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Starcraft 1 Screen Resolution & Colors Fix on Windows 7

Updated on November 25, 2012
If your StarCraft 1 screen looks similar to this, this hub can help you.
If your StarCraft 1 screen looks similar to this, this hub can help you.


If your StarCraft 1 screen looks similar to the above picture, this hub can help you fix this problem. The trick is turning the "explorer.exe" from the list of the processes from the Task Manager. I don't know why, but it works.

Please remember that this may not be the only way to fix the problem, but this is the fix I use, and it works every time.

PLEASE READ & FOLLOW EACH STEP CAREFULLY. Once you get it (I know, this is the hard part), it's not that complicated.

What To Do:

  1. Start StarCraft 1
  2. Press [ctrl] + [alt] + [delete] on your keyboard
  3. Click "Start Task Manager"
  4. Click the "Processes" tab
  5. Find & click the "explorer.exe" from the list
  6. Click End Process. DO NOT close the Task Manger after this.
  7. Go back to StarCraft 1 (the screen issue should be fixed at this point) - a helpful hot key would be while pressing on [alt], press [tab] to switch between programs that are open.

When You Are Done Playing:

  1. Exit StarCraft 1
  2. Go to the Task Manager. This should be open if you followed the "What To Do" part correctly. If not, open the Task Manager by following the steps 2 & 3 from the "What To Do" part.
  3. Click "File"
  4. Click "New Task (Run...)"
  5. Type "explorer.exe" (Your computer will remember this for the next time)
  6. Click "OK"
  7. Exit Task Manager

Things To Remember:

  1. Yes, you will have to do this every time you play.
  2. Once you open "explorer.exe" once, your computer will remember that, so you don't have to type it the next time you do it, saving you some time. (Unless you open a different task in between)


  • Yes, StarCraft 1 came out on 1998, but it is still fun, and I still suck.
  • The steps in this hub should be easy to follow. If not, you shouldn't be playing StarCraft.
  • If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or just want to reach out, please leave me a comment.
  • As always, thank you for reading my hub. I hope this hub was helpful as it was intended.


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