable heroes
  2. Enslavement - Klaxon Call, both of which raise the number of units every hero under your employ is able to command
  3. Necromancy - Salvation, both of which raise the recovery rate of unit losses
  4. Incantation - Conscription, both of which lower the refresh time of recruitable units for your army
  5. Necrosis - Dominion, both of which improve the storage capacity of your Dark Cellar or Warehouse
  6. Pestilence - Imperial Expansion, both of which raise the population limit of your castle
  7. Occultism - Heraldry, both of which raise the maximum number of units available for recruitment
  8. Putrification - Logistics, both of which enhances the temporary storage capacity of your castle


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