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Stomp Rocket Toy - A Kid's Choice Top Hot Toys Christmas

Updated on December 7, 2012
Stomp Rocket Toy - A Kid's Choice Top Hot Toys Christmas
Stomp Rocket Toy - A Kid's Choice Top Hot Toys Christmas | Source

Stomp Rocket Toy Shopping Guide

The Stomp Rocket, and the Stomp Rocket Ultra set are top Kid's choices for the list of Hot Toys for Christmas 2010, and many toy stores are already having trouble keeping them in stock.

The Stomp Rocket Ultra set retails for $19.99 but you could find your special deal as low as 1/2 price on ebay. A recent sale for a new-in-the-box Ultra set went for $8.50!

If you are ready to buy, this shopping guide will save your time surfing the Net trying to find the best deal, these links will take you straight to the online market place where other smart shoppers go first to get the best deals online - ebay!

The air-powered Stomp Rocketis a Multiple Award Winner toy; Preferred Choice Award, and the iParenting Media Award for Best Product, andworks best as an outside toy, but because it is made of soft foam it is safe to use inside also.

Outside, the Stomp Rocket Jr. will soar as high as 100 ft., and the slightly larger Stomp Rocket Ultra can go as high as 200 feet!

Stomp Rocket Ultra Set

Stomp Rocket Ultra Set
Stomp Rocket Ultra Set

Safe and Secure Shopping on ebay

You can shop with confidence on ebay! Thier Buyer Protection Plan make sure all your purchases are as safe and satisfying as any you would make at your favorite local toy store. Their Top-Rated Seller program ensures you are dealing with sellers that have a sterling record of past customer satisfaction responses. Just look for the Top-Rated Seller icon on the listings.

Don't Wait! Look for Buy-it-Now Prices

If you don't like to bid, (the most exciting way to get the best prices!), or don't want to wait for an auction to end? Just look for Stomp Rocket listings that have a Buy-it-Now price and you can get your own toy now, with just one click!

But so can everyone else, so don't lose that great deal you found to a quicker clicker.

Get Stomp Rockets Refills too!

Don't get caught short. Be sure to have Stomp Rocket Replacement rockets on hand for even more fun.

Some ebay listings might be one-time deals, and may not be available the next time you look, so if you see a great bargain you like - make a decision. Don't let someone else snatch it up first while you "think about it!" You won't find cheaper prices anywhere else!

Didn't See What You Wanted?

Didn't See What You Wanted? Or want even more choices? There are over 100 listings for Stomp Rockets on ebay, and more are added every day.

Use this link to:

*Editor's 2012 Stomp Rocket Update

Use the link below to see the 2012 Stomp Rocket Updates, and more discount price shopping links.

GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals
GA Anderson aka Appletreedeals

About the Author

Appletreedeals is the eCommerce ID for G.A. Anderson

You can see more of his articles on Hubpages.

Stomp Rocket: Junior Stomp Rocket - Toys

Stomp Rocket: Junior Stomp Rocket - Toys
Stomp Rocket: Junior Stomp Rocket - Toys

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