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Sprintonomous | Free Racing Game Review

Updated on November 16, 2010
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Do you ever get sick of having to press three or more buttons in order to play a game? Do you wish that there was a game you could play with just one button? Sprintonomous is such a game, a game that relies on skill and a superb sense of timing, not the ability to press multiple buttons in succession.

The idea of the game is to hit checkpoints, and you will hit checkpoints, the only question is whether or not you will react at the right time when you do. The checkpoints are easy to spot,being big circles spotted across the thin lines of the 'track'.

Push the button too quickly before a checkpoint and you'll slow down, ruining your chances at making the time limit (assuming you're playing the time trial mode, which I totally was), push the button too late and you'll slam into the rounded circular wall, which slows you even more, to a complete stop in fact. If you're going really fast (which you usually are, you'll overshoot the checkpoint and then slowly slide back into position. You'll need to press your button once more to get your racer racing again.

The first couple of levels are so super easy you'll get a sense of superiority playing them. The next levels are harder, mostly because they take place over different screens, which means you have to deal with an object moving at high speed across a screen that scrolls not quite quick enough for you to react. So then you lose. And you lose. And you lose again.

That pattern continues throughout the rest of the game. Some checkpoints are super close together, requiring the reflexes of a fighter pilot to hit with any regularity. If you were looking for a game to increase your 'stabby finger / eye' co-ordination, this is definitely the game for you.

I like Sprintonomous because it's exactly what a casual game should be. There's no five minute intro, boring the heck out of you and cheating you out of precious gaming time. There's simply a single screen telling you what button to press and then you're straight into the game.

Perhaps most importantly (and I should have probably mentioned this before getting this far into the review) there are several different modes of game play, including multiplayer. Yeah. Multiplayer. You can race against a friend who can use the keyboard whilst you use the mouse, or you can both hunch over the same keyboard, the way you did back in the 90's. Good times.


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