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Runescape 2007 OldScape Merching Guide and Tips

Updated on March 5, 2013

Intro for merching on Oldscape aka 2007 Runescape

In this guide I will teach you some of the tips and strategies for merching on Oldscape AKA 07 Runescape. I will talk about a few different ways for you to make money on merching and how this can benefit you.

Before I go any further feel free to check out and follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992 to stay up to date on all my Runescape guides I will release for the game, also with my guides for many other games i will talk about. Also you can add me on the game @12john.

Also comment at the bottom to share your tips or strategies for merching.

What is Merching

Merching refers to a player who acts like a businessman. This will not be a skiller or a fighter, but someone who knows the economical side of Runescape and can buy and sell goods to make a profit. There are a bunch of ways in which you can make money on Runescape by merching which I will talk about below so lets get to it.

Buying and selling player to player

First off buying and selling is the basic principle of how you merch, so lets talk about the best ways to do this.

First off.. Whatever you want to buy and sell before trying to buy at a trade world go to where the product is made. For instance.. Feathers.. If you are going to buy and sell feathers.. You know you can sell them between 6-8 coins on a trade world.. So jump worlds at the chicken coop south of falador and offer to buy them for 3-5 coins each. You will find players who may want fast cash, and will be willing to sell the feathers to you cheap.

Next method is wood. Go to major woodcutting areas like right outside draynor village and offer 5-10 coins underprice for the logs, and offer to buy them. Hop worlds and even if you only get 1 out of 10 to sell to you on each world you will make good money.

You can do the same with essence, and any other material you would like to buy and sell throughout runescape. This is a very effective way for you to make decent cash. You will not make millions right away, but as you continue doing this method you can make your way to making millions eventually just by working your merching skills.

Once you have enough money you can start attempting to buy rune and other types of armour Buy them for under price, and sell on the trade worlds. You will always find seeking people looking to buy the materials armour, or whatever you are selling.

Making Items from materials

Another method of making money is buying all the required materials and making something to sell. You can usually make a decent profit if this is done right. For instance if you buy magic logs cheap enough, and make magic longbows you will usually be able to flip these for profits. Same goes with crafting or any other skill. While this takes more time, and more effort, money can be made this way throughout the carious skills.

Buying from stores.

Many stores on Runescape will sell items, which you can buy and sometimes make money on. For instance feathers again. When you go to various fishing stores you can buy feathers for 4 coins each. Buy all the feathers, usually around 1k at a time the stores will have and take them directly to a trade world and sell for 6+ coins each. You will not make a killing, but small profits is better than no profits. Another method is the arrow shop in varrock. if you buy bronze arrows for 8 each or iron arrows for 18 each you can usually make between 2-4 coins on each arrow by selling them to players. Once again you will not make bank, but being able to buy 300-500 arrows at a time, is a small profit, and will help start building your bank.


Remember that early on you should focus on small profits, and worry about the large profits later on. The large profits will come eventually and will allow you to build your bank to new levels. this will make great profit opportunities for people and will help everyone make money. Once again, small profit is better than no profit, and until you get the hang of it you may have some trouble with merching, but it does get easier over time.


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